NOSAS Scriptures, #11 (B7), Heb.3:5-19

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B7- Heb.3:5-19[EV], “5And Moses truly was faithful in all his house, as a servant, …; 6but Christ is even more faithful, as a Son in authority over his own house; whose house we are, if we hold fast the bold assurance and rejoicing of confident expectation firm until we achieve the promises1 for which Jesus paid the right-of-way7To enlighten our path to the destination God promised (the Holy Spirit reemphasizes: ‘Today, if you desire to hear God’s counsel, 8you will be able to do so only if you do not harden your hearts, as your ancestors did in the years of God’s exasperation with them, in the period of proving1 the children of Israel in the wilderness.S  9That was when your ancestors, who died in the wilderness, scrutinized and evaluated me, and witnessed my behavior1 for forty years.  10Therefore, because of their hardness of heart in not perceiving my true character, or correctly interpreting my actions, I was angry1 with that generation, and said, ‘They have corrupt hearts2, therefore they have not consciously understood my ways; 11so I swear in my abhorrence of their disbelief and contrary behavior, they shall not enter into my rest)’.S  12Be alert brothers, otherwise there can be formed in any of you an evil heart of unbelief, in departing1 from the Living God.  13Instead, beckon and encourage one another in The Way of Christ every today, otherwise any of you can become spirit-hardened through the deceitfulness of sin114This co-encouragement is to everyone’s advantage, because we become beneficiaries of1 Christ if we cleave to the supremacy of Christ’s gospel in our life steadfast unto the end2.  15That is why the Scripture says to us, ‘Today, if you desire to hear1 God’s counsel, you will be able to do so only if you do not harden your heart, as your ancestors did in the years of God’s exasperation with them in the wilderness’S.  16Because some of them, when they heard God’s instruction, rebelled and disregarded that instruction: however, not all of them that followed Moses out of Egypt did so117With whom was God grieved for forty years?  Was it not with them who did not take1 God’s standard of behavior seriously2, whose carcasses fell in the wilderness18To whom did God swear that they would not enter into his rest1?  Was it not they who did not believe, although they had once believed and began the journey?  19It is clear then, that they could not enter into their Promised Land because of the unfaithfulness1 they developed after they were set free2 from Egypt3.”

 Hebrews, 3:6(1) goals; 3:8(1) smelting – bringing to proof grade; 3:8(S) Ex.15:22; Deut.34:12; 3:9(1) character and actions; 3:10(1) insulted, intensely disappointed; 3:10(2) hardened, ignorant, confused, insensitive, blinded by carnality; 3:11(S) Num.14:22-33; Ps.95:7-11; 3:12(1) severing ties, whether through intent or neglect; 3:13(1) by thought, practice, and/or following the example of those who live contrary to God’s instruction; 3:14(1) be in partnership with, get to be like; 3:14(2) the end of our life, or the end of this dispensation of Grace, whichever comes first; 3:15(1) give audience to; 3:15(S) v.7-8; 3:16(1) Joshua, Caleb, and all those not old enough to be held accountable; 3:17(1) discounted; 3:17(2) those who sinned; 3:18(1) a peaceful Promised Land; 3:19(1) withdrawal, backing away from living by Faith; 3:19(2) Salvation – after they accepted, and entered into, freedom; 3:19(3) the world, bondage to carnal senses – after they had been ‘saved’


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#30, NOSAS Scriptures, 2nd Thess.2:7-17 (#10, B-6)

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B6-  2ndThess.2:7-17[EV], “7Because the mystery of iniquity1 is already at work: only he who now hinders2 the work of the Holy Spirit will hinder, until he3 is taken out of the way.  8And then1 shall that infamous Wicked One2 be unmasked, whom the Lord shall engulf3 with the Spirit of his mouth4 and shall destroy5 with the brightness of his coming6.7  9That Wicked One is he whose coming replicates1 the works2 of Satan3 with all kinds of power4 and signs5 and lying6 wonders7, 10and with all manner of deception and self-delusion in them that perish, that convinces the ignorant and unaware that unrighteousness is righteous, because they did not receive Love of the Truth1 by which they could have been saved11In order to loose these things at the appropriate time, God shall instantly solidify1 their already present sinful delusions2 so they will unalterably continue to certify and act in accordance with3 the lies they have accepted4: 12so they will all willingly1 walk through the open door to their self-determined condemnation and destruction2: those who did not believe the Truth, but rather were well pleased in, and with3, unrighteousness.”4

  “13But1 we are indebted, dedicated and heart-captured to always2 give thanks to God for you, brethren3 beLoved of the Lord4; because God, from before the creation of the first minuscule essence of all Creation, chose those who would truly believe and accept Christ Jesus to be their Truth, Lord, and life-example5, to be the ones who will reap the harvest of Salvation.  The standard for receiving God’s Salvation6 is: (1) you must sanctify/consecrate your whole spirit to His use7,and (2) you must truly believe and Love8 God’s Truth.9  14The Lord invited, encouraged, and empowered you to fulfill this standard, for the purpose of you accepting your assigned position of responsibility, accountability, and blessing, in exemplifying Christ’s gospel.  We have demonstrated and proclaimed Christ’s gospel to you for the purpose of enabling you, through your deliberate intent and effort of Faith, to be the personal recipients, possessors,and deliverers of the same glory1 our Lord Christ Jesus possesses, and to which you have been invited and directed15Therefore, brethren, seize upon, stand fast in, and preserve the Truth precepts of Christ’s gospel, which you have been taught whether by our spoken words or written letters.  16I pray you will allow our Lord Christ Jesus himself, and God our Father who Loves us and has given1 us everlasting confident expectation of blessed and empowered outcomes through His Holy Spirit, 17to exhort and draw your hearts to the assurance and stability of His Truth, and help you to be concretely established in every Christ-intrinsic word1 and work2.”

 2ndThessalonians, 2:7(1) the son of perdition [destruction]: the carnal-driven human spirit; 2:7(2) holds the lease on – restrains, prevents, obstructs: has custody of unbelievers and the unbelieving world system, and hinders believers and God’s operating system in the world: as with ‘property’ on lease [through the first Adam] to a cantankerous [evil, domineering] landlord; 2:7(3) that spiritual power that works within us [carnality] generally identified by the name “Satan”; 2:8(1) at that time; 2:8(2) lawlessness, wickedness: the power of carnality in our life, and the unrealized ease of its defeat; 2:8(3) dominate – totally appropriate for his own use; 2:8(4) by freely and deliberately projecting the attributes of the Holy Spirit; 2:8(5) overwhelm, in order to make darkness totally of none effect in those who receive the Light – as a strong light overwhelms darkness; 2:8(6) clear revelation to the human spirit and mind; 2:8(7) There is a double implication here.  First, there will be a person who, at that time, possesses the personal power and world influence to do the things referred to in these verses [this power is already at work and on the rise].  Second, there is a power within each of us [our carnal human spirit] that has these powers in our personal life [this power is already at work and on the rise].  Both of these aspects will be fully manifest in the last days.  The world leader will be free to work his wickedness to influence the whole world; but we determine if the personal aspect of this wicked power will be unleashed or brought under the direct control of the Holy Spirit, in our personal life.  The direction our life takes at that time is dependent upon the choices of leadership we make in our life today [2ndCor.6:2].  Today, we choose to follow either ‘carnality’ or the Holy Spirit: destruction or Salvation.  There will not be time to decide after the instant God determines to set the “end times” in motion.; 2:9(1) follows, copies, emulates; 2:9(2) methods, operations, energy; 2:9(3) accuser of the Brethren – the archetype [undiluted prototype] of evil: the carnal-bound spirit and mind of unregenerate Humanity; 2:9(4) personal ‘dunamis’; 2:9(5) evidences; 2:9(6) false, not obviously human-based; 2:9(7) operations, and puzzling happenings [release of the as-yet untapped powers of the human spirit]; 2:10(1) the ability for which is empowered by the Holy Spirit; 2:11(1) thrust in – make resolute, solid, and permanent; 2:11(2) self-set determinations; 2:11(3) be locked into; 2:11(4) believed and cemented into their delusional mindset; 2:12(1) blindly; 2:12(2) the condemnation and destruction previously determined and explained by God – establish their own downfall by the lifestyle [doctrine] they accepted for themselves – receive the recompense of their own determinations [as Pharaoh and his followers did in the time of Moses]; 2:12(3) participation in, and/or sanction of unrighteousness – got their sense of fulfillment through unrighteousness; 2:12(4) There are many who believe they can live in earth-focused purpose, mentality, and sensual pleasures now, and still have the good sense to make a last-minute decision for Christ and make it to Heaven [since they have some ‘knowledge’ of Scripture, and because of the misconceptions perpetrated through ‘religion’, expect to have a quick and easy, last-minute, escape from Hell] if the obvious end-times come upon them while they are still living.  God simply finalizes [v-11 – solidifies, cements] the beliefs we [all] have when the ‘final stage’ of the end-times suddenly begins.  Unbelievers, and the unfaithful, should be very glad that these events are now being described to them, in that, a sign of this instantaneous beginning of the end-time will be their inability to recognize and detach themselves from their unrighteous beliefs, desires, and behaviors.  Now is the day and time to secure Salvation [2ndCor.6:2].

2:13(1) regardless of the corruption and damnation of those who do not believe in God’s Truth and Righteousness, and therefore live life contrary to the gospel of Christ; 2:13(2) always, and in all ways; 2:13(3) fellow spiritual-womb occupants; 2:13(4) and direct benefactors of God: the deliberate benevolence of the supreme architect and developer of all Creation; 2:13(5) to be the standard-bearers for identifying and establishing Truth and true Faith for those who would [will] believe His Son Jesus to be their Life preserver and reconciliation to the Father.; 2:13(6) in this life and/or eternal Life; 2:13(7) place highest priority on the purification and righteous use of your whole spirit: the whole foundation of who you are: the core of your beliefs and belief system – which is evidenced by carry-through [purposefully and steadily] into the behavior of your whole mind and body; 2:13(8) your own mental sanctification and consecration; 2:13(9) This total sanctification and consecration [when applied in its fullness] will empower you to fulfill the requirement of accomplishing God’s purpose and assignment for your life.  This twofold standard of life-application of Christ’s gospel is only achievable through incorporating the appropriate-to-the-situation wisdom, knowledge, and power of the Holy Spirit, and applying them to current life situations.; 2:14(1) character, power, splendor; 2:16(1) gifted, made available, to; 2:17(1) Earthly conversation, and spiritually received and delivered proclamation; 2:17(2) behavior [Earthly and spiritual]

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NOSAS (#29) Scriptures, #9 (B3-B5)

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B3-  Col.2:6-7[EV], 6Therefore, since you have received1 Christ Jesus the Lord, live your life in him: 7rooted and built up in him, and established in the Faith, as you have been taught, excelling therein and filled with thanksgiving.”

 Colossians, 2:6(1) truly opened your spirit and mind to

 B4-  Col.4:5-6[EV], 5Walk in wisdom, especially toward them outside the body of Christ: redeeming the time16Purpose that your outward Earthly expressions are always guided and empowered by the Holy Spirit (seasoned with ‘salt’1), so you are able2 to perceive3 how you ought to interact with everyone.”

