NOSAS intro., sections 16-19

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16-   A form of the Once Saved Always Saved [OSAS] doctrine originated in its totally arrogant and illogical state of denial and power-hunger, as far back as ‘Lucifer’s’ concept of overthrowing God [Isa.14:12-14; Ezek.28:12-19].

The predecessor and foundation of OSAS is the erroneous belief that “God-issued Law is God’s source of authority over our life; and if we can devise philosophies and ways to circumvent God’s Law, we can usurp His authority and power, and capture His eternal Life through our own tactics, ideals and resources, and use it as we see fit.”  God’s actual source of authority in our universe is the fact that he IS God, and his wisdom and power are greater than anyone he ever created and any thing, doctrine, or strategy we will ever invent.

‘Lucifer’ [the earthbound carnal mentality of the world – originally the God-delegated ruler of all creation lesser than Humanity] arrogantly believed he could surmount his newly assigned subordinate-to-‘Eve’ status and gain a higher position in the hierarchy of Creation by undermining and capturing ‘her’ authority.  The sad thing is, ‘he’ was more successful than he imagined.  Not only did he gain dominance over the newly created Eve [the human mind], but he also gained the bonus of dominance over Adam [the human spirit].  This is because Adam, through submitting himself to Eve’s wishes, put himself in subjection to Eve’s newly lowered position in the operating system of Creation [due to ‘her’ submission to the ‘serpent’ (‘Lucifer’)], which made them both subject to ‘Lucifer’.  Instead of the order of authority continuing to be Adam>Eve>‘Lucifer’, it became ‘Lucifer’>Eve>Adam.

This Luciferian OSAS concept is not unlike our carnal-dominant religious theologies of today, and demonstrates why it was necessary for God to produce a buffer between ‘Lucifer’ and his newly gained control of the human realm: the exit of ‘Lucifer’, Adam, and Eve from the ‘Garden’ [the spiritual control-center of God’s Creation].  Lucifer’s [serpent’s – Satan’s – carnality’s] belief was, and still is, the product of his self-centeredness and ignorance of the Love, Wisdom, Purpose, Ways, Steadfastness, and Power of the one, only, and ever will be, God.

What was the result of the Lucifer [“serpent”], Eve, Adam fiasco?  All three were removed from God’s Holy Spiritual realm of authority and power [the ‘Garden’], and cast into the realm and situation called Carnal Humanity: to live by the limited resources of their God-installed inherent [mere-human] spiritual, mental, and physical attributes, authority, and powers.  Adam and Eve not maintaining their original positions in God’s operating system, resulted in ‘Adam’ [the innate spiritual capacity of Humanity] being subordinate to ‘Eve’ [the innate mental/emotional capacity of Humanity] who was, after she yielded to the ‘serpent’, subordinate to ‘Lucifer’ [the carnal mentality of total self-centeredness; envy; covetousness; hatred; terror; all spiritual, mental, and physical sickness, deformity, and debauchery; and everything else that works against the perfect operation of God’s Creation].  This was the judgment they actually determined upon themselves, and us as their extended family, through the choices they made while living in the presence and blessing of God.  This is the same situation we, as believers in Christ, now inhabit [whether we take advantage of it or not].  If they could lose their ‘salvation’ through such ignorance and behavior, so can we [It was their decision, not God’s.  God’s character and precepts never change; He is always his perfectly Loving, Benevolent self (Mal.3:6a; Heb.13:8)]!  It is not God’s fault if he must continue to interact with us as rebellious children, instead of living in graceful fellowship with us as spiritually mature friends.

17-   Carnalistic legalism, even when camouflaged in ‘church’ doctrine [such as OSAS], and pomp and pageantry, always results in the spiritual, mental, and physical bondage of people and cultures.

At an early apex of Jewish-type ‘Christian’ legalism, the OSAS doctrine perpetuated the cultural pendulum swing of Humanity back toward secular-type permissiveness in the church [by earning ‘salvation’ through performing some ‘church’ sanctioned act, in spite of what lifestyle they may lead afterward] as it added Indulgence rewards for obedience to the Earthly [carnal-based] desires of ‘church’ leaders.

