NOSAS intro., #11, sections 20-31

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20- Pagan’ and ‘heathen’ are words used to categorize people who do not believe that Jehovah is the Omnipotent, Omniscient,  … God of all Creation: anyone who is not a Jew or Christian.  Some lists of those not considered to be pagan or heathen include Islam, but Allah is not Jehovah.  Allah is the supreme God of Islam, but Allah is the man-designed ‘Moon god’ and is not, nor ever can be, superior, or equal, to Jehovah, Jehovah’s son Christ Jesus, or the Holy Spirit.

‘Pagans’ [such as the ancient Greeks and Romans] are very religious people who believe in many deities [‘gods’ (people and/or things)].  ‘Pagan’ also applies to those who accept Christianity as their first and formal religion, but also continue to reverence or worship other ‘gods’, religious systems, and lifestyles [as, but not limited to, the ‘assisting gods’ listed in the previous section (#19): authority, beauty, knowledge, science, etc.]; these are ‘Christianoids’ [robotic followers of a religion and its leaders, who use the Christian Bible as their ‘formal’ official document but ignore its precepts except when they are needed to control an aspect of the population].  ‘Pagan’ is the actual lifestyle [religious] category of multitudes of people who regularly attend Christian churches and other religious gatherings yet do not know or actually follow the doctrine of Christ.

‘Heathen’ is a Biblical term used to describe non-Jew and non-Christian, but is usually now used to apply to anyone not identified with any majority-culture-acknowledged dei-centric organization.  A heathen can be a very Biblically moral person by heritage and/or personal preference, but who rejects formal identification with Jews or Christians.

21-  ‘Hedonism’ is the philosophical belief system that makes pleasure and self-satisfaction a person’s central and ruling principle in life.

A hedonist is a person who allows hedonism to rule their beliefs and lifestyle.

22-  The heathen, hedonist, and pacification/pleasure-centric religious aspects of human culture attempt to eliminate the guilt and self-condemnation that arise in the human spirit because of their violation of God’s spiritual leadership [the ‘call-of-God domain’], by rejecting or ignoring the cultural and religious guidelines and controls God designed to produce and magnify the sensation of guilt.

Christian religion has downgraded its vision of true Christianity to where it includes only the population-control factors of self-gratification, ‘church’ and personal prosperity, guilt, condemnation, and punishment.

23-  The secular-hedonist refuses to accept the necessity of, and often works to eliminate tolerance for, religion’s influence on a home, neighborhood, and culture; and habitually steamrollers, or wreaks havoc and revenge upon, all those who interfere with their road to, or their retention of, dominance in a culture.  The person who follows this philosophy is accustomed to using deception and intimidation to implement their tactics and/or revenge, but do not hesitate to use physical strategies [violence, kidnapping, imprisonment, etc.] when other options fail.  [These, the flames of destruction destroy.]

A secular-hedonist heritage, and/or suffering neglect or abuse at the hands of a religious-hedonist/pagan, are usually the factors behind a person adopting this lifestyle philosophy.  Escape from the secular-hedonism philosophy, and entry into the benefits and behavior of the authentic gospel of Christ Jesus, is only possible under the leadership and power of the Holy Spirit.

24- The religious-hedonist [religionist] perpetuates and preys upon the hopes and emotional proclivities of a religious [superstitious – ‘Christian’ or other religious] population through spiritually slanted oratory, granting endearing tolerances [indulgences] to the socially and financially desirable, abuse of power over the naïve and not-so-desirable, and philosophical isolation.  All these abuses are empowered by the religious-hedonist authority’s contempt for, and personal disregard of, authentic Truth and Righteousness, while publicly proclaiming the virtue of, and demanding the adherence of their ‘underlings’ to, these traits – which is enabled through the ignorance of their ‘subjects’ in the matter of True Spirituality.

Religious-hedonist authority figures count on their public proclamation of religious doctrinal requirements to be their authority, supplier, and sustainer of ‘eternal Life’, to the exclusion of God’s Truth, work ethic, common sense, or true Christian or human compassion.  [These also, the flames of destruction destroy.]

The reason behind a person adopting a religious-hedonism lifestyle is usually based in having a heritage that exemplifies the carnal ‘benefits’ [pleasure appeasement] possible by manipulating emotion and power through spiritually pompous oratory.  Deceptive manipulation of Christ’s gospel is the only way to pass along a ‘Christian’ religious-hedonism philosophy [or any other life encompassing philosophy] to a new generation.  Because of their emphasis on follower obedience, instead of those in positions of authority providing actual Truth leadership, religious-hedonist authorities provide their followers with little or no personal example of the true nurturing qualities of the gospel of Christ Jesus [2ndTim.3:1-7].  Escape from the religious-hedonism philosophy and entry into the benefits and behavior of the authentic gospel of Christ Jesus, is only possible under the leadership and power of the Holy Spirit.

25-  The secular-humanist can be a kindhearted person [humanist part] who does not perceive any necessity, or have an inclination, to openly exhibit any belief in a supreme ‘God’ or let customary religious ideals get in the way of [secular part] them fulfilling the agenda of their passion and compassion.  The secular-humanist, as in all life-encompassing philosophies, must be selective of who the recipient of their passion, and the end-recipient of their compassion, is going to be.

As it pertains to their personal life, the secular-humanist segments of human culture reject guilt by believing that any behavior is acceptable, as the secular-hedonist factions do, but they also attempts to produce or manipulate guilt in others [as the religious-hedonists and religious-humanists do]: either simultaneously or separately, whichever fits their immediate desire and goal.  [These also, the flames of destruction destroy.]