Colossians, 4:5(1) rescuing, ransoming, putting your [and their] time to good use: offering your behavior and speech to the best redemptive advantage of everyone; 4:6(1) Life giving and preservation: nourished, flavored, inspired, enriched, and empowered by the Holy Spirit.  Speech is generated through applying the content and ability of our spirit and mind; therefore, this passage is talking about preparing and training our spirit to receive wisdom and direction from the Holy Spirit, and preparing and training our mind and body to express that wisdom as directed by the Holy Spirit through our spirit.; 4:6(2) because you are seeking the advice and power of the Holy Spirit; 4:6(3) spiritually/mentally understand

 B5- 1stThess.3:12-4:8[EV], 12And I pray you will cooperate with the Lord in helping you to increase and abound in Love1 one toward another and toward all people, even as we do toward you.  13The Lord does so in order to permanently establishing your hearts1 in unblemished holiness before God our Father at the coming2 of our Lord Christ Jesus with all his saints34:1Because of his foretold coming, we further plead with you, brethren1, and exhort you by2 the Lord Jesus, that as you have received instruction from us3 on how you ought to live and to please God, we pray that in these same life-applications you would abound4 more and more.  2You know what commandments we gave you from the Lord Jesus.  3For this is the will of God, even your sanctification, that you must abstain from harlotry1: 4that every one of you1 should know how to possess2 their humanness3 in sanctification and honor4; 5not in lustful/sinful desires1, even as do the heathen who know not God.  6That none of you go outside God’s standard and defraud1 your fellow human beings in any matter: because the Lord is the avenger of2 all those who are abused in any way, as we have forewarned and informed you of your responsibilities and accountability in these matters.  7God has not called us1 unto uncleanness2, but unto Holiness8Therefore, they who violate1 God’s standard of behavior toward a fellow human being, does not only despise2 that person, but also despises God: who has, along with all his other blessings, committed unto us his Holy Spirit to guide and empower us toward Holiness, which leads us away from unHoly attitudes and behaviors.”S

1stThessalonians, 3:12(1) ‘agape’: God’s kind [quality] of munificent benevolence; 3:13(1) the spirit of each individual who reads these words; 3:13(2) prepared upon sudden arrival – because the Lord is surely coming to judge Humanity, and we need to be prepared for that event, whenever it takes place, and subsequent judgment; 3:13(3) the ‘Holy Ones’: those who have died before us, who were earnestly on their way to overcoming every personal attribute that worked contrary to them achieving Character maturity in Christ [believers on a determinately fixed course to a truly righteous future]; 4:1(1) fellow spiritual womb occupants; 4:1(2) through the authority of; 4:1(3) through demonstration and knowledge; 4:1(4) excel; 4:3(1) adultery, incest, sodomy, idolatry – all sinful carnal imaginations, longings, and actions; 4:4(1) fellow Christians; 4:4(2) gain and maintain control over; 4:4(3) spirit, mind, and body; 4:4(4) valuing the cost of Salvation; 4:5(1) spiritual and carnal level sinful imaginations, longings, and actions [to set the heart and mind upon things forbidden by God – to be in a condition where a person’s spiritual/mental character is dictated to by their emotions and carnal desires, rather than having emotions and carnal desires controlled by mature Godly spiritual/mental character]; 4:6(1) take deceptive and/or abusive advantage of, tempt, or in any other way lead astray; 4:6(2) eventually and surely carrying out justice for; 4:7(1) Anything God has called us to, he has also given us the ability to prepare for.  The power of our ability lies in our spirit; the righteous fulfillment of our ability and potential lies in our connection with the Holy Spirit sent to Humanity on the first day of Pentecost following Jesus’ resurrection.; 4:7(2) impurity, moral debauchery, animalistic behavior, timidity, unHoliness; 4:8(1) have contempt for, neglect, abuse, undermine; 4:8(2) cast a dark shadow over, dishonor, degrade [especially the despiser’s own value system, and to their own destruction]; 4:8(S) Rom.1:16-25

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NOSAS Scriptures, #8(B2)

(continuing)  #8(B2)

B2-  Col.1:9-10, 12, 18, 21-23, 27-28[EV], 9For this cause1 we also, since the day we heard it2, do not cease to pray for you, and to desire that you might be filled3 with sincere spiritual/mental understanding4 of God’s will for your life in all wisdom and understanding in Godly spiritual matters.  10This is so you will have the courage to live worthy of the Lord unto all submission to him, being fruitful in every good work, and increasing in spiritual/mental understanding1 of God;”

 “12Giving thanks unto the Father, who has equipped1 us to be co-beneficiaries in the inheritance of the saints2: those who live in Christ’s Light3:”

 “18And Jesus is the head of the body of Christ1 [the Church2], and is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; so that over all things3 he may become preeminent4.”

 “21And you1 also, who were alienated from God2 in times past and hostile toward Him through your exercise of wicked3 beliefs, thoughts, and behavior.  Nevertheless, He has also now reconciled4 you to himself through Christ5, 22through his human experience1 and body unto death2, in order to empower you3 to be presented4 holy, unblemished, and unreproveable in God’s sight5.  23You will enter into and maintain this status, and live in the benefits of this reconciliation, if you continue in the Faith1 grounded and settled, and be not moved away from life-ruling2 confidence in the true gospel of Christ Jesus – which the Father expects of you.  You have already heard this, which is now in the process of being3 demonstrated and proclaimed to every human being4, the fulfillment of which I Paul have been equipped and sent by Christ to help complete.”

 “27to whom1 God purposes to make known the mystery of the riches of the glory he has extended toward all Gentiles2; which message is: Christ within you generates confident expectation of the eternal3 blessing, honor, and position he presents for your acceptance.  28This is the message we demonstrate and proclaim, warning every person, and teaching every person in and through all Christ’s wisdom; so we may be able to present1 every person to God in full array of spiritual maturity2 in Christ Jesus:”

 Colossians, 1:9(1) Paul was instructing the Colossians [members of the body of Christ – which we are today] to continue demonstrating the Love of God and promoting the gospel of Christ.; 1:9(2) heard of their demonstration of God’s kind [quality] of Love [selfless benevolence] and their promotion of the gospel [life philosophy] of Christ; 1:9(3) crammed full, accomplished, complete; 1:9(4) ‘epignosis’ – spiritual understanding that is not possible without the encouragement and cooperation of the mind or the empowerment of the Holy Spirit; 1:10(1) ‘epignosis’

1:12(1) qualified: outfitted: retrofitted: made sufficient [full of power and potential] through the Holy Spirit; 1:12(2) the ‘Holy Ones’: those who lived before us, those now living, and those to come who were/are/will be earnestly on their way to overcoming every personal attribute that worked/works contrary to them achieving Character maturity in Christ [believers on a determinately fixed course to a truly righteous future]; 1:12(3) true enlightenment and behavior in Christ

1:18(1) thus deserving our respect and obedience; 1:18(2) the world-wide group of people who have authentically accepted Christ Jesus as the Lord of their life; 1:18(3) including, and mainly, us personally; 1:18(4) may be allowed to be preeminent in the life of every human being, thus becoming the supreme authority in all matters [he already rules over everything else] concerning The Father’s Creation [his preeminence over all things will come about through the authentic Church – and then turn it over to The Father: v.16-20; Rom.15:507; 1stCor.15:22-29]

1:21(1) Gentiles; 1:21(2) having no Covenant with God; 1:21(3) sinful: conducting your life according to precepts and ways contrary to God’s desire and ordinances; 1:21(4) has granted us all right-standing with Himself through Christ, so we can start our new Life in Christ with a zero account balance instead of a negative balance [the negative account begun by Adam, and continued and added to by each individual: the cause of Humanity becoming more and more alienated from God] – has balanced the sin-account for Humanity through Christ Jesus, and granted us all the right to receive and be in-dwelt by the Holy Spirit, thus opening the way for us all to have personal relationship/fellowship with God; 1:21(5) through an advanced [New] phase of God’s Master Covenant; 1:22(1) the experience of subduing the mental/physical carnality of his fleshly being; 1:22(2) Jesus was actually the body The Father created for himself to inhabit, so he could reconcile Humanity back to himself.; 1:22(3) through Christ the Holy Spirit; 1:22(4) proffered; 1:22(5) in God’s presence now and at our time of final judgment; 1:23(1) actual spirit/mind level belief in the Covenant the Father made with us through Christ Jesus [The Father’s Covenant is with Jesus, but we can enter into that same Covenant through authentic unity with (Faith in) Christ Jesus]; 1:23(2) ‘elpis’: mental Faith: the mental level ruling of our own life through taking spiritual advantage of the attributes of the Holy Spirit; 1:23(3) which is to be; 1:23(4) every person living their human life in these lesser dimensions [5th, 4th, and 3rd] than the Holy Spirit [6th]

1:27(1) [God’s present “saints”]: the ‘Holy Ones’: those who are earnestly on their way to overcoming every personal attribute that works contrary to them achieving Character maturity in Christ [believers on a determinately fixed course to a truly Righteous future]; 1:27(2) everyone who is not a Jew – The Apostle Paul was sent by Christ to minister to Gentiles, therefore, he states “Gentiles”, but the message of Christ is for everyone, including the Jewish people.; 1:27(3) ‘eternal’ includes our present, and extends to the infinite future; 1:28(1) stand beside, recommend, substantiate; 1:28(2) Godly Character

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NOSAS Scriptures, extended list, #7(B1)

(continuing) NOSAS Scriptures, extended list, post #7(B1)

The following posts of fourteen passages of Scripture are more outstanding examples, followed by a list of many more, that pertain to our present and eternal Salvation being tied to our development of Godly character [Holy Spirit empowered spiritual maturity]; and they individually and cumulatively discredit and disqualify the commonly accepted doctrine of “Once Saved Always Saved”, except under a specific condition: remaining IN Christ.

 B1-  Phil.3:1-30 (8-16)[EV], 8Although my heritage and accomplishments1 were much cherished by me in times past, I now judge them all to be detrimental to the purity, maturity, and supremacy of my quest for conscious understanding of Christ Jesus my Lord and of my responsibilities of relationship/fellowship with him.  Christ is the one for whom I have relinquished my spiritual/mental attachment to all earthly things and honors, and consider them to be no better than offscouring2, so I may win3 Christ 9and be found saturated in himIn Christ, I do not have to rely on the fallibility of achieving and maintaining right standing with God through legalistic performance, which is possible only through perfect adherence to all the written laws of God1.  Instead, I rely on the quality of righteousness only achievable through Faithin Christ’s redemption2: the righteousness that is empowered by God through our authentic Faith in Christ3.  10I cast away all hindrances to that quest, so I am prepared to consciously comprehend the true Christ, and experience the power that brought about1 the resurrection of Christ Jesus from the dead.  I strive for like-mindedness with Christ, in order to personally experience his sacrifice of all earthly things and honors, and be completely conformed unto his death to all things that hinder relationship/fellowship with God the Father through Christ.  11This is to enable me, by all means available through the Holy Spirit, to be able to achieve the character qualities1 manifest through true and complete Faith.  Through that Faith, I am empowered to attain unto the resurrection of the dead Covenanted with us by God the Father through Christ.  12I most surely do not assume that I have already attained that most coveted prize of eternal Life; neither do I assume that I am already complete in spiritual and mental maturity.  I continue to follow after, yea chase to fulfill, with every morsel of my being, the life-principles instruction and example of Christ, so I may attain unto, seize, and possess that for which I am empowered and challenged by Christ Jesus to achieve.  13Fellow spiritual-womb occupants [Brethren], I do not assume, or in any way perceive or feign, that I have already achieved the God set assignment and goal to which I have been empowered and challenged to accomplishment in Christ’s Kingdom1.  However, I have adopted Christ’s gospel vision, purpose, and victory that encourage and enhance my advancement toward obedience and achieving that goal.  That principle of advancement is: I abandon2 those things and precepts from my past that would hinder my present and future spiritual/mental progress unto Holiness.  To accomplish this abandonment of hindrances, I focus my vision and purpose on reaching forward unto the victory3 set before us in Christ14I exert and stretch toward the goal of fulfilling the potential for personal quality established by, the assignment of, and achieving the reward promised by, God: as set forth and empowered in us in Christ Jesus15Therefore, let all who are striving for Godly character excellence1 have this same attitude and goal; and if anyone has even the slightest difference in attitude, behavior, and/or goal from that of Christ, in any aspect of life, God shall reveal that difference to them through the Holy Spirit216Nevertheless, even with possible inconsistencies in our walk with Christ, let us now live in Christ’s precepts to the extent that we do understand them.  Let us set our affection, attention, and energy on conforming our life to1 the understanding of Christ that we now have, even as we continue to seek greater purity and strength of understanding and behavior2.”S