Legalistic doctrines gained their foothold in Christian culture through the power hunger of Scripturally knowledgeable, but spiritually immature, officials of the ‘church’; and through, and fostered by, the culturally ‘necessary’ empire-building philosophy of the post-first-century church [and perpetuated today through much the same philosophy].  The large majority of the population was illiterate, poor, unruly, and psychologically and spiritually unsound [not unlike the spiritual immaturity of the majority of the church today, and promoted by the carnal, power-hungry cultural ‘elite’s’ of the present world system]; however, if organized [rarely possible because of their frail, emotion-driven, spiritual/mental condition], and because of their large numbers, ‘ruled class [serfs, underlings]’ could have overthrown the ruling powers.  The spiritually and psychologically weak condition of the masses left them vulnerable to religious leaders who, through the necessity of preserving the ‘church’ and controlling the general population from within the ‘church’, imposed a very law-based religious culture that demanded strict adherence to church doctrine [much like some ‘Christian’ denominations, and the Islamic nations, today].  The ‘church’ leaders declared that a person’s eternal security depended upon their [from Kings to lowest serf – but secretly exempting themselves] adherence to the “church’s” demands [much like the political executives and legislators, and many ‘church’ leaders, of today].  This invented a sense of security and direction under ‘church’ leadership, while affording ‘church’ leaders the opportunity to establish their own earthly empires through psychological manipulation of the ignorance and emotion driven superstitions of the population, and applying additional physical threat and punishment to rebellious Kings and aristocrats as well as to the poor and downtrodden.  They established the authority of their ‘spiritual’ and physical empires by excerpting isolated references to certain words and phrases in Scripture to form and establish new doctrines of law, condemnation, and ‘eternal Life’.  This also reinforced control over the superstitious kings [who could read Scripture, but not correctly interpret it] in whose territory they lived and whose military protection they needed.  The new doctrines also ‘just happened to be’ advantageous to the “church’s” religious orientation – with minimal regard to the true context of the words and concepts they chose to excerpt from Scripture, or the ‘church’ leader’s own conformity to the overall content, intent, and exemplified wisdom and purpose of Christ’s teaching.

The priorities of the medieval ‘church’, and many ‘churches’ today, were [are] not built upon the search for, and personal application of, God’s Truth; but was [is] built upon control of society through the conformity of the ‘common’, and political and military elite, people to ‘church’ dictated culture modification and stabilization doctrine, and to establish and maintain their own ‘empires’ [churches, organizations, ‘ministries’, parties, etc.].

I am not saying they, or the perpetuators of the various OSAS doctrines today, intentionally corrupted the Word of God to form their particular OSAS doctrine.  They simply formed [form] their interpretation of what they read [read] in the Bible through profound spiritual ignorance and a desire to find Scripture that could [can] add an element of authority to them as ‘spiritual’ leaders, and an element of cultural stability in their ‘empires’.  They established [establish] those elements by producing a [howbeit false] sense of security [relief, consolation] through an OSAS doctrine – in combination with the fear producing harsh environment of many very legalistic, culture controlling religious and secular doctrines [Earthbound precepts of life and ‘spirituality’].

The more physically powerful secular aspect of society: the kings and their armies [which skillfully commingles with the religious oriented aspects of populations], which could have squashed the organized religious structure at any time [and still can], allowed a limited amount of religious empire building: as in the relationship of the Roman Empire with the Jewish nation [for a time], and the relationship between politics and ‘religion’ today.  This limited tolerance is necessary because of the ability of religion to dominate and subdue the human spiritual-drive dynamic, which the secular aspect of society could/cannot-yet control.  When the religious community’s methods of controlling the ‘lower cultures’ sufficiently threatens the dominance of the secular elite, or when religion’s ability to control the spiritual-drive dynamic disappears because of their loss of the aura of respectability and their abuse of privilege, that tolerance disappears [as it did in Israel in about 70 AD].

Today, the secular aspect of the world’s population has been studying human psychology and manipulation for many years [especially as they apply to religion and its reaction to periodic secular testing of its standards and steadfastness].  Through analyzing their studies, the secular commercial and political empire brokers are learning to control and channel the spiritual-drive dynamic of the general population: through training that population to crave and be subordinate to its emotional faculties [strife; jealousy; racial, economic, and class warfare; etc.], thus training them to ignore the Holy Spirit.  Through politics, ‘news’ reports, sports, television, movies, religious ceremonies, etc. the secularists and religionists promote their deceptive precepts of what is important and necessary in life, and greatly minimize and, through their negligent behavior,  ridicule the necessity of hearing and following the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Just as in the ‘Garden of Eden’, fear and pleasure are the greatest themes of cultural manipulation used by both the secular and religions elements of society’s cultural elite and elite-wannabes.  Except to tear it down, the theme of Godly spiritual/mental character-development never comes into their consideration – until the secular and/or religious authorities need it as a tool for manipulating certain elements of a population and culture.  Therefore, it will not be long before the secular [physical dominant, anti-spiritual-maturity, anti-Christ] segments of the world’s cultures will not need the ‘church’ anymore, and will crush it and all it allegedly stands for.  This is evident today through the as-yet very mild attacks on the Christian community [mild in comparison to the ferocity to come].

