NOSAS Preface, sections 5-8

(continuing)  #2 [5-8]

5-   In the publicly declared and exampled doctrines of the church today, there is some cordial emphasis placed on the need to possess Godly Character, and what that Character should look like; but little instruction is offered on the actual elements of Character and how to achieve its construction in our life.  There are multitudes of people who would like to possess, and live in, Godly Character, but who do not have the slightest idea of how to accomplish that possession.  Why is this subject not taught?  It is because most of our ‘spiritual leaders’ do not have that knowledge.  I say “most” because of witnessing the moral and ethical decline of our own country, and the world.  The general course of a culture is always charted through its moral and ethical conscience; and that conscience is always established through the teachings and example [good, or bad] of its private and public authority figures [parents, siblings, friends, preachers, schoolteachers, civic organizers, criminals, politicians, etc.].

a) Words and actions communicate concepts.

b) Our concepts of life are developed through our interpretation of our culture.

c) Our interpretation of our culture is developed through our observation of the actions associated with the use, or lack of use, of particular words along with our ‘understanding’ and emotions associated with those actions and words.

When an authority/teacher does not have a particular knowledge, neither will their students [children, congregation members, citizens, etc.].  This is true unless a student has the gumption, and claims the freedom, to seek and receive that knowledge from a higher [more substantially knowledgeable] authority and source [in this case, the Holy Spirit] through his or her own initiative.

6-   Most of the Christian church is stagnating in a kindergarten level ‘religious’ fantasy world, and assuming and pretending it understands all the interactions of this life, and how this life interacts with God.  We, as Christians, are in possession of ultimate Truth, through our possession of the Bible and the Holy Spirit; but in most cases, our ability to use that Truth is like a nearly blind and deaf kindergarten math student trying to learn from a university level calculus textbook with the ‘aid’ of a teacher who only speaks a different language than we do.  Various levels of education and understanding are a fact, and a realistic view of where we are in those levels is necessary in order for us to have a correct perspective on where we have been, where we are, and where it is necessary and possible for us to go in our knowledge and understanding.  A monumental problem arises when a teacher with a third grade education is teaching a kindergarten class [which is theoretically possible in some aspects of education], but, in the process, tells their students that a third grade education is the most advanced education possible and that they should not envision anything greater.  This is very often the case in churches where the Pastor has very little true spiritual understanding.  In our current spiritual culture, it seems that the primary purpose behind most messages [lectures, sermons] delivered in churches is to keep the ‘students’ coming to ‘school’, behaving themselves, and feeling good about their ‘religion’ and life situation.  It seems that the focus of most messages is on getting people to connect emotionally with fulfilling their immediate ‘righteous’ flesh-dominant desires: the saving of their soul, emotional healing, peace, making people act in a way pleasing to the teacher, earthly prosperity, etc.; or on condemning, legalistic demands to squash their fleshly desires: bad habits, sexual lust, covetousness, etc.  Either way, the focus is on emotional attachment to this physical life and obtaining the carnal skills to empower personal improvement in this physical realm – all of which manufacture in the human heart the assumption that our experience in this fleshly realm is God’s utmost consideration.  This focus on the importance of earth-bound attachments requires that our spiritual and mental attention be on Earthly looks, style, health, talent, personality, money, clothes, cars, social status and power, political influence, etc.  Is it any wonder that most new, and older, western-culture converts to Christianity are spiritually and mentally stagnant, complacent, ignorant of the true purpose and ways of God, and ‘secure’ in their spiritual infancy?  This leaves them void of personal fellowship with God, and ‘free’ to live a childish, self-indulgent, self-magnifying, self-designed, self-justifying, politically correct, and eternal-life-with-God destroying lifestyle focused on the mental and physical realms.

7-   I am not usually an intrusive type person: only offering help when able, encouragement where possible, and intervention when invited or when my personal accountability to God and/or people makes it necessary.  So, what has caused me to accept God’s challenge to discover what his Word has to say about life and the necessity and way of developing Godly Character, and share it with you; instead of accepting the ‘common’ doctrinal, or lack of doctrinal, positions on the meaning, path, and goal of Scripture?  Why have I launched into such a divisive and caustic subject?  When the Holy Spirit was finally able to communicate this subject to me [my problem, not His – the Holy Spirit is the perfect advocate and communicator, but our ability to hear and understand has been greatly distorted and compromised by our self-imposed bondage to the carnal realm], I only wanted to hide my new-found knowledge and protect myself from those who were apt to cause me trouble.  Yet the Love of God, and knowledge of the tremendous number of people being deceived into damnation because of false doctrine, prompted my quest to learn how to communicate God’s Truth on this subject.  In the vast majority of populations, spiritual stagnation in relationship/fellowship with God is the root cause of the destruction of our promised abundant Life with God on this Earth; and it blocks entry into eternal Life with God for all those who acquiesce to spiritual/mental stagnation’s relentless consuming power.  Ignorance of God’s requirement of, and our accountability for, our spiritual maturation makes necessary the spiritual, mental, and physical intervention contained in this NOSAS [Not Once Saved Always Saved] material.  Perpetual spiritual infancy is abundantly empowered through OSAS [Once Saved Always Saved] doctrines, and continually reinforced through the spiritually ignorant, slothful, insane, insecure, and lustful carnal nature of Humanity.

8-   It is often very emotionally traumatic to begin, and very work intensive to carry out to an unambiguous conclusion, an investigation into [to prepare for and wage personal mental and spiritual ‘warfare’ to determine] the trustworthiness of a favorite life-encompassing philosophy [world-vision: our personal spiritual/mental beliefs about a person, people, place, thing, doctrine, etc.].  However, it is easy and energizing to discard a confirmed-faulty philosophy, especially when we have a philosophy that is supremely more powerful to replace it.  During a fervent investigation, we test to the utmost the true security provided through, and therefore the trustworthiness of, a considered theory or already accepted philosophy.  Philosophies of life and eternal Life, as do all security systems, need to have their trustworthiness tested [Ex.16:4; Deut.8:2, 16; Judg.3:4; Mal.3:10 (not just for finances); Jn.6:6; Rom.12:1-2; 1stCor.11:28-30; 2ndCor.13:5; Gal.6:4-5; 1stThess.5:19-22].

 (to be continued)

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