 Philippians, 3:8(1) v.5-7; 3:8(2) dung, urine, menstruation fluid, vomit, etc.; 3:8(3) to receive as a reward for accomplishment; 3:9(1) Old Testament system of achieving temporary righteousness through unstable mental adherence to God’s regulations; 3:9(2) The New Testament [Covenant] system of achieving stable and eternal righteousness through spiritual maturity: adherence to God’s regulations through spiritual/mental acceptance and utilization of the attributes of Christ the Holy Spirit; 3:9(3) Christ Jesus, and Christ the Holy Spirit; 3:10(1) and is available to us only because of and through; 3:11(1) spiritual maturity; 3:13(1) Christ’s Kingdom is now on Earth and in ‘heaven’ [the spirit realms]; 3:13(2) throw away, cast off, judge worthless to maintain; 3:13(3) potential and goal; 3:15(1) the walkway [pathway, roadway, avenue] to authentic and complete Salvation; 3:15(2) It is their responsibility to prepare and understand those revelations – and our responsibility to help them do so.; 3:16(S) Phil.4:13; 3:16(1) cherishing, nurturing, life constructing around; 3:16(2) behavior of spirit, mind, and body

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NOSAS Scriptures, #6 (A9)

(continuing)  #6(A9)

A9-  Gal.1:6-12[EV]©, “6I am astonished that you have so soon alienated yourselves from the purity, excellence, and power of your once fervent relationship/fellowship with the Holy Spirit1 who reveals and empowers the gospel2 of Christ JesusChrist the Holy Spirit called you unto, enables your entry into, and empowers your successful utilization of, the munificent benevolence, insurmountable wisdom, and carnally unfathomable3 human empowerment supplied to us through Christ.  You are being made spiritually and mentally impotent by intermingling Christ’s pure gospel2 with other gospels1: 7which are not really other God-created gospels[1:6(2)], but are life philosophies and cultural systems created by humans.  Those who design and propagate such errant philosophies and systems are those who do, and will, cause corruption and destruction among you through 1perverting the authentic gospel[1:6(2)] of Christ28But even if we; an angel who is, or seems to be, from heaven; or anyone1 else, proclaims any other gospel[1:6(2)] unto you than that Christ-centered philosophy[1:6(2)] of God’s Love, Life principles, and powers which we have demonstrated and proclaimed unto you; let them2 be accursed39I say again in different words, If anyone1 proclaims any other gospel[1:6(2)] unto you than the Christ’s-gospel[1:6(2)] you have received from me in its purity and forthrightness, let them be exposed as being earth-bound and separated2 from God and you, and ultimately destroyed in and through their own delusions3.S

10Do I now do homage to1 people, or God?  Do I seek to ingratiate myself with Humanity?  If I were to be a people pleaser, or otherwise acquiesce to the desires, designs, or pressures of people2, I would then not be the servant of Christ.  11But I certify to you, brethren1, that the gospel[1:6(2)] demonstrated and proclaimed through me is not a product of the desire or dictate of anyone except Christ.  12I neither assimilated nor deduced my gospel through observing Humanity, nor was I taught it by any Earthly being; but I received it through spiritual/mental revelation-understanding from God the Father, empowered to me through the Holy Spirit1 of Christ Jesus.”

Galatians, 1:6(1) God’s ‘grace’ toward Humanity; 1:6(2) The philosophical guidelines for our life that teach us what to accept and reject, and the attitude we should maintain; and explains the authorities and powers that exist in this life and the spiritual realm, and how to interact with them.; 1:6(3) It is not possible to fathom these things through the use of the carnal mental and physical senses alone.  It is only through our spiritual bonding process with Christ the Holy Spirit that we can begin to truly understand.; 1:7(1) unintentionally or willingly; 1:7(2) piggybacking off and corrupting some of the precepts in Christ’s gospel, because of its popularity and authority among you, in order to justify and support their own purpose, vision, traditions, and carnal lust; 1:8(1) or anything [Rev.13:15]; 1:8(2) and their philosophy that leads to Earthly bondage and spiritual death; 1:8(3) ‘anathema’ – excommunicated from the Church and Heaven; 1:9(1) or anything [Rev.13:15]; 1:9(2) accursed – ‘anathema’; 1:9(3) false beliefs, distortions, deceptions, and destructions of the difference between righteous and evil doctrine.  False and self-serving interpretations of any one part of Christ’s gospel, always leads to misinterpretations and delusions about other aspects of that Gospel.; 1:9(S) Prov.6:16-19; Isa.28:9-13; Jer.6:16, 13:9-14; Zech.7:9-13; Rom.1:21-22; 2ndCor.10:2-5; Phil.1:16; Rev.6:12-17

1:10(1) assent to and rely on; 1:10(2) the carnal proclivities of Humanity; 1:11(1) fellow spiritual-womb occupants; 1:12(1) through the Love, Wisdom, Knowledge, Grace, and Power

(to be continued)  [Your questions and comments are welcome.]

NOSAS Scriptures, #5 (A8)

(continuing)  NOSAS Scriptures, (A8) #5

A8-   2ndCor.5:19[EV], 19 God1 was2 in Christ Jesus3, reconciling4 Humanity5 unto himself in order to [eventually] bring his Creation back into perfect standing6 with himself:not holding people accountable for the trespasses against God that they committed before truly accepting Christ as their savior7; and has now consigned8 unto us9 the responsibility of, and accountability for, sharing with others, through demonstration and proclamation, the message10 of Truth, which sets at liberty the work and message of that reconciliation11to the Father God12.”S

 2ndCorinthians, 5:19(1) in the form of “the Word [Jn.1:1]; 5:19(2) is even now; 5:19(3) “Christ” [God’s salvation stationed in Humanity] is the redeeming and reconciling aspect of God the Father, projected into the realm of Humanity to fulfill the Father’s goal of Salvation for those in Humanity who would and will, by Faith, accept the redeeming sacrifice of his Son and follow his instruction.  Jesus was the first full manifestation of this “Christ” aspect of God the Father, and the Holy Spirit is the present day manifestation of that same “Christ” projected into the realm of Humanity.; 5:19(4) ‘to change mutually’: altering the conditions [on both sides] of a contract [Covenant] – redeeming, reconfiguring, and balancing accounts with; 5:19(5) Earth’s population of all humans; 5:19(6) alignment; 5:19(7) God, through Christ, and after they accept Christ, does not make anyone accountable for the sin they commit before they truly accept Christ Jesus as their savior.  Christ Jesus is now able, through Christ the Holy Spirit, to keep sin from ruling our life and continuing to be a barrier between ourselves and spiritual maturity in relationship/fellowship with God the Father.  The Father, through Christ Jesus, was setting up an advanced operating system [the New Covenant (Testament)] for his “man” creation, whereby He could erase the past sin debt from His accounting ‘ledger’ of a believer’s life and advance his character-development system of dealing with that individual, and all Humanity.; 5:19(8) yielded, entrusted, assigned; 5:19(9) personally, as truly believing Christians empowered through the Holy Spirit; 5:19(10) ‘logos’; 5:19(11) The gift of reunification with God that empowers righteousness in our character, attitude, words, and behavior.; 5:19(12) The Holy Spirit [‘blood’] of Christ Jesus, united with our authentic repentance and forgiveness of others [‘water’], is the perfect sin-erasing emulsion.  This emulsion, formulated and used through the wisdom, love, and grace of God, eradicates the negative entries in God’s biography of our life.  The extent of this elimination of sin, limited only by our contrariness to His instruction, establishes our level of connectedness with God.  Through this connectedness, we are able to access the wisdom and empowerment [available only through the Holy Spirit] to achieve spiritual maturity, fulfill our personal aspect of God’s assignments, and receive the blessings God promised us in his Word.; 5:19(S) [Mk.11:25-26; 1stJn.5:6] Jn.1:1-4, 14; Rom.3:24-26; Col.2:13; 2ndPeter 1:9

NOSAS Scriptures, A7 (#4)

(continuing)  NOSAS Scriptures, (A7) #4

A7-  1stCor.9:23-27[EV], “… 23I do these cultural, yet Christ’s gospel guided, compatibilitiesS for the benefit and promotion of the Gospel in others, as well as myself, so I will be able to be a partaker of the responsibilities and blessings of that Gospel with you, and you with me.  24Do you not comprehend that everyone who actually runs in a race runs all-out, but they who receive the prize are they who reach the winners goal1 Therefore, run, so you may take honorable and rightful possession of your Christ provided and empowered victory225Everyone who fervently labors for true mastery in any aspect of life eventually comes to understand that it is essential to be temperate1 in all aspects of their life.  Even those who rule their life according to the input they receive from the carnal realm understand that they must be self-controlled2 in order, and to the extent necessary, to obtain a corruptible3 ‘crown4.  Likewise, we who strive to obtain the incorruptible ‘crown’5 God has promised, must also sacrifice all things that hinder that quest6.S  26Therefore we must run with intensity, purpose, and purity of Character; not with timidity or uncertainty, but with confidence in God’s Love, ability, and willingness to work in and through us to fulfill the Grace he provided for, and extended toward, us1Because of this necessity, I do not fight like a shadow boxer beating the air2.  27For this cause, I restrain1 my mind to be in submission to my spirit [which I keep in submission to the Holy Spirit], and my body in subjection to my mind; therefore, my whole being is under the control of God through the wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit.  I do this because otherwise,by many possible means2, after I have demonstrated and proclaimed the gospel of Christ to others, I myself could be a castaway from God’s promised Salvation in this life and eternity3.”4

1stCorinthians, 9:23(S) v.9-22; 9:24(1) the finish line – All who reach the finish line receive eternal Life; but some receive great extra rewards in this life and eternity, some receive few, depending on their adherence to the gospel of Christ.; 9:24(2) in this life and the next; 9:25(1) God-controlled; 9:25(2) temperate; 9:25(3) disintegrable; :25(4) an earthly achievement or honor they desire; 9:25(5) eternal position of Life, honor, and authority; 9:25(6) There are no free rides past the open door (Jesus paid the ‘race entry fee’) God so freely provided for us through Christ.; 9:25(S) Rom.5:21, 6:22; 2ndTim.2:5; 9:26(1) With the help of the Holy Spirit, we must remove all the ankle, waist, wrist, neck, and head weights that slow us down and hinder the completion of our race.; 9:26(2) not with ‘religiously’ contrived opponents or goals; but in the God ordained, directed, and empowered fight for my life, and yours: following the Truth principles of the gospel of Christ through the Holy Spirit; 9:27(1) subdue; 9:27(2) to defend against all possible means by which; 9:27(3) corrupted and unfulfilled potential: unable to receive the Earthly and eternal blessings of God [It takes spiritual acuity and ability (maturity and character), to live in and appreciate the blessings of the Spirit realm.]; 9:27(4) If Paul [as great an Apostle as he was] could lose out on Earthly and eternal rewards by being a ‘cast away’ [disqualifying himself] from God’s blessings, how much more should we [being more carnal than him] endeavor to get our life into line with God’s will [God’s system of operating his Creation]?