Neglect, promotion, and governmental supplementation of sexual immorality; infanticide through abortion; deterioration of respect for gender distinction, marriage, spouse, youth, elderly, and righteousness; governmental, corporate, religious, and individual financial corruption; and religious emphasis on using spiritual powers to fulfill emotional passions; etc. are all precursor ‘terrorist’ movements that evidence the fear and pleasure tactics of the unGodly, and expose the infancy, impotence, and eventual fall of Christian religion.

Religion will still exist, but it will be limited to one carnality-authored-and-anchored worldwide religion convincingly and forcefully imposed upon all populations, and focused on the “salvation” provided by only one Earthly dictator and bureaucracy [one not empowered through the Holy Spirit benevolence of God, but through the totally carnal human spirit and mind].  An abundance of the world’s population will be deceived into following this political/religious regime, but all who implement and follow its ways will go down in defeat; because those who remain faithful to the doctrine of Christ will be victorious and enter into God’s Kingdom, while those who oppose or neglect Christ will be isolated from That Kingdom and remain in the kingdom of “man”.  [Rev.22:14-15]

18-   There is also no escapist ‘Rapture’ of the church from the Earth before, during, or after the great end-time tribulation [This is another of the easy-way, seeker-pacifying doctrines of the modern ‘church’; which would also take many pages to fully explain.].  Just briefly, one of the main points is that we have no record of Jesus ever teaching an escapist doctrine, he always taught a powerful and life-engaging doctrine: the way he lived his life on Earth.  Only those who are spiritually maturing in Christ will spiritually survive this life and continue in God’s Kingdom, with the potential of becoming the “MAN” God designed and has, is, and will continue working with to bring to complete maturity.  [Ezek.13:1 – 14:23]  [I don’t agree with everything he says, but Jonathan Welton has much to say on this subject in his book found at ]

19-   There is also no such thing as an ‘atheist’ or ‘agnostic’, except in reference to a specific G(g)od [which, in itself, acknowledges the existence of God].  All people reverence or worship something: some philosophy of life and/or its leader [doctrine, deity, G(g)od]: something or someone that is supreme over the things they allow that ‘deity’ to set up as being priorities in their life [mentally designed ‘spiritual’ deity, money, pride, sex, etc.].  Many people have ‘worshiped’ at the feet of “Dr. Spock” and his doctrines of parental inferiority to their offspring, or at the feet of other social, financial, or political ‘gurus’.  Most people have multiple deities, each being relevant to a specific priority in their life.  For most, their main deity is Self, followed closely by lower gods that assist the greater: namely Authority, Beauty, Celestial Alignment, Deception, Dominance, Family, ‘Green’ ecology, Knowledge, Law, Machinery, Manipulation, Money, Rain, River, Science, Security, Sex, and/or a myriad of other things they possess, admire, or lust for.  Very few people [including many so-called Christians] actually revere Christ Jesus and his authentic gospel: the extended-to-humanity benevolent Love of Jehovah God [as supported by Jesus and the Holy Spirit], as the supreme priority over all aspects of their life.

The church has allowed the world to dictate the arena where the fight for supremacy in the affairs and future of Humanity is to be fought.  If the ‘church’ continues its compromise and capitulation to carnality, the character of Humanity will continue its surrender to the carnal aspects of life and the majority of ‘Christians’ will go down in eternal defeat.  The Church must begin again to fight on the battleground of developing true personal Godly spiritual Character transformation [authentic spiritual maturity], and move the battle back into the arena where eternal victory is attainable.  The END will come; but, although individual belief is the final determining factor in Salvation, the behavior of the Church will be paramount in determining how many people will actually enter INTO Christ, live spiritually, and inherit Everlasting Life.  Will Christian leaders stand strong for Christ’s authentic gospel, or will they cowardly crawl off through the underbrush of compromise and carnal lust, and continue to build their own little ‘empires’.

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