NOSAS Scriptures, section #15 (b-11)

(continuing)  #15

B11-  James 2:13-14, 17-22, 26[KJV+], 13For he shall have judgment without mercy, that has shown no mercy; and mercy rejoices against judgment.  14What does it profit, my brethren, though a man say he has faith, and has not works? can faith save him?”

 “17Even so faith, if it has not works, is dead, being alone.  18Yea, a man may say, You have faith, and I have works: show me your faith without your works, and I will show you my faith by my works19You believe that there is one God; you do well: the devils also believe, and tremble.  20But will you know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead21Was not Abraham our father justified by works, when he had offered Isaac his son upon the altar?  22See you how faith wrought with his works, and by works was faith made perfect?”

 “26For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.”

B11-  James 2:13-14, 17-22, 26[EV], 13For God shall execute Judgment without Mercy, upon them who have shown1 no mercy; because they have determined that, for them2, Judgment takes precedence3 over Mercy4.S  14My brothers, what profit is there to a person if, even though they say they have true Faith1, they do not have corresponding behavior?  By God’s standard, that type ‘Faith’ does not have the power to save their soul from the destruction imminently due as a result of the Judgment they have determined upon themselves.”

 17In like manner1, ‘faith’, if it is not accompanied by corresponding behavior, is without Life2, being without manifest function318Yes, somebody (I) might say1: You say you have Faith, but I have behavior that demonstrates my Faith.2  If you are able, demonstrate that you have true Faith without producing corresponding behavior; and I, in contrast, will demonstrate my Faith through the corresponding behavior I produce3.  Which one do you suppose, will be able to prove4 the validity and substance of their Faith?

19You have said you believe1 that there is only one God, and that you believe in that God; well said2, but is that enough to save your soul?  Demons3 also believe4 and tremble, but their belief and fear alone5 are not significant enough to bring about a change in their behavior.  So, is their belief to be considered “true Faith toward God”?  Absolutely not6.

20Will you now get past your insecure self-justification and understand the wisdom that says: Faith without corresponding behavior1 is dead221Was not our father Abraham1 declared pure in Faith because of his faithfully obedient behavior toward God: when he had offered Isaac his son as a sacrifice to God upon the altar, as God instructed?S  22Do you see how, that by his Faith being able to express itself through his attitude, thoughts, and behavior in this world his Faith was given life, substance, significance1 and verification in God’s realm2?”S

26Because, just as a body without its spirit1 is dead, Faith without corresponding behavior2 is dead also3.”