(to be continued)

NOSAS, #23,Scriptures, sections A5-A6

NOSAS, #23, Scriptures, sections (A5-A6)

A5-  Mt.7:13-14, 21-23[EV], “13Enter into Life at the narrow1 gate2: for wide3 is the gate and broad4 are the roads5 that lead to destruction, and most everyone chooses those paths in this life6.  14The gate that leads to Life1 is very specific2, and the path3 narrows beyond that gate, and very few find their way4 to truly enter and advance into that Life, and attain the goal God assigned to all5.6S

 “21Not everyone who says1 unto me, ‘Lord, Lord’2, shall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven3, but only they who do the will of my Heavenly Father22Many will say1 unto me in that day2, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in3 your name4, and in your name4 cast out devils5, and in your name4 done many miraculous works6?’  23Then I will proclaim unto them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you who do your own works1 and allege you are operating under my Character, Authority, and Instruction’S.”

 Matthew, 7:13(1) strait, constricting, restricting; 7:13(2) entry way; 7:13(3) seductive and spacious; 7:13(4) emotionally titillating, carnal-culturally acceptable – many and various types of philosophies and ‘religions’; 7:13(5) paths, avenues in the world’s carnal-based philosophies; 7:13(6) to their present and eternal destruction; 7:14(1) ‘zoe’ [‘Christ’ level Life]; 7:14(2) only one way to be born again; 7:14(3) road – the way to live this Earthly life while obtaining and retaining the elements of authentic and full Salvation; 7:14(4) perceive and grasp within the Holy Spirit the wherewithal, and within themselves the gumption,; 7:14(5) eternal Life and Blessing; 7:14(6) Some do enter the restrictive ‘gate’ but, ignoring Christ’s instruction, immediately set up permanent residence along the ‘road’ [“The Way”]; and some who travel further do not see the narrowing ‘road’ and wander into the stagnant ‘ditch’ of ‘religion’ [a ‘religious’ mindset].  Others see the ‘gate’, and choose to ignore it and ‘The Way’ [the pagan/hedonist mindset].  Either way, they all miss the ultimate goal of complete and eternal Salvation.; 7:14(S) Mt.19:23-24; Mk.10:24-25; Lk.18:24-25 [anyone with much Earthly intelligence, talent, and/or property]; Mal.3:6; Mt.16:16-17; Mk.13:5-6; Jn.6:40, 8:12, 23-24, 10:9-10, 12:46-50, 14:6-21, 17:3-26

 7:21(1) alleges, asserts; 7:21(2) that they have accepted my Lordship; 7:21(3) We are not engaged in word games, but rather, in heart (spiritual) issues.; 7:22(1) profusely assert; 7:22(2) the ‘Day’ (time, era, dispensation) of Judgment; 7:22(3) proudly (yet falsely) identified ourselves with; 7:22(4) Character and Authority; 7:22(5) evil spirits; 7:22(6) demonstrations of ‘dunamis’ power; 7:23(1) your own desire, design, and initiative (sin: breaking of the operational laws of the Kingdom); 7:23(S) Rom.1:18

A6-  Acts 20:28-31, 32[EV], 28Therefore take heed unto1 yourselves, and to2 all the congregations of Christ followers3, over whom the Holy Spirit made you4 overseers, to ‘feed5’ the church of God6, which He7 purchased with His own blood829For I discern1 this, that after my departure grievous2 ‘wolves will stealthily enter in among you, not sparing anyone330Also of your own selves1 shall ‘vipers’ arise, speaking seditious and imaginary distortions of Christ’s gospel, in order to draw away disciples after themselves.  31Therefore watch1, and remember, that over the span of three years I did not cease to warn2 everyone about these things night and day with tears3.

32And now, brethren, I leave you in1 God’s care and the care of the Word2 of His Grace3 which4 is able to fortify you and embolden and empower you5 all6 to receive an enhanced inheritance among all them which are sanctified7.”

 Acts, 20:28(1) be cognizant of; 20:28(2) of; 20:28(3) “flocks” – small or large; 20:28(4) ‘shepherds’ – he is teaching and prophesying to Pastors and Church leaders (Elders); 20:28(5) supply authentic spiritual nourishment to; 20:28(6) all those who have accepted the spiritual call to relationship/fellowship with God; 20:28(7) the Father and the Holy Spirit (the “Word”), through Jesus; 20:28(8) the Father God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are “one,” and ‘they’ are our redeemer (Jn.10:30, 17:22-23; Rom.12:5; 1stCor.3:8, 10:17, 12:12; 1stJn.5:7); 20:29(1) spiritually perceive clearly; 20:29(2) ravenous, covetous, and burdensome; 20:29(3) anyone in a group of Christ believers; 20:30(1) of you leaders, and your congregations; 20:31(1) be vigilant; 20:31(2) admonish, explain, and plead with; 20:31(3) knowing what will happen, and lamenting the demeaning and disastrous results of arrogant and self-centered separation from the instruction and power of the Holy Spirit;

20:32(1) turn you totally over to; 20:32(2) (‘logos’) Holy Spirit – the extended outward expression; 20:32(3) Christ the Holy Spirit is God’s Grace extended to Humanity; 20:32(4) who; 20:32(5) The working of the Holy Spirit is not guaranteed to control our life.  It is only through our authentic cooperation that His ability becomes our reality; 20:32(6) not just the Elders; 20:32(7) ‘Holy’ or becoming Holy (Jn.17:17-19; 1stCor.6:11; Eph.5:25-27; 2ndTim.2:21)

(to be continued)

NOSAS, #22, Scripture sections A3-A4

(continuing)  NOSAS Scriptures, #2(A3-A4)

A3-  Ps.103:17-20[EV], “17But the mercy of the Lord1 is from everlasting past to everlasting future upon them that dread2, respect, reverence, and obey Him, and His righteousness3 extends unto4 their children and grandchildren5,S: 18to such as keep His Covenant: to those who remember His commandments to do them.  19God1 established His throne2 in the heavens3, and His Kingdom governs4 all His Creation.  20Bless God1, you His messengers: you who excel in strength doing His commandments, hearkening unto2 the voice3

 Psalms, 103:17(1) Yehovah(the name of God the Father) is translated here “the Lord” in order to communicate a more compassionate (soft emotion) rendering of his name, much like ‘Papa’ instead of ‘Father’; 103:17(2) dread being without His blessings; 103:17(3) righteous judgment and justice (His work to improve the human state); 103:17(4) continues to work in and through; 103:17(5) innumerable generations; 103:17(S) Ex.34:7; Deut.4:24-26, 10:12; Ps.109:1-6; 103:19(1)  17(1); 103:19(2) the seat of power of His Kingdom; 103:19(3) spirit realms [Everything that exists, exists in a spirit realm.  The physical realm and the mental realm are simply different (lower) dimensions of the many spirit realms God created.  God’s ‘throne’ is in the highest dimension, and he rules over everything from that dimension.]; 103:19(4) His Covenant has authority and power over; 103:20(1)  17(1); 103:20(2) ‘rhema-receiving’ (see “Quest Journal,” Journal entry #1); 103:20(3) sound and message; 103:20(4) listening intently, in order to hear correctly and obey exactly

 A4-  Prov.11:17-19[EV], “17They who are merciful to others are a blessing to their own soul, but they who are cruel curse their own life.  18The wicked perpetrate a fraud1 upon their own soul: but to them that sow righteousness there shall be a sure2 reward319As the pursuit of righteousness works to establish Life1: so they who pursue evil pursue it to their own Death1.”

 Proverbs, 11:18(1) con, deceit, scam, sham, swindle; 11:18(2) valuable, stable, and secure; 11:18(3) they discover how to open the ‘sluice gate’ of their life to the refreshing and empowering Life flow of the Holy Spirit; 11:19(1) present and eternal

(to be continued)

NOSAS Scripture section


NOSAS (continuing) Scripture section

This is my Expanded Version [EV] of these Scriptures.  These Scriptures are the finished product of my Word Study Version [WSV] [my Word-Study expansion of the King James Version] of these particular Scriptures; with comments, footnotes, and Scripture references replaced with subscripted numbers and letters in the main text, with those elements referenced and included at the end of each segment.

 The first nine Scripture selections [A1 – A9] are some of the strongest passages that emphasize the necessity of maintaining a vigorous, ongoing personal relationship/fellowship with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  These Scriptures reveal God’s wisdom.  We must follow His guidance, instead of relying on the popular false ideas or doctrines that promote the concept that a one-time-and-then-neglected emotional, or a single heart-serious, experience with Christ will authorize and empower a fully blessed experience in everlasting Life.  The commonly accepted false doctrine of “Once Saved Always Saved” [OSAS] has, through ignorance, killed more souls and stifled more spiritual growth and potential for fulfillment of God’s plan for Humanity than any other atrocity perpetrated by the so-called ‘Church’ of Christ Jesus: the ‘religious’ [counterfeit] forms of true Christianity.

 Although there are multitudes of examples in the Old Testament, we begin with only four to document that Godly Character development [spiritual maturity] has always been God’s goal for us, and the purpose of our Earthly existence.  The following is my Expanded Version [EV] of these Scriptures.  The King James Version [KJV+] and/or Word Study Version [WSV] of any of these particular verses or passages are available upon email request to or .


 NOSAS Scriptures, post #1, sections A1-A2,  Copyright © A. Woody Stone

A1-  1stChron.28:9[EV], “9And you, my child1, do not settle for mere religion2, but perceive, understand, and cherish my God: the God of our honorable ancestors.  Be a servant unto him: a servant who possesses a mature spirit and a mind desirous to know God and his ways and to obey his instruction, because God searches the depths of all our inner being3, and understands all the knowledge, attitudes, visualizations, and purposes of our spirit and mind4.  God already understands you; but if you diligently seek to understand, and relish living in, his character and ways, you will come to know, understand, and be like him, as he so greatly desires for your good.  However, if you refuse or abandon your search for intimate relationship with God, he will, in the end, discard you as waste5 forever.”S

 1stChronicles, 28:9(1) includes us today; 28:9(2) achieve spiritual maturity, and be righteously and boldly energetic (emphasizing spiritual growth over the accumulation of things) in your relationship/fellowship with God; 28:9(3) God searches all our inner being through his “since before the foundation of the world” permanent connection to our spirit: the part of us that knows absolutely everything about our total life.; 28:9(4) superconscious, conscious, and subconscious operations of our human self; 28:9(5) septic off-scouring: dung, urine, vomit, snot; 28:9(S) Prov.20:27


A2-  Ps.15:1-5[EV], “1LORD, who shall continually live under1 your umbrella2 of guidance and protection in your Earthly Kingdom3; and who shall dwell in your eternal presence42They are they who live uprightly, practice righteousness, and speak the Truth in their heart1; 3they who do not ‘back-bite’ with their tongue, nor do evil1 to their associates, nor perpetrate contemptuous or humiliating treatment against their neighbor24They are they in whose values1 vileness is disdained2, and who honor them that dread3, respect4, reverence5, and obey6 the LORD.  They who covenant7 to their own hurt8, and change not; 5who do not lend their money for the purpose of gaining interest, nor take bribes1 to judge or act against the innocent.  They who do these things shall never fall from dwelling in2 your Kingdom3.45

