NOSAS (again), Preface, sections 1-4

A Reawakening to the Spiritual Rudiments of THE FAITH


Transformation unto True Salvation IN CHRIST


The Difference between Christian Reality [Christianity] and Christian Religion


Not Once Saved Always Saved [NOSAS]

 Copyright ©  A. Woody Stone

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 NOSAS Preface, Post #1, sections 1-4


 The Truths in the following are valid precepts in both secular and spiritual life application, as is the entirety of the Word of God.

 1-   When a life has been, or is being, constructed, it is generally necessary for some demolition to be performed before new construction can begin, thus the content of these pages.

When a precept saturates our belief system, it is hard to accept someone’s challenge for us to investigate fully the authenticity of that precept.  [Belief system = world-view, life-view: our beliefs and life governing philosophy (God-authentic, or not) about how this life and the spirit realm operate and interact – our accepted set of personal mental and spiritual ‘truths’, and the emotional sense of self-importance and security that accompany and nurture those ‘truths’.]  This is especially difficult in Christian ‘religion’ when we have the mind-numbing combination of time constraints and unwillingness to devote time and effort to personal research on our precepts of spiritual operations; and at the same time having our supposed “spiritual leaders” telling us [either outrightly, or through subtle inference] that such laborious investigation and/or actual life-application is unnecessary.  When we add, on top of that, the burden of lack of commitment to true relationship/fellowship with Christ, confusion of confidence/no-confidence in God, desire for at least some sense of present and eternal security, and the fear of making an eternal-Life-endangering mistake in our heart and mind, this task seems daunting.  To pacify our mind, even with all our logical processes, and in spite of our insecurities and laziness in fellowship with God, we convince ourselves that God will accept us and furnish us with all His earthly and eternal blessings based upon our reliance on someone else’s knowledge and proclamation of Scripture.  This is true, even though we know the fallibility of people and their interpretations of Scripture, even Clergy.  Through misunderstanding, and self-exaltation and justification, the Christian community, in promoting the Once Saved Always Saved [OSAS] doctrine, has been operating under an illogical desire and premise, based upon illogical assumptions.  [Isa.30:8-11; Jer.14:14-16, 23:9-40; Ezek.13:1-(22)23, 22:23-31; Mt.7:13-27, 23:11-39 (They who ignore or subvert the teachings of the Prophets and truly Wise teachers, are again ‘killing’ the Prophets.); Mk.13:21-23; Lk.16:17; 2ndPeter 2:1-22]  [Prov.25:28, “He that has no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls.”]

2-   It is my desire in these pages, and especially in the following Scripture section, to provide you with a concise, subject focused, and life-enriching source of information you can use to examine your worldview and God oriented [or not God oriented] belief system.  Be prepared to have your faith tested, and your concept of life-priorities challenged.

The purpose of this material is to illuminate the powerful Scripture pathway to true Salvation in both this life and eternity.  In the process of illumination, the false sense of security produced through the counterfeit, seeker pacifying, instant gratification ‘doctrine’ of Once Saved Always Saved [OSAS] will be exposed and contrasted with the Truth of God’s actual Spiritual-maturity pathway to current and eternal Salvation.  Authentic Spiritual maturity is the power foundation [nutritious soil] that undergirds spiritual and mental transformation, which produces the harvest of true present and everlasting Salvation [seed-time and harvest (Isa.65:12-15; Mt.13; Mk.4; Lk.8)].  It is NOT my objective to blaspheme, but rather, Honor the righteous organized efforts of those with God’s heart to help people through the multitudes of Christian, and other religious, ministries around the world.  It is Not my intent to drive anyone into dejection, but is to set a higher level of Vision for the enormous value of our beliefs, thoughts, and actions in this life, based on authentic Scripture.  Neither is it my objective to set up a system of rules, regulations, or rituals for obtaining Salvation or blessing from God – yet still communicate the message that “faith without works is dead” [James 2:18-26].  It IS my objective to magnify God’s Truth, and bring attention back to that Truth.

3-   It can be very emotionally tranquilizing to our sense of vulnerability to think, and maintain in the face of all opposing rational, that saying a few Christ confirming words at some point in our life, and possibly being water baptized [depending on our group affiliation(s)], will gain us the unalterable reward of eternal Life in the presence and full blessing of God.  However, is a ‘politically correct’ sense of emotional tranquility and security based on false doctrine, a viable alternative to Truth – or do we desire God’s authentic security and peace?  False [counterfeit] doctrine can be a source of artificial comfort [delusion, pacification] for us and those who love us, or wish us well, especially when we die; but it cannot produce, lead us to, or maintain God’s true Salvation in this life or throughout eternity.  A false doctrine always corrupts our image and understanding of the purity of God’s authentic Love, wisdom, power, and work in this world; and it distorts and limits our sense of significance in this life and in our relationship/fellowship with God – regardless of any emotional comfort or ‘logical’ justification we may gain from believing that false doctrine.

4-   Being the source of authentication for cleverly devised concepts and Scripture interpretations that support the agendas of carnality-anchored Humanity is not the purpose of the Word of God.  The purpose of God’s written Word is to speak God’s Truth into our life, regardless of our desires and feelings on a matter, in order to equip and empower us to receive from the Holy Spirit [God’s Living Word] and achieve full possession of the true security and blessings provided through our development of Godly spiritual maturity.  This is only achievable through following the authentic precepts of God to their blessed destination. 

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