 James, 2:13(1) done, demonstrated, performed; 2:13(2) their personal ‘Law’; 2:13(3) is superior [their chosen life-operating system]; 2:13(4) therefore, Judgment [instead of Mercy] is the system by which their own recompense is determined; 2:13(S) Ps.109:16-19; Prov.11:17, 22:16; Isa.3:11; Ezek.18:4-32; Mt.7:2-5, 18:35; Mk.11:25-26; Lk.6:38, 10:30-36, 11:4, 16:19-31; Eph.6:9; Col.3:13; 2:14(1) which requires Mercy;  2:17(1) v.15-16; 2:17(2) ineffective; it has no function or worth as far as the eternally blessed function of that person’s soul is concerned; 2:17(3) It is like a heart without its heartbeat.  It has no partner to maintain its life and usefulness in the body and in the world.  The proof that a heart [Faith] is alive is in its heartbeat [works].; 2:18(1) Yes, a good response to someone who agrees with the self-righteous self-justifiers in v.1-12, 15-16 would be:; 2:18(2) This is the Apostle James’ response to the liberal mindset of the time, that claimed that everyone, under the ‘Law of Liberty’ of the New Covenant, had a right to their own beliefs, logic, concept of reality, and desired way of living life, and could be ‘saved’ no matter what behavior their true beliefs produced.  They erroneously believed [and now believe] that “All paths lead to God’s favor” under the liberty we enjoy in the New Covenant.  Nothing could be further from the Truth.  God’s system of operation, as delineated through Christ, rules over all his Creation, no matter how much we misunderstand it or mess up our life.  What God determines to be right is right, and what God determines to be wrong is wrong.; 2:18(3) Internal and vocal pronouncements are not enough to demonstrate true Godly Faith; everyone has internal and vocal faith in something, but that does not mean their type, or definition, of Faith is valid or acceptable to God.  The only type faith that is acceptable to God, is the type Faith in the Covenant [gospel] of Christ that produces behavior that brings our life into compliance with that Covenant.; 2:18(4) to Humanity, or God; 2:19(1) have Faith; 2:19(2) you speak acceptably; 2:19(3) those, human or spiritual entities, who carry out the Devil’s work; 2:19(4) have faith [through the insight and influence the Holy Spirit has over all The Father’s Creation] in the existence and power of The only God: who reigns supreme over all His Creation; 2:19(5) and those of the people they operate through; 2:19(6) If you truly believe, you will also tremble because you recognize your rebellion to God’s supreme wisdom and power over your future; but unlike them, my [James’] prayer is that you will take action to avert tragedy, and bring God’s blessings into your future.; 2:20(1) vision, attitude, words, and actions; 2:20(2) a corpse: no heartbeat, breathless, paralyzed, and inactive: no way of expressing itself or verifying its existence; 2:21(1) our family’s, or nation’s, honored founding ancestor; 2:21(S) Gen.22:1-(9-10)-18; 2:22(1) at least the beginning of heartbeat, breath, and tangibility – and when fulfilled: completeness; 2:22(2) made real, whole: alive, effective, and able to manifest itself in this human realm, as well as in God’s realm – Works [behavior] in this realm, are the ‘heartbeat’ of Faith in the spirit realm.  If our “faith” has not been able to manifest itself in this world [the human realm] through our authentic behaviors, what we say we believe may mimic the Faith of someone else [Evangelist, Pastor, TV preacher, neighbor, husband, wife, etc.], but it is not ‘our true Faith’.  That does not mean it cannot be our true Faith, but it does mean that it is not our true Faith at this moment in time.  True Faith in God is possible, but it is not attained through hypocrisy, self-delusion, self-justification, or slothfulness in our life-walk with Christ; but rather, through knowledge, commitment, and faithfulness to the Covenant of God.  Our true Faith here and now [in good things or bad], is the substance with which our future is built.  Jesus proved his Faith to the Father through his obedient life and death – through which, he built and established his future.  We must also prove our Faith to the Father through our behavior – not just by saying a bunch of self-pacifying words and/or going through some socially acceptable ‘religious’ ritual.  We also, through the faith [good or bad] we actually have, build and establish our future.; 2:22(S) Rom.2:1-3, 13, 4:30-31, 8:3-5, 13; 2ndCor.10:2-5; Gal.5:19-21; Heb.11:1; 2ndPet.1:3-11; 1stJn.2:3-6;  2:26(1) inner vitality of life and identity; 2:26(2) behavior that adheres to the instruction of God; 2:26(3) lifeless – The word “faith” has no meaning or reality in a realm where the things we are to have ‘faith’ for are already readily available and obvious; but when we wish to transfer something to another realm of Creation, it must be able to manifest in that realm [e.g. God’s realm to the human realm, or visa versa].  In order to manifest in the other realm, it must be capable and ready to take on form and substance in that realm.  True Faith is the power that transitions the manifestation of something from one realm of reality to another; and to do that, it must be alive.  True God-kind of righteous Faith is built upon God’s Truth, and must be allowed to manifest in the way, and at the time, the Holy Spirit directs.  There is a faith that is not of God, and not directed by the Holy Spirit: carnal faith; but the principle is still the same: that faith, without works, has no expression or manifestation [proof of its existence] in this world.  We can say, as loudly and often as we care to, that we have faith; but if there is no corresponding action and manifestation, the ‘faith’ we say we have, has no life, no manifestation to substantiate its existence.  This kind of ‘faith’ only leads to spiritual frustration, confusion, disappointment, and death.  This is one of the reasons why all ‘religion’ [not authentic Christianity] is such a blight on the world – because it deceives people into being complacent to remain in the realm of ignorance: being convinced [through ‘religious’ doctrine] that their ‘faith’ is real, and mature enough, even when there is no manifestation [evidence] of that ‘faith’ in this world.  The difference between vivid wishful thinking and true Faith, has been catastrophically blurred by ‘religion’, to the detriment of most everyone who has ventured into the arena of ‘Living by Faith’.  If our supposed “Faith” in the gospel of Christ has produced little or no evidence of its existence in this life, how can it possibly have enough reality to produce any real substance, or influence, in our next life?

(to be continued)  [Three more Scripture sections, and, at the end, I will give you an additional group of Scriptures you can study on your own with Not Once Saved Always Saved in mind.  At that point, especially for the benefit of those who joined this discussion late, I will begin this blog again from the beginning.  I also continue to invite you to continue following my other blog to keep up with the Journal of spiritual revelations and insights into Scripture and the living of life by the gospel of Christ Jesus.]

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