 Psalms, 15:1(1) not slide out from under; 15:1(2) shadow, shield; 15:1(3) under the guidance and protections of the Old and New Covenants; 15:1(4) in God’s spiritual ‘temple’ (Kingdom: present and eternal) – under the New Covenant; 15:2(1) If we truly ‘speak’ God’s Truth in our heart (spirit), our mouth and behavior will do the same.; 15:3(1) wickedness; 15:3(2) those near in place, kindred, or time (those wanting to spiritually connect with them); 15:4(1) moral and ethical standard by which a person regulates their spiritual, mental, and physical life; 15:4(2) deemed contemptuous; 15:4(3) dread the Judgment of; 15:4(4) respect the decisions of; 15:4(5) reverence the love and majesty of; 15:4(6) obey the instruction of; 15:4(7) make a promise (give their word on a matter – behave like God); 15:4(8) A person whose character is so Godly, and whose verbal agreement is so reliable, that they (as their principle) have sworn a curse upon themselves in the event that they break their word (their covenant) – to behave like God.; 15:5(1) in the form of reward, or to avoid threat, of any kind; 15:5(2) in at least some aspect of; 15:5(3) (O.T.) being sons of Israel (God’s Earthly Kingdom) and living under God’s protection; (N.T.) being sons of God and living in the benefits of Christ’s Kingdom (God’s Earthly and Spiritual Kingdom).; 15:5(4) Those who do not fail to purpose to live this lifestyle (but, in the N.T., not limited to these things alone) will not be displaced from dwelling in at lease some aspect and blessing of God’s all-life-encompassing Kingdom.; 15:5(5) Even though this Psalm was written in a time when they did not know there would be a ‘New Covenant’ with God; all these principles are repeated in the New Covenant.  They are the initial stage (Law) of developing mature Godly character [spiritual maturity (guided by Grace: the Holy Spirit)] – which is necessary to gain permanent entry into, and benefit from, God’s present and eternal Kingdom.

(to be continued)  [If you have questions or comments, please contact me – either here in the comments section, or by email (listed above).]


NOSAS intro., #20, sections 55-58

(continuing) #20, NOSAS intro., sections 55-58

55-   The following NOSAS and Character Development verses, as well as all ‘Old’ and ‘New’ Testament Scripture, were spoken and written for us from a Loving, informative, instructive, constructive, and encouraging perspective founded in, and aiming toward, our Godlike character-maturity relationship with the one and only Loving, Enabling, and Empowering God.  Truly receiving God as our all wise and powerful Elder, Leader, and Mentor depends on our receiving his Word as being from a truly Loving Father, not from the fractured viewpoint of perceiving him as a harsh, demanding, legalistic, performance demanding, unapproachable God.

 56-   All the sixty-one references to “saints,” in the KJV New Testament [Catholics adopted their title of ‘Saint’ from these references] are referring to “Holy Ones.”  These are all those [not just the specific ones the Catholic church ‘authorize’] who are sacrificing [or ever have or will sacrifice] every personal thing that works contrary to them being earnestly on the road to fulfilling the calling to achieve the spiritual, mental, and physical Character maturity with God and in this life, called for in Scripture [believers on a determinately fixed course (set by God, not Humanity) to a truly righteous and holy future].  All humanity has been called to ‘sainthood’ [fulfilling the death of the carnal-dominant dictatorship of our natural spirit and mind, in order to totally fulfill our obligation of spiritual, mental, and physical obedience to the Holy Spirit], for our benefit and God’s.  Not All people will fulfill that calling – will you?

57-   As you inhale the Life-rich atmosphere of all the following Scriptures [and all Christian Scripture]; I encourage you to see the beauty and power available to be received from God’s instruction, and their usefulness to your spiritual maturity and life enhancement.  Spiritually and mentally, position yourself to receive God’s help.  Resist producing a mental image of something repressive, demanding, and a thief of emotional peace and contentment [which ‘religion’ and carnality promotes].  Only when we are determined to have a God-accurate and solidified vision, direction, and purpose in life are we willing and able to actually receive Instruction, truly possess God’s Peace, and experience authentic and complete CONTENTMENT AND FREEDOM.  Developing and maintaining a Holy God-pleasing ‘in-life’, will insure a Holy God-pleasing ‘out-life’.

58-   The following Scripture passages [beginning with the next post in this place] emphasize our responsibility to God and ourselves to identify, develop, and utilize the great personal and church-corporate gifts Christ Jesus has given us through his Holy Spirit, and to use those gifts to develop the Holy Character God has made us accountable to develop.  These verses also point out the necessity of our realizing the influence our personal spiritual maturity has as it reaches the eyes, ears, and heart of the world, and the church; and our necessary fervent attitude toward regaining, establishing, and maintaining the purity and simplicity of the authentic Word of God.

(to be continued)  [End of introduction.  NOSAS Scriptures begin with next post.]

NOSAS intro., #19, sections 52-54

(continuing)   #19, NOSAS intro., sections 52-54

52-   If there is no clearly defined, commonly understood, and steadfast definition of the words we use, how can there possibly be any clear, commonly understood, and steadfast meaning to the concepts we relate to each other through those words, and thereby any stability in our life itself.  Those who are using corrupt philosophy, contorted ‘logic’, junk rhetoric, and hashed definitions to produce and perpetuate confusion in the meaning and usage of words in languages around the world, are causing and aiding in the destruction of countries and Humanity.

53-   In order for us to understand God, and each other, we must be speaking the same ‘language’ [the authentic gospel of Christ], and understanding the concepts portrayed through that ‘language’ in the same way.  What about such words as: acknowledge, ask, attitude, baptism, character, confession, consecration, consolation, fear, hope, integrity, (‘is’), know, knowledge, love, obedience, performance, quality, repentance, righteousness [allowing the Holy Spirit accurate and complete expression in and through our mental and physical properties – mental and behavioral transformation], holiness [allowing the Holy Spirit accurate and complete expression in and through the depth of our spiritual properties – character, as well as mental and behavioral, transformation],  preparation, Salvation, sanctification, saved, sovereignty, Truth, unity, word, etc.?  If we are not accurately hearing, understanding, or asking the appropriate questions, how is it possible to correctly understand and apply the answers God has provided in Scripture?  We must set aside our ‘pet doctrines’, and study these words and concepts in the full context of Scripture to discover their accurate meaning and appropriate usage according to the way God defines their application to our life.

54-   God has adopted us; but to take advantage of that adoption, we must also adopt God.  Being a son of God does not have any significant impact on our life until we accept our sonship and adopt an accurate and stable knowledge base, understanding, relationship, fellowship, family structure, and lifestyle from which to make and implement our decisions in life.

(to be continued)

NOSAS intro., sections 50-51, post #18

(continuing)   #18, NOSAS intro., sections 50-51

50-   How is ‘New’ Testament Christianity different from ‘Old’ Testament Law?  Conformity to ‘Old’ Testament Law [Ten Commandments, religious excellence, etc.] is what most Christians, through ignorance, are still trying to fulfill through the same methods of carnal willpower that was dominant during the age when the ‘Old’ Testament was the most current phase of God’s master Covenant [like when our children are too young to understand the greater principles of life, they try to gain our approval by ‘legalistically’ following our instructions (instead of understanding our heart and seriously accepting their higher moral responsibilities in life, as we pray they will when older)].  ‘Old’ Covenant style belief and behavior [believing, thinking, and acting like children] during ‘New’ Covenant times [when God expects us to believe, think, and behave as responsible adults], in essence, regresses what God designed to be the peace, power, and spiritual advancement and freedom of ‘New’ Testament Christianity, into something that actually manifests in our life as bondage in the form of ”Old Testament style ‘Christianity’”.

During the days of the supremacy of the ‘Old’ Testament over God’s people, in order to earn their Salvation, the people of the nation of Israel had to obey ‘Old’ Testament Law to perfection through mentally controlling their own outward physical behavior based on the Written [ink on paper] Word of God.  They privately knew that no one, even Moses [Num.20:2-12; Deut.34:1-5], could possibly fulfill to perfection all the stipulations of the Law [which was necessary to gain Salvation], yet that was their only hope, so they kept trying.  Moreover, the ‘religious’ gurus [Pharisees] and dictators of the time kept adding more and more regulations for them to follow, much like the ‘religious’ and political “elites” of our contemporary times.  Could anything be more depressing?  Is it any wonder why so many Israelis chose to not even try?  Is it any wonder that, with an “Old Testament style Christianity” mindset being so dominant in the church, so many people give up on, or not even begin, trusting Christianity to be the solution to their heart’s cry for life to have substantial meaning and be the route to freedom from their hurts and bondages?

Under the ‘Old’ Covenant, they could have their sins covered for a time through their temple [religious] sacrifices.  Most Christians are still operating under that same mindset, only now the ‘sacrifices’ take the form of going to religious services, tithing, performing charitable deeds, and living a religious lifestyle, in order to gain favor with God.  This is the same religious sacrificial system, just simply with a different ‘face’ and rhetoric put on it.

New Testament Christianity includes God’s expectation of our conformity to ‘Old’ and ‘New’ Testament righteous behavior [Mt.5:17-20; 1stCor.3:12-19].  However, instead of that behavior being achieved through our carnal-dominant conscious willpower and sacrifice alone, New Testament conformity to the instruction of God is based on, and achieved through, the character transformation [spiritual maturity] brought about through the spiritual and mental transformation of our relationship/fellowship with the Holy Spirit: the Living and ever-present Word [Wisdom, Knowledge, and Power] of God.

Instead of God having multiple and different Covenants with Humanity, there is only one continuous Covenant that is revealed and implemented in advancing phases [People named them “Old” and “New” in order to distinguish the latest two aspects – of The Covenant.].  The phase of the Covenant we now call ‘Old’, was the ‘New’ of its day, which superseded the Abrahamic Covenant, and so on into the distant past, with each ‘New’ phase being an advancement of the previous ‘New’ phase, which then became the ‘Old’.  The older phases develop through the implementation of more advanced elements that initiate, and eventually fulfill, the new ‘New’.  When the next dispensation of God’s plan begins [the part partially revealed in the last parts of the book of Revelation, and other places in the “New Testament”], the phase we now call ‘New’ will become the latest ‘Old’, and the new ‘New’ will begin.

Our step-by-step spiritual/mental transformation prepares us to receive the newly revealed and more easily received Covenant blessings of God.  Gradual, constantly improving relationship/fellowship with the Holy Spirit empowers the manifestation of gradual and consistent inward and outward personal transformation of life unto the manifestation of God’s dispensational goal for us: developing, possessing, and utilizing true Righteousness and Holiness in our life.  Achieving each new goal initiates our next dispensation in Life, which is our next step [like walking] toward the completion of God’s original purpose for creating Humanity in the first place: the development of his greater-than-mere-human finished MAN [“a new name written” (Rev.2:17, 3:12-13)].  Isa.62:2-3, 2And the Gentiles [unregenerate] shall see your righteousness, and all [Earthly] kings [shall be envious of] your glory: and you shall be called by a new name, which the mouth of the LORD shall name [“Man”, or whatever new name He chooses]3You shall also be a crown of glory in the hand [an extension of the reigning attributes] of the LORD, and a royal diadem in the hand [an adorning headdress – a vital part of the open-handed reign] of your God.”

