NOSAS Preface, sections 33-38

(continuing)   #6, NOSAS Preface, sections 33-38  ©

33-  Taking a far less traveled, and therefore more work intensive, route to security often identifies us as an outsider, a rebel, or at least controversial; but the discovery of authentic security [by reading and implementing the knowledge handed down by the original and perfect author of true securityGod] is worth any rejection or castigation we may encounter.  Achieving true [eternal] security is worth earnestly testing the commonly accepted alongside possible alternatives; and, if necessary, being willing to go against the commonly accepted, until absolute Truth is our possession and has had the opportunity to become the commonly accepted.

34-  Invariably a sense of gullibility and vulnerability, and possibly even of betrayal and outrage, are the result of realizing we have been deceived and subverted by a precept that led us to develop a false sense of security.  Nevertheless, prior to the ultimate test [permanent physical death], accurate corrective belief and action will overcome all emotional and philosophical enemies of our true security.  Corrective belief and action includes:

1) accumulating correct knowledge;

2) developing accurate understanding;

3) recognizing and rejecting self-justification;

4) dissolving the emotional and ‘rational’ attachments entrusted to the false precepts we encounter;

5) accepting the responsibilities and accountability we acquired because of our prior choices, however naïvely entered into;

6) truly forgiving ourselves and others for the incorrect choices made, and accepting God’s forgiveness; and

7) stop our perpetuation of the subverting precept, by demonstrating and speaking God’s Truth.

We understand these things in the natural realm; but often fail to see their significance, or the necessity of implementing them, when it comes to understanding the workings of the spiritual realms.

35-  [An analogy] I know it sounds ridiculous, in light of our current knowledge of life preservers, but just imagine for a moment that since your day of birth you heard affirmation of the precept: “You should always wear a life-preserver when on or around bodies of water, and life-preservers will not work properly unless they are filled with concrete.”

Suppose that the maintainers of this precept steadfastly adhere to it because they presume that their state’s life-preserver manufacturer possesses superior knowledge and understanding of the product.  They established their understanding of the precept through reading and accepting the literature about life preservers produced by that manufacturer, and they perceive the forthrightness of the local venders of this type life preserver – and, the precept soothes their anxiety about involvement in activities on and around bodies of water.

Because of your confidence in the maintainers who provided you with your information, you have never imagined testing, or even questioning, the validity of the precept.  You have seen everyone in your culture wearing this type life-preserver, you have read manufacturer’s information on how to protect life-preservers from damage while they are in use, or in storage, and you know how to wear one properly and have taught others how to wear it.  You have also read stories and seen pictures of people who washed-up on shore after drowning in a body of water while not wearing this life preserver.

Your circles of family and friends have maintained this precept about life-preservers for many generations – reinforced by the lack of evidence from those who had sudden opportunity to test the validity of the precept, but decided to ‘move away’ without perceptible cause, and without providing any testimony contrary to the precept.

You decided to accept this precept into your memory bank of ‘truths’, in spite of your temporary acknowledgment of hindrances that wearing this life-preserver would cause to your gaining understanding and enjoyment of your necessary on-and-around water activities.  Because of security concerns, you now plan all your activities on and around bodies of water to include wearing your life preserver.

What are the chances of you becoming one of those who “don’t provide testimony contrary to the validity and usefulness this established precept,” because you had sudden opportunity to ‘test’ it, but “decided to move away” [carried to the bottom and drowned – disappeared from eternal Life] without any cause perceptible by those who observed your life?

36-  The counterfeit security of the human and organized ‘religion[cultural Christianity (Decisionism – ‘Christism’)] designed and propagated ‘doctrine’ of Once Saved Always Saved is this type life preserver [and previously exampled ‘weapon’ (section 29)].  For us to give up this ‘life-preserver’, which actually accomplishes the opposite of what it promises [darkness portrayed as Light], is not a catastrophe.  When replaced with authentic Christ-delivered precepts of Life and living [provable in this life, therefore affirming of their eternal application (proving the unseen, through accurate interpretation of the seen (Rom.1:20)], the rejection of OSAS is a giant step toward developing the actual substance of spiritual maturity, freedom, and security in our relationship/fellowship Life with God, and Humanity.  [Eph.4:12-15, 1stThess.5:1-10]

37-  The purpose of this Not-OSAS material is not to belittle or condemn those who believe in the Once Saved Always Saved (OSAS) doctrine cherished by many Christians [including myself for many years], and the sense of security it offers.  It is to show the necessity, and the way, of achieving our God-assigned goal of possessing the true security of Authentic Salvation; and that that salvation is only achievable through spiritual/mental Christian maturity [transformation unto our possession of true Godlike Character in spirit and mind (which translates into character filled behavior)].

38- The following introduction exposes the misleading notion of the OSAS doctrine through comparison with valid Biblical, and therefore logical, precepts and doctrines; followed up with overwhelming Scriptural evidence [for referencing convenience, in the order of their KJV Bible appearance] of what authentic Salvation, Christ’s Christianity, and Christian Maturity really are.  These include extensive Scriptural examples of our necessity, responsibility, and accountability, for understanding and developing Christian maturity, and how to possess the God designed and promised blessings of true wisdom, life, power, freedom, security, etc. described in the whole of Scripture.

Eternal life in the full blessings of God is not an instantaneously attained thing, but is developed unto harvest.  True possession of God’s blessings of Grace in this life and eternity is only accessible proportional to our maturing transformation unto Christ-character.  All other supposed ‘accesses’ are formulated through selfish desire, complacency, stagnation, and erroneous imagination, and nurtured by ignorance, deception, and delusion.  [Mt.7:13-14; Lk.8; Jn.10:1-20; 1stJn.2:25]

(to be continued, next begins the Introduction)

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