NOSAS Intro. sections 32-37

(continuing)  #12 – sections 32-37

32-  If the Once Saved Always Saved [OSAS] doctrine were valid, then (all goals having been achieved through accepting Jesus to be our ‘Lord’ through the performance of some word and/or action of religious ritual) any subsequent obedience to God would be optional and only performed out of courtesy to the all-wise, all-powerful, ever-present ‘God’ we wish our god was.  [[“After all, any god that would leave such a big loophole in his plan of eternal Salvation [which He originally established for the exclusive use and benefit of truly Holy people] couldn’t be much of an all-wise God, could he?  He must be more of an ever-present, harmless, cuddly mouse: only worthy of a condescending at-a-boy when things work out the way we want them too, or passivity, condemnation and accusation in our view and description of God when they do not.  Therefore, no real respect or submission is necessary from those who think they can manage their life without the ‘emotional crutch’ called ‘God.’”]]

33-  If anyone is hoping to slip into God’s Heaven through a loophole or special compensation [which actually requires acknowledging the ‘slight possibility’ that the Bible is true] after, or while, living their life as they fleshly well please, whether or not they live through the guise of spiritual oriented vocabulary and behavior, that is proof-positive they are serving an ignorantly self-designed god.  Our spiritual ignorance, inattention, slothfulness, and laziness are avenues the corruptions of false doctrine, inside and outside the church, have to gain footholds and dominance in the world, and in our life.

34-  The doctrine of OSAS [and of the ‘rapture’] is a seeker-pacifying doctrine that is recognized and laughed at as being idiotic by the secular humanist/hedonist population, but also cherished by the religious humanist/hedonist.  OSAS actually aids in the killing of many souls who would possibly otherwise be alert to the necessity and rewards of seeking true understanding and following God’s call to spiritual maturity and Everlasting Life.  Supposed spiritual leaders aid in this killing by using OSAS and the doctrine of “The Rapture”, which only work to dumb down, impotize, and lull into complacency and eventual spiritual stagnation and death, the would-be faithful who desire to be pleasing to God but do not understand how that pleasing is accomplished through true Faith.

35-  Simply having an emotional, ignorant, blind, and deaf desire and ‘faith’ to be saved from a catastrophic after-life, or to receive God’s blessings in this life, can be an entry point on the road to momentary and/or eternal Salvation.  However, that desire and ‘faith’ does little to fulfill the part we play in God’s plan for personal relationship/fellowship with him, or to fulfill our God-delegated responsibilities in, and accountability for, the life we now live.  The eternal walk in the presence and full blessing of God is only achievable through Godly spiritual maturity – which we can only attain through relationship/fellowship with the one and only Father God and his Son Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit they sent to live in us.  Ignorance and complacency about the Truth, things, and ways of God are certainly no qualification for actually securing everlasting Forgiveness, Salvation, Life, Wisdom, Freedom, Peace, Happiness, or Authority in God’s Kingdom in Heaven or on Earth.

36-  ‘Salvation’ involves much more than simply speaking a few emotionally charged, compassion confirming, or fear provoked words [assumed by many through misinterpretation and isolation of Scriptures such as Mk.11:23-24 and Acts 16:30-31] such as “Jesus is the savior of the world,” or “I accept Jesus as my Lord and savior”, and many other such emotionally charged yet ‘religious’ concepts.  Salvation also involves much more than acknowledging Jesus and being water baptized [as an infant, or otherwise], someone else being baptized for you, or doing whatever it takes to get your name entered into some, or ‘The’, church registry [as many boast, magnifying their claimed organization, sect, denomination, or specific local church beliefs and regulations][Mk.16:16; Jn.3:16; Rom.3:26; 1stJn.4:14-15, 5:5]

37-  We begin our journey [the ‘on-ramp’] to eternal Salvation by taking the step of accepting the fact that Jesus provided us with free, total, and perfect access to that Salvation [past, present, and future – believing that this ‘toll road’ has been built and leads to where it promises], and with the desire and intent to possess that Salvation [to reach that destination].  We continue our journey toward eternal Life and blessing by following the ‘blessed blood [Life and Power] trail’ of Christ Jesus [through following Christ the Holy Spirit (the prepaid ‘toll road’)] to its destination – avoiding as many ‘off-ramps’ and ‘turnabouts’ as possible, they are very costly.  All our personal [and authentic-church inclusive] necessities and assignments lie along that ‘toll road’ – no exits necessary.  Everyone has their own specifically assigned route to take, and staging points of preparation, on that ‘toll road’ to the destination of Eternal Life and Blessing.  Some have the route of Evangelist, others that of Missionary, or Pastor, Teacher, Faithful Administrator, Employer, Employee, Exemplary Citizen, Writer, Politician, or a myriad of other endeavors that glorify God.  Do not worry.  If you get off track, the Holy Spirit knows how to bring you back – but you have to follow.  We must make a priority of finding and staying on our assigned route, and helping others to do the same.

(to be continued) [I am interested in your comments or questions – either in the comment section, or through ]

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