The manifestation of completed ‘Mankind’ is what God has been working toward since before his first thought of creating even the first elemental force of the physical realm, and therefore, before he ‘planted’ the ‘seed’ of MAN when He ‘planted’ Adam (man) on the Earth [“Before the foundation of the world”] [Jn.17:24; Eph.1:3-4; Phil.3:7-11, 4:4-9, 19; 1stPeter 1:19-21]

51- The emphasis of this essay is “It requires the inward [spiritual and mental] transformation of a person in order to produce the authentic outward transformation God requires of us [not simply a situational, consciously contrived behavioral change].  God insists upon this character transformation because he knows it is the foundation that empowers our life to manifest the full blessings He desires for us [and we, as true Christians, desire].”  This inward transformation is essential, because authentic outward transformation is impossible without it.  Our [and the church’s] true outward life [not the wannabe image we often portray] is the shadow-image of our inward life.  If a shadow is going to change in any way, either the light that empowers it, or the object it is the shadow of, must change.  Since the power that ultimately enlightens and empowers our life [God (Mal.3:6, Isa.45:7; Mt.13:35, 25:34): His spiritual laws that govern Life and Blessing] does not change, then the ‘object’ our outward life is the shadow of {the combined contents of our spirit and mind [our personal (and the church’s) soul]} is the thing that must change.  Will we nourish and empower righteous transformation in our life by cooperating with the Holy Spirit, or will we continue to embrace complacency and stagnation, and miss the present and eternal blessings available to us?  The choice is ours to make, not God’s.  [Rom.12:1-2; 2ndCor.3:18; and the Parable of the ‘Soils’ (Mt.13; Mk.4; Lk.8)]

(to be continued)

NOSAS, #17, intro. section 49

(continuing)  #17, NOSAS intro. section 49

49-   From God’s perspective, we are all children – no matter our physical age.  A child’s growing understanding of, and obedience to, the established precepts of a moral, Christian culture is a confirming factor that a spiritual/mental change for the better is in the process of developing in that child.  Mentally and physically following Christian Scripture is necessary as a personal training exercise for a child, but ‘change for the better’ also confirms to a parent that their child is maturing; and the maturity of its citizens is essential for the establishment and maintenance of a civil society.  However, mental and physical maturity and obedience is not all that is necessary to meet God’s standard for our life.  Under the ‘Old’ Covenant system of Law, God’s standard for the people of Israel was mental and behavioral maturity.  Under the ‘New’ Covenant, maturity is still required, but the standard has been upgraded.  Mental and physical behaviors are still essential and required, but the ultimate goal is now spiritual Maturity: Godly Character development and maturity.  This new standard is now possible to achieve because we are all indwelt by the Holy Spirit.

The ‘Old’ and ‘New’ Covenants [successive phases of the one overall Master Covenant of God] work with each other, like righteous child rearing begins the process of developing righteous character in the adult they will be.  The ‘Old’ is a time when obedience to God’s Law [the Written Word: the Christian Bible] is built into a child’s mind, as the ‘New’, at the same time, works to develop Character in that child’s spirit as their mind continues to be obedient to the influence of their ‘parents’ [the Living Word: the Holy Spirit].

Lack of general cultural emphasis on establishing and improving our Scriptural Christian character development, and overemphasis on satisfying our emotional desires [even in church (prosperity, healing, peace, tolerance, etc. – which are all genuine blessings when achieved through authentic ‘New’ Covenant means)], are the cause of the crisis of deepening corrosion of moral conduct around the world.

Those who understand this principle must set aside their spiritual stagnation and social complacency, and get active in taking back control of our congregational, public, institutional, and political organizations.  If control [which we have squandered in forgetful and emotion-centered living] is not reestablished, there will be no hope of recovering the true peace and freedom we in the U.S. have fought for and enjoyed in the past, and for which others have dreamed and been willing to die to attain for their posterity.

 [Side note: Righteous, instructional spanking is, or should be, one aspect of the discipline we impose upon our children.  That is why it is called “child rearing.”]

[The subject of a child having an unRighteous parent, or parents, is a different dynamic altogether, which requires controlled Righteous rebellion on the part of the child.  I will speak on that subject at another time.]

Trying to gain ‘New’ Covenant type victory in life through ‘Old’ Covenant type behavioral change [obedience], without working to develop Righteous maturity through the ‘New” Covenant, is like trying to cut away a bacterial infection from our foot using a dull, unsterilized pocketknife shared with everyone else; which generally causes more problems than we anticipated or originally had to deal with.  For far too many years the leaders and doctrines of the contemporary ‘religious’ Christian church have promoted spiritual stagnation in people by promoting an ‘Old Covenant style Christianity’.  By not following God’s plan of Covenant progression, we have been supplying our own people, and the world, with growth stunting and health diminishing spiritual ‘food and medicine’.

Authentic ‘New’ Covenant submission to Christ accomplishes the same goal of ‘infection’ removal, but it is accomplished through the personal ‘drinking’ in, by leaders and followers alike, of the instruction and power of God’s Written Word [mentally cutting away the infected ‘tissue’ (old, contaminated thoughts, precepts, standards, and vision of life) with a sharp, sterile ‘knife’ (the authentic gospel of Christ)] in conjunction with ‘drinking’ in the instruction and power of the Living Word (the Holy Spirit) [spiritually understanding and following the Wisdom, Mercy, Grace and Power of God], and allowing that ‘emulsion’ to do its work from the inside out.  This process corrects malfunctions in our personal inward parts [spirit, and superconscious mind], which produces a correcting of malfunctions in our outward condition and behavior [subconscious mind, and body].  This is like taking antibiotics [internal] in conjunction with necessary corrective physical measures [external] in order to cure an infection on the foot [1stJn.2:3-11].  This empowers new healthy ‘tissue’ to throw off the old infected ‘tissue’ [mental/physical behavior] and establish or reestablish healthy function in our life.

[By forsaking the self-implementation and nurturing of true Righteousness in our homes, schools, corporations, scientific institutions, politics, and yes even our churches, we, as an American culture, as well as cultures around the world, have forsaken our own Spiritual and mental health and nurtured the ‘infections’ that are bringing about our own destruction.  The only difference in cultures (personal, family, local, state, national, and around the world) seems to be in the particular types of ‘infections’ we prefer to nurture.  We, as a society, are gradually being persuaded, through the ‘tolerance’ argument (through accepting being shamed into submission), into agreement to accept all ‘infections’, especially those of the heart and mind.]

(to be continued)  [God bless you and your church organization.  I pray you both will follow the Holy Spirit into all Righteousness.]

NOSAS, #16, intro. sections 44-48

(continuing)   #16, sections 44-48

44-  [The following is pressing toward a positive point, not a negative one: no condemnation intended.  Please read it accordingly.]

Any authentic righteous control over our life is only possible through our level of spiritual maturity in relationship/fellowship with Christ.  Those who’s physical life is stolen [never by God] through circumstances beyond their control in the natural realm while they are on the ‘ladder’ [see post #15], have God’s promise that their position on the ‘ladder’ affords them a corresponding recompense in His spiritual Kingdom.  Suicide is not an advantageous alternative to pressing forward in life.  True Faith in Christ is the all-encompassing identifier of being on the ‘ladder’, and suicide is proof you have lost, or never had, that type Faith.  Faith is on the ‘ladder’, and suicide is off it.  An act of righteous [selfless, and in line with God’s will] bravery, even when one knows it may cost them their life, is not considered by God to be suicidal, it is a valorous act of Faith.  Resisting one’s own suicide is also an act of valor: having more faith in God’s power to manifest his blessings in the future, than in the ability of the past to continue its devastation.

45-   Being “saved” has little to do with avoiding ‘Hell’, but everything to do with entering into Faith and Grace relationship/fellowship with God through Christ, which includes receiving God’s blessings in this life and everlasting Life.  The Faith and Grace lifestyle includes faith toward God, and grace toward people because of God’s grace toward us – “faith to [building on] Faith” and “grace for [because of] Grace” [Rom.1:16-17; Jn.1:16-17]: being a ‘co-conspirator’ with God in beliefs and acts of Faith and Grace.  It is possible to be “Once Saved Always Saved” – but only if, once we enter into relationship/fellowship with Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit, we never abandon our ‘climb’ to spiritual and mental maturity and purity [Lk.9:62].  We have the right, and God’s permission, to leave the ‘ladder’, but that moves us out of the realm of Once Saved Always Saved, because we choose to absence ourselves from our Salvation.  We have the right and permission to engage or re-engage the ‘ladder’, but that does not mean we will have the time to do so if we delay.

As humans, living in this physical habitation, and everyone [since the beginning of the first Adam] being vulnerable to ignorance and physical, emotional, and character failure, there has never been a person who has walked this path [to the top of the ‘ladder’ and over the ‘parapet’] perfectly except Christ Jesus.  Due to this fallibility of human nature, and because of God’s understanding and Grace through Christ, it is the purpose and quality of God to unendingly Love and nourish us and encourage us to repent, stand erect, and continue the quest to fulfill our complete maturity and personal God-declared assignments in life, and to enjoy everlasting Life in His presence.  [‘Repentance’ is recognizing, understanding, and correcting our rebellions and misjudgments, with the help of the Written and Living Word of God (the Christian Bible and the Holy Spirit).]

46-  It is not a matter of God accepting us and allowing us to live in the benefits of his Salvation in this life and throughout eternity: he yielded the Life of his only directly procreated Son [through spiritual-genetic transplant] to prove that he has opened his eternal blessings to us: given us the ‘key’ to reenter the “Garden.”  It is a matter of our willingness to accept the description of, find, recognize, prepare to live, and actually live the path to our full and final Salvation [to use the “key”: The Way, The Truth, and The Life.  (Mt.7:13-27, 16:19; Jn.3:16, 14:6)]

47-  Through the Holy Spirit, true FREEDOM AND POWER to live in accordance with God’s instruction [Christ’s Christianity] are achievable in this life.  Yet, through the everyday decisions they make, most people choose to live in the frailty, vulnerability, ignorance, and bondage produced through the counterfeit and misdirecting ‘truths’ developed through cultural [carnal] ‘Christianity’ [‘Christianism’ – Christian ‘religion’] and/or any of the other religions and guessisms of the world.  These worldly-culture-based alternatives may be emotionally soothing at times, but emotion-led character always leads to destruction.

48-  The ‘fall from Grace’ referred to in Heb.6:4-6 and Jude, which is an irrecoverable fall [thus the warning], is a fall from a greater, but available to all, level of spirituality than any but the most mature Christian achieves [according to God’s standard for maturity (not ours), which also includes understanding and yielding to God’s timing and wise expectations of us].  No others who hesitate, stumble or slip during, or even temporarily abandon, their quest for this level of maturity in Christ [because of mistakes, deception, ignorance, delusion, etc.] need give up hope or confidence in Christ.  But they must truly repent and continue striving [get back, or continue, on the ‘ladder’] to fulfill their personal God-given purpose and assignment in life – which is to achieve full Salvation [which includes eternal Life], while also helping others [through word and deed] to achieve their full Salvation.

God’s Forgiveness is profound, his Love everlasting, and the Presence of his Holy Spirit constant in everyone until the end of this Dispensation of Grace: at which time the Holy Spirit will either be removed from them, or infused for eternity.  Our individual initiative [level of commitment] in relationship/fellowship with the Holy Spirit determines our ability to receive and enjoy these blessings of God.  The life we now live is serious business to God, so it should be serious business to and among us.  Our personally applied spiritual direction, beliefs and behavior have more of an impact on our eternal destiny than our living-in-the-now carnal [physical-realm dominant] mind can understand, readily accept, or nourish; thus, a personal spiritual/mental quest: undertaking: endeavor: struggle.

(to be continued)  [I invite and appreciate your comments and questions.]