A secular-humanism heritage, and/or suffering abuse or neglect at the hands of the radicalism/terrorism of a ‘religionist’, is usually the reason behind a person adopting this lifestyle philosophy.  Escape from the secular-humanism philosophy, and entry into the benefits and behavior of the authentic gospel of Christ Jesus, is only possible under the leadership and power of the Holy Spirit.

26-  The religious-humanist [OSAS (Once Saved Always Saved) religionist-pagan] has a kindhearted desire to honor their ‘gods’ by helping people, and they attempt to fulfill that desire through performances dictated by their religion.  This is the worldview [life philosophy] followed by the majority of those who lead and populate Christian churches.  This person is ignorant of true Godly spirituality; and through that ignorance, they unwittingly help to create, or play into the tactics of and perpetuate, the philosophies of the leaders of the culture-control mentality of the dominant pagan/heathen majority of the world’s population.  [Inside and outside religious circles, culture control is necessary to prevent anarchy in Holy-Spirituality-ignorant cultures.]  They are successful in their efforts only through their Holy-Spirit-disconnected [the ‘religious’ part] personal natural human talents and resources, and the talents and resources of the people they have social access to [the ‘humanist’ part].  

This type person counts on the performance of religious doctrinal requirements to be their supplier, enforcer and sustainer of life, to the exclusion of common sense, Godly logic, and/or compassion.  [These also, the flames of destruction destroy.]

A religious-humanism heritage, a decided disbelief in their ability to obtain genuine help from God to fulfill their heart’s desire, or desiring to fulfill some human cultural agenda while expecting God to sanction their activity because of them carrying their religion with them [“wearing it on their shirt-sleeve”], is usually the reason behind a person entering into this lifestyle philosophy.

Escape from the religious-humanism philosophy, and entry into the benefits and behavior of the authentic gospel of Christ Jesus, is only possible under the leadership and power of the Holy Spirit.  [2ndTim.3:1-7]

27-  An authentic Christian [the only one who will inherit Eternal Life with God] personally follows, and promotes through personal public example, the authentic gospel of Christ Jesus as it is guided, confirmed, and empowered by the Holy Spirit.  The hypocrisy of publicly professing a belief but not living in accordance with that ‘belief’, is not just a matter of choosing an alternative lifestyle [which is falsely proclaimed by some to be acceptable under the ‘freedom and grace’ of the New Covenant (Rom.6:15-18)], but it is unacceptable to God and self-defeating under God’s spiritual laws of creation.

28-  Only true Christian spiritual and mental maturity can escape the corruption inherent in spiritual immaturity.  Only through correct, and confirmed through personal application-knowledge of true Christ-spirituality, are we able to escape the power hungry grasp of spiritually corrupt people: including ourselves.  The more we mature spiritually and mentally toward God, the more of God’s Truth we are able to recognize, receive, and apply to the benefit of our life – and to the benefit of the world and God’s Kingdom.

29- The OSAS doctrine operates through the religious-humanism/hedonism philosophies [2ndTim.3:5].  I believe, in its Christian context, OSAS is an enticement taught by well-intentioned, yet doctrinally deceived, users of it today; and in most cases, it is accompanied by negative pressures applied through doomsday doctrines that demand legalistic conformity to God’s written Law and the regulations of their particular denomination, sect, or group [life-and-gospel-contradictory doctrines, yet accepted by the religious mind].  It attempts to manifest freedom, but does so through the smog of bondage to legalistic conformity.  This is generally necessary in religion’s effort to control a culture, because God’s power only flows through His Truth.  God’s Truth and ways rule his Creation, no matter how religion tries to indoctrinate around it.  Watch for, and equip yourself to challenge, the expertoriel wall of separation erected by religious leaders [religious authoritarianism: religious authorities not expecting or condoning any open challenge of their ‘expertise’].  This wall depends on, and preys upon, the spiritual ignorance of the hearer and their lack of personal relationship/fellowship with God.

The OSAS doctrine is a tactic to induce, and even force, conformity to, and establish a sense of security in, the Christian religious doctrine [if not Christian, then another religious or secular ‘golden culture’ philosophy] of whichever group into which a person is initiated, or to which they can be converted.

30-  The OSAS doctrine has a slight fragrance of goodness in the Christian religious culture, in that, it encourages people to accept Christ into their life [as do valid Christian doctrines];  but it preys upon the wishful thinking and easy-way mentality of the spiritually ignorant masses, and causes diversion of attention and attitude away from any necessity of developing Godlike Character [Holy spiritual maturity].  It only demands behavior, and hopefully attitude, restraint.  It camouflages the Path, and devastates the incentive and initiative, to actually engage with and possess the earthly life and eternal Life Christ Jesus came and Covenanted to provide.  The OSAS camouflage and diversion causes most well-intentioned seekers (as soon as they embark upon the Path to gaining true spiritual revelation, inspiration for this life, and entry into Eternal Life) to think they have already reached their ultimate destination – the end of their quest – which is actually achievable only through spiritual and mental transformation unto Christian spiritual maturity.

31-  All diversions [many birthed and honestly perpetuated through misunderstanding and emotional tradition – but some insidiously and scandalously contrived] able to lead seekers away from God’s Truth, are successful in distracting even the most sincere seeker from Christ’s exemplified and proclaimed Way, only through the seeker’s ignorance of the authentic Way, Purpose, and Character of God.  The only way to keep a seeker from reaching their God-designed and provided destination of abundant life now and more abundant Eternal Life, is to keep them from reading, understanding, and following the ‘road-map’ [Christian Bible] God provided.  That understanding and successful journey is fully achievable only through reading the ‘map’ for themselves, or hearing it read, in the company and under the leadership of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is the only perfect interpreter of the ‘map’ he designed and drew; and is the only True and Holy guide to achieving the blessed on-the-road and final destinations described in it [or avoiding them, in the case of sin’s destinations].

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