NOSAS, intro., section 43

(continuing)   #15, NOSAS section 43

43-  The gauge of our transformation and development toward Holy character, which facilitates the fulfillment of our Salvation in this life and eternity, is like the rungs on which our feet stand on a very tall ladder.  In relation to standing on that ‘ladder’ [the gospel of Christ Jesus], our ‘feet’ [life] are the gauge of the foundation and stability of our character [spiritual maturity].  The direction of our gaze [up, or down; toward righteousness, or unrighteousness; toward the positive, or negative aspects of life and our opinion about God’s Word] is determined by the combination of our Vision, curiosity, purpose, attitude, wisdom, and knowledge, and is the determining factor in our directional mobility.  Our ‘hands’ are the gauge of our spiritual and mental integrity, determining the stability of our climb – up or down.  Our entire life exists in the midst of all these elements of contact with Earthly life and the Word of God.

Only after someone has introduced us to the Truth of Christ are our hands empowered to engage [grasp for stability] the ‘ladder’ in upward mobility, as we begin to follow Christ’s teachings as our actual guide in life.  We initially accept Christ [through the urging of our spirit (and other people)], to the best of our natural ability through an emotional, or reasoning based on emotion, decision, because we are personally ignorant of the actual spiritual dynamics at work in our life.  We desire to be ‘saved’ and to improve our life, so we propel our life in the direction of Christ.  Our ‘feet’ get on the ‘ladder’ when we actually accept Christ Jesus as being the only one who can save us from eternal destruction and lead us into God’s desire for our eternity.  We begin to progress up the ‘ladder’ as we begin to understand the structure of the ‘ladder’ and have confidence in its stability and access to our goal.  This enables us to begin to understand what full Salvation involves [the identity, stability, and richness of the ‘ladder’ and the ‘structure’ the ‘ladder’ is leaning on: the anointed operating system of God: the gospel of Christ].  Then we begin to understand that full and complete spiritual, mental, and physical Salvation is at the top of the ‘ladder’: over the ‘parapet’.  Each rung of the ‘ladder’ is a particular element of which our Salvation consists.

At any moment in life, after we have accepted Christ [gotten on the ‘ladder’] as our only avenue to Salvation, we are living on a specific step of that ‘ladder’ – which includes all the power and blessings, along with the responsibilities and accountability, associated with that level [rung] of spiritual maturity in Christ.  We have the choice of ascending or descending, slowly or quickly.  Our rate and direction of mobility depends upon our pursuit of fulfilling our God-authentic current assignments in life, and our actual use of the spiritual, mental, and physical gifts and abilities we possess [naturally, and through the Holy Spirit] at that time.

Each step of each individual’s ‘ladder’ represents the fulfillment of a personal assignment from God [gauged by God’s instruction, priority, and timing – NOT our, or Humanity’s, desires or demands].  Achieving our assignments necessitates utilizing all the gifts God has given us personal access to in life and through the Holy Spirit – which includes, at any point in time, everything necessary to achieve our personal, and our personal part of authentic-church-inclusive, assignments, as we mature in those natural and spiritual gifts, and in relationship/fellowship with the Trinity God.  Over the ‘parapet’ is where Eternal Life and Blessing becomes our eternal possession.  Father God lowered the ‘ladder’, and Jesus stabilized and conquered the ‘ladder’.  When The Father retracts the ‘ladder’ [at the time of the end-time judgment – the end of this dispensation of Grace], our position on it determines our position in His eternal Kingdom.

In our quest to reach the top of the ‘ladder’, we are not in any competition with anyone or anything except our own carnal self-centeredness and fear.  We can, at any time, because of our free will, initiative, and decidedly positive or negative fellowship with the Holy Spirit, ascend or descend the ‘ladder’.

Regrettably, and to their detriment, some people will decide to get off the ‘ladder’, and others to get off and back on.  We all have the freedom to do so, in spite of the constant Loving influences of the Holy Spirit encouraging our upward quest.  This ability and right of passage to choose our personal destiny continues until the instant this Dispensation of Grace ends, which will come suddenly upon Humanity. [1stCor.15:51-58]

[Dispensation = time-span or circumstance, determined by God’s calendar, clock, or view of conditions, in which a particular event, or series of events, in God’s plan, begins, and is fulfilled – at which time or circumstance the next dispensation begins.]  This is when the ‘ladder’ is retracted, and all those on it are received into eternal habitation with God, stand at the judgment seat of Christ, and receive our eternal ‘rank’ and reward [the place and time dedicated to finalizing our eternal position in God’s Kingdom].

{At this point, because our carnal mind constantly attempts to pull our thoughts back to the concept of performing “works” to earn Salvation [Even if you are against the concept of earning Salvation through ‘works’, you begin to think that is what I am talking about.], I want to make this very clear.  Climbing the ‘ladder’ is not about performing works to earn our Salvation, although “works” are a result, it is about developing Godly Character [spiritual maturity].  Progress up the ‘ladder’ is not about pushing and pulling with our legs and arms, it is about making and maintaining spiritual communion [unity] with God.  Progress is the result.  The opposite is true when we break, or get slothful and forgetful in, that communion.  It is easier to go down, and more ‘work intensive’ to go up, but what is our goal, what is our vision?  How much effort are we willing to put into attaining our lifetime and eternal Salvation?}

Many will not be able to get on, or back on, the ‘ladder’ while they still have time, in spite of their craving for freedom from the spiritual darkness and mental and physical bondages that caused them to stay off, or prolonged their exit from, the ‘ladder’.  Their absence, or exit, was empowered by the worldly deceptions they chose to accept, which insidiously influenced each step of their descent into darkness, and blinded their sense of priority and direction to the extent that they exited the ‘ladder’ or stayed off it.  It is still possible for them to get on Christ’s ‘ladder’, but it takes more willingness and gumption to do so than what most people in that state of deception and bondage possess.  At any time, the decision to actually grasp and engage the ‘ladder’ necessitates resolve and initiative to repent of [1800 thrust against] their wayward ways [which can manifest suddenly, or over time], and a determined entry into maturing and stable relationship with God – which the Holy Spirit is constantly present and eager to facilitate and empower.  Will we allow, and enable through our cooperation, the Holy Spirit to help us help them?

The degree of actual Salvation we are able to experience, and our access to other authentic but as yet unexplored and unimagined aspects of God’s provided Salvation, is directly proportional to our actual position [gauged by God’s standard,   NOT ours, or Humanity’s] on God’s ‘ladder’; which we can change up or down: instantly and profoundly, or slowly over time – our choice and initiative, not God’s.  We often have a carnal vision of being where we wish we were on the ‘ladder’, but it is our actual position [defined by God’s standards] that is the determining factor in our life, and in eternal Life.  We may receive the riches and accolades of the world system, but that is no indicator of our position in God’s system of operation or his Kingdom.

Because of the spiritual blindness and deafness to God that encompasses and dominates the ‘ladder’ descenders, those who depart, and those who have not yet engaged the ‘ladder’, they need Earthly examples of God’s Loving Righteousness to observe and follow to, and up, the ‘ladder’.  God commanded us and made us accountable, and the populations of the world call upon us [even if they do not understand or acknowledge their heart’s cry], to be that example of the extended beckoning Love of God – to the world, and to those on the ‘ladder’ with us.  All the people we associate with, or have knowledge of, us have a perception of our position on the ‘ladder’; and can spiritually sense whether the extended hand of God is free to express itself through us.  Are we an example of Christ’s gospel that people are encouraged by and are willing and able to follow in order to make their own genuine connection with the Holy Spirit, and understand how to operate their life at that level of spirituality?

(to be continued)  [What do ya think?]

NOSAS, intro. sections 41-42

(continuing)   #14, sections 41-42

41-  From physical conception to physical death, we all have now been equipped by God with the initial necessities for [the ‘on-board navigation and equipment’ to achieve], and are somewhere [~.001-99.999%] in the process of, being fully saved [everyone is included, and Jesus is the only one who will have ever reached 100%].  ‘Being fully saved’ means, and is the reward for, developing and maintaining [“line upon line,” “precept upon precept (Isa.28:10),” “glory to glory (2ndCor.3:18; Rom.8:18; 1stPeter 5:1),” “grace for grace” (Jn.1:16; 2ndPeter 3:18)] authentic Holy spiritual maturity [Character] [Eph.4:13; 2ndTim.2:19; 1stPeter 3:8-15], which is our only access to genuine and complete Salvation.

In this journey of Earthly life, the only reliable standard for measuring actual spiritual maturity is the authentic [not humanly designed or defined] Christian Biblical standard [1stThess.2:12-13].  If we do not truly understand that standard, how are we going to honestly gauge our progress toward actual maturity, or recognize when we are entering into complacency and stagnation in our quest for that maturity and Salvation and resolve the necessary issues?

Through the qualification provided for us through Jesus’ sacrifice for our Salvation, every member of Humanity now possesses the initial ‘measure’ [everyone begins life with the same amount] of the Holy Spirit.  Even those who do not believe in Christ Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit are now already internally equipped with this initial measure.  [Joel 2:28; Acts 2:17; Rom.12:3; Eph.4:13]

The differences between ourselves and other individuals [the real differences, not necessarily our public persona] is evidence of the different aspects and levels to which we each utilize and build [or not] upon this initial measure [to the advantage, or disadvantage, of ourselves and others – which, in varying degrees, influences all human cultures].  [[This comparison between others and ourselves is only for recognition and decision-making purposes; we are not to compare ourselves among ourselves for the purpose of justifying ourselves or denouncing others (Mk.9:34; 2ndCor.10:12).  In all aspects of life, we must, and do, continually judge people, things, and situations, but we must learn to judge appropriately according to God’s word: the standard demonstrated and taught by Christ Jesus.]]

42-  We cannot do any works to ‘earn’ our Salvation; but because of our Salvation, God has assigned us each spiritual, mental, and physical work to do.  Through his life and death sacrifice [Eph.5:2; Phil. 2:8; 1stPet.2:21], his resurrection from the dead [Jn.20:12-17, 21:14], and his sending his Holy Spirit to live in us [Jn.14:26, 15:26, 16:13; Acts 1:8, 2:1-4], Jesus redeemed all Humanity’s free access to full, complete, and eternal Salvation.  That access begins at our conception into physical form.  Our redemption manifests in our life through our access and utilization of the tremendous attributes available to us through the ever-present Holy Spirit.  That Holy Spirit empowers our God-given ability to mature unto full and complete Salvation through character transformation unto Holiness, which authorizes and empowers our everlasting Life [Rom.6:16, 19, 22].

We begin our walk with Christ by giving our mental understanding access to God’s authentic written Word, or initially to someone who actually knows that Word.  We gradually accomplish spiritual maturity unto Holiness by encouraging, enabling, and migrating the transformation of our mental understanding of God’s principles and powers of Life and living [Rom.12:2].  Every human is now continually spiritually [Joel 2:28; Acts 2:17; Rom.12:3] connected to [is being given input from] the Holy Spirit,but it is necessary for our mental abilities and emotions [at whatever level and strength we live] to give our spirit permission to actually believe and receive more and more influence from the Holy Spirit and pass it along to our mind [an ever-increasing, mutually (spiritual and mental) enhancing process].  We must do this with the intent of actually believing and receiving that influence and power, and learning how to allow it to control our thinking and emotions, and rule our life.

Our mental understanding and acceptance of God’s spiritual operations gradually and more greatly opens [gives permission and confidence to] our human spirit to receive the influence and power of the Holy Spirit, thus enhancing our spiritual understanding and maturity.  When we do this in true submission to God’s Word [“True submission” to God is a spiritual quality that is empowered by the human spirit through our receiving power from the Holy Spirit.  That submission is then reflected in our mind and body (James 4:6-8, 1stCor.16:15-16, Heb.13:16-17, 1stPeter 5:1-10).], our interaction with the Holy Spirit gradually empowers [and is sometimes able (depending on our cooperation) to very quickly empower] the sanctification, consecration, and unification of the content, influences, interactions, and empowerments within and among our four-fold self.  The Holy Spirit is now [since the first Pentecost after the resurrection of Jesus] a permanent part of every human being; therefore, our four-fold self consists of the Holy Spirit [operating at three different sliding-scale levels, due to our different levels of awareness and utilization of the attributes of the Holy Spirit] in conjunction with our personal spirit, mind, and body [1stThess.5:19-24].  This sanctification, consecration, unification, and empowerment from God enable our transformation unto Holiness.  Our unto-Holiness character transformation [which manifests in and transforms our whole being through our knowledgeable and dedicated following of the Holy Spirit] is what enables us to receive the ever-increasing manifestations of God’s Grace-empowerment [for both receiving and giving] through Jesus.  Jesus now works through the Holy Spirit [Jn.14:16, 18, 26; 15:26; 16:13] whose assignment and full desire comes to fulfillment in our completed Salvation [eternal Life in the presence and full blessing of God].  The Holy Spirit’s assignment from God the Father and Jesus is to entice, instruct, and empower each individual to become an eagerly humble seeker of true Holiness and achieve eternal Salvation.  [God takes our personal level of actual mental and/or physical ability into account in his judgment process; therefore, everyone is accountable to God’s righteous judgment.]

It is not the Holy Spirit’s assignment, nor His desire or intent, to drag the undecided, rebellious, self-centered, intentionally ignorant, simply curious, or reluctant person into Salvation [Jn.6:66-70].  The Holy Spirit entices, educates, directs, and empowers, but he does not drag.  We must exercise and stretch within ourselves [spiritually and mentally], to the utmost of our actual ability, to connect with and utilize the wisdom, knowledge, and power of the Holy Spirit.  This is the ‘work’ we have been assigned, and through which we “earn” [enter into, utilize, and learn to appreciate] our Salvation.

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NOSAS intro. (post #13) sections 38-40

(continuing) #13, sections 38-40, ~906 words

38-  If we do not know there is a valid achievable goal, or if we are led to visualize a corrupted or outright fraudulent route to an otherwise achievable goal, we are very unlikely to ever achieve the truly achievable unless we eventually obtain information directly from the one who established that goal: the Holy Spirit through Christ Jesus.  Lack of understanding on the part of the great majority of people about how to receive information from the Holy Spirit on their own, is why it is so important for the Church to examine and reestablish the authenticity of its theology, and begin again to demonstrate and proclaim the authentic and ‘lawful’ route to the valid destination of Eternal Life.  The authentic gospel of Christ Jesus, in conjunction with our following the presence and evident power of Christ the Holy Spirit, is that authentic route.  The Church is the group of people who are expected [by the religious and secular cultures] to be the ones able to provide authentic leadership in spiritual matters, which [at least] the ‘leaders’ are supposed to be able to receive and deliver from the Holy Spirit.  We will truly do our utmost to achieve the understanding and empowerment necessary to attain a goal, only when we correctly perceive the route to, and the necessity of reaching, that goal, and that that goal is actually within our grasp.

This is why the ‘empire building’ Scripture misinterpretations and manipulations that resulted in the doctrines of ‘OSAS’ [Once Saved Always Saved] and ‘Rapture’ are so powerful; they simply offer an easy-way shortcut around the Truth, and entice people to live in a state of denial and ignorance of the Scriptures that clearly tell us it is not that simplistic.

 [Fill in the following blank for yourself with whatever secular or spiritual goal you desire.]  It is very sad to say, but multitudes are wasting their strength and resources striving to fulfill their hearts desire for/to _____________ [My personal quest is to continue to grow in understanding of the authentic help God has provided for our use in this life, and to achieve Eternal Life in His presence with maximum Blessing.] by doing so through following impossible and dream-distorting methods formulated around misunderstandings and manipulations of [lies about] the true, powerful, and Eternal-Life-encompassing Truths revealed by Christ Jesus [His gospel of Life].  Projecting a vision for an unachievable goal, or a fraudulent route to an otherwise achievable goal, does no one any good except those who fill their ‘pockets’ by exploiting the gullibility of the emotion-dominant and easy-way mentality of spiritually, Scripturally, and socially ignorant and immature ‘God-seeking’ people.  “Filling their pockets” does not necessarily mean they do what they do for financial gain; but they are often motivated by other carnal cravings and emptiness such as pride, power, covetousness, envy, revenge, and other delusions of grandeur brought on by their lack of authentic Christ-centered spirituality.

39-  Being “in Christ” means growing into and continuing to be encompassed by, saturated with, and life-empowered through the same Truth, characteristics, and power of the same Holy Spirit who encompassed, saturated, and empowered Jesus and enabled him to manifest God in this, our human, realm of experience.  [Rom.8:1, 4]

40-  Full and total salvation means: perfect protection, or deliverance, from all things that destroy or hinder us from receiving, maintaining, and utilizing all God’s blessings of wisdom, knowledge, and power to fulfill our personal God-given assignments in life, and possessing the wherewithal to enjoy all the benefits of Loving, Personal, Intimate relationship/fellowship with God in this life and Eternal Life.  [1stJohn 5:18]

We, in our personal life, are able to receive, manifest, and enjoy partial [immature] Salvation only in proportion to our current knowledge of, location on, and commitment to, the road[“the Way” (Jn.14:6)] to total relationship/fellowship with God.  We can also receive partial benefits if we are in spiritual fellowship with another person  who is, in reality, further along the maturity-with-God ‘road’ than we are; and even then, only to the extent of our current unity with that person, and the extent of their current relationship/fellowship [unity] with God.  This reliance on humans [authentic mentorship – authorized by God and commonly necessary – is much preferred over total ignorance] is necessary only to the extent of our lack of spiritual maturity [There is no shame in recognizing this lack, and sharing your recognition with someone you trust.].  Some people have great dependency upon people, some small; but God expects us all too eventually develop complete confidence in the mentoring of the Holy Spirit.  Are we developing that confidence?

Because we are human and possess free will, our connection, and thereby our unity, with the Holy Spirit [and thereby with the wisdom, knowledge, and power of the whole Godhead] depends on our vision, attitude, and focus at all times.  All unity relationships [except for the unity between The Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and their Love and Commitment to us] are infinitely and incrementally, positively and negatively, changeable at all times.  If God’s precepts of relationship and blessing are not applicable toward a negative shift, they cannot be applicable toward a positive shift, and vice versa, because God’s laws of operation are equally applicable to all aspects and arenas of his Creation and our life at all times.

If we do not understand the Love of God, we will misinterpret all his other characteristics and attributes [Acts 10:34-35; Rom.1:27-32, 2:4; 2ndPeter 3:9]

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NOSAS Intro. sections 32-37

(continuing)  #12 – sections 32-37

32-  If the Once Saved Always Saved [OSAS] doctrine were valid, then (all goals having been achieved through accepting Jesus to be our ‘Lord’ through the performance of some word and/or action of religious ritual) any subsequent obedience to God would be optional and only performed out of courtesy to the all-wise, all-powerful, ever-present ‘God’ we wish our god was.  [[“After all, any god that would leave such a big loophole in his plan of eternal Salvation [which He originally established for the exclusive use and benefit of truly Holy people] couldn’t be much of an all-wise God, could he?  He must be more of an ever-present, harmless, cuddly mouse: only worthy of a condescending at-a-boy when things work out the way we want them too, or passivity, condemnation and accusation in our view and description of God when they do not.  Therefore, no real respect or submission is necessary from those who think they can manage their life without the ‘emotional crutch’ called ‘God.’”]]

33-  If anyone is hoping to slip into God’s Heaven through a loophole or special compensation [which actually requires acknowledging the ‘slight possibility’ that the Bible is true] after, or while, living their life as they fleshly well please, whether or not they live through the guise of spiritual oriented vocabulary and behavior, that is proof-positive they are serving an ignorantly self-designed god.  Our spiritual ignorance, inattention, slothfulness, and laziness are avenues the corruptions of false doctrine, inside and outside the church, have to gain footholds and dominance in the world, and in our life.

34-  The doctrine of OSAS [and of the ‘rapture’] is a seeker-pacifying doctrine that is recognized and laughed at as being idiotic by the secular humanist/hedonist population, but also cherished by the religious humanist/hedonist.  OSAS actually aids in the killing of many souls who would possibly otherwise be alert to the necessity and rewards of seeking true understanding and following God’s call to spiritual maturity and Everlasting Life.  Supposed spiritual leaders aid in this killing by using OSAS and the doctrine of “The Rapture”, which only work to dumb down, impotize, and lull into complacency and eventual spiritual stagnation and death, the would-be faithful who desire to be pleasing to God but do not understand how that pleasing is accomplished through true Faith.

35-  Simply having an emotional, ignorant, blind, and deaf desire and ‘faith’ to be saved from a catastrophic after-life, or to receive God’s blessings in this life, can be an entry point on the road to momentary and/or eternal Salvation.  However, that desire and ‘faith’ does little to fulfill the part we play in God’s plan for personal relationship/fellowship with him, or to fulfill our God-delegated responsibilities in, and accountability for, the life we now live.  The eternal walk in the presence and full blessing of God is only achievable through Godly spiritual maturity – which we can only attain through relationship/fellowship with the one and only Father God and his Son Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit they sent to live in us.  Ignorance and complacency about the Truth, things, and ways of God are certainly no qualification for actually securing everlasting Forgiveness, Salvation, Life, Wisdom, Freedom, Peace, Happiness, or Authority in God’s Kingdom in Heaven or on Earth.

36-  ‘Salvation’ involves much more than simply speaking a few emotionally charged, compassion confirming, or fear provoked words [assumed by many through misinterpretation and isolation of Scriptures such as Mk.11:23-24 and Acts 16:30-31] such as “Jesus is the savior of the world,” or “I accept Jesus as my Lord and savior”, and many other such emotionally charged yet ‘religious’ concepts.  Salvation also involves much more than acknowledging Jesus and being water baptized [as an infant, or otherwise], someone else being baptized for you, or doing whatever it takes to get your name entered into some, or ‘The’, church registry [as many boast, magnifying their claimed organization, sect, denomination, or specific local church beliefs and regulations][Mk.16:16; Jn.3:16; Rom.3:26; 1stJn.4:14-15, 5:5]

37-  We begin our journey [the ‘on-ramp’] to eternal Salvation by taking the step of accepting the fact that Jesus provided us with free, total, and perfect access to that Salvation [past, present, and future – believing that this ‘toll road’ has been built and leads to where it promises], and with the desire and intent to possess that Salvation [to reach that destination].  We continue our journey toward eternal Life and blessing by following the ‘blessed blood [Life and Power] trail’ of Christ Jesus [through following Christ the Holy Spirit (the prepaid ‘toll road’)] to its destination – avoiding as many ‘off-ramps’ and ‘turnabouts’ as possible, they are very costly.  All our personal [and authentic-church inclusive] necessities and assignments lie along that ‘toll road’ – no exits necessary.  Everyone has their own specifically assigned route to take, and staging points of preparation, on that ‘toll road’ to the destination of Eternal Life and Blessing.  Some have the route of Evangelist, others that of Missionary, or Pastor, Teacher, Faithful Administrator, Employer, Employee, Exemplary Citizen, Writer, Politician, or a myriad of other endeavors that glorify God.  Do not worry.  If you get off track, the Holy Spirit knows how to bring you back – but you have to follow.  We must make a priority of finding and staying on our assigned route, and helping others to do the same.

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