NOSAS intro. (post #13) sections 38-40

(continuing) #13, sections 38-40, ~906 words

38-  If we do not know there is a valid achievable goal, or if we are led to visualize a corrupted or outright fraudulent route to an otherwise achievable goal, we are very unlikely to ever achieve the truly achievable unless we eventually obtain information directly from the one who established that goal: the Holy Spirit through Christ Jesus.  Lack of understanding on the part of the great majority of people about how to receive information from the Holy Spirit on their own, is why it is so important for the Church to examine and reestablish the authenticity of its theology, and begin again to demonstrate and proclaim the authentic and ‘lawful’ route to the valid destination of Eternal Life.  The authentic gospel of Christ Jesus, in conjunction with our following the presence and evident power of Christ the Holy Spirit, is that authentic route.  The Church is the group of people who are expected [by the religious and secular cultures] to be the ones able to provide authentic leadership in spiritual matters, which [at least] the ‘leaders’ are supposed to be able to receive and deliver from the Holy Spirit.  We will truly do our utmost to achieve the understanding and empowerment necessary to attain a goal, only when we correctly perceive the route to, and the necessity of reaching, that goal, and that that goal is actually within our grasp.

This is why the ‘empire building’ Scripture misinterpretations and manipulations that resulted in the doctrines of ‘OSAS’ [Once Saved Always Saved] and ‘Rapture’ are so powerful; they simply offer an easy-way shortcut around the Truth, and entice people to live in a state of denial and ignorance of the Scriptures that clearly tell us it is not that simplistic.

 [Fill in the following blank for yourself with whatever secular or spiritual goal you desire.]  It is very sad to say, but multitudes are wasting their strength and resources striving to fulfill their hearts desire for/to _____________ [My personal quest is to continue to grow in understanding of the authentic help God has provided for our use in this life, and to achieve Eternal Life in His presence with maximum Blessing.] by doing so through following impossible and dream-distorting methods formulated around misunderstandings and manipulations of [lies about] the true, powerful, and Eternal-Life-encompassing Truths revealed by Christ Jesus [His gospel of Life].  Projecting a vision for an unachievable goal, or a fraudulent route to an otherwise achievable goal, does no one any good except those who fill their ‘pockets’ by exploiting the gullibility of the emotion-dominant and easy-way mentality of spiritually, Scripturally, and socially ignorant and immature ‘God-seeking’ people.  “Filling their pockets” does not necessarily mean they do what they do for financial gain; but they are often motivated by other carnal cravings and emptiness such as pride, power, covetousness, envy, revenge, and other delusions of grandeur brought on by their lack of authentic Christ-centered spirituality.

39-  Being “in Christ” means growing into and continuing to be encompassed by, saturated with, and life-empowered through the same Truth, characteristics, and power of the same Holy Spirit who encompassed, saturated, and empowered Jesus and enabled him to manifest God in this, our human, realm of experience.  [Rom.8:1, 4]

40-  Full and total salvation means: perfect protection, or deliverance, from all things that destroy or hinder us from receiving, maintaining, and utilizing all God’s blessings of wisdom, knowledge, and power to fulfill our personal God-given assignments in life, and possessing the wherewithal to enjoy all the benefits of Loving, Personal, Intimate relationship/fellowship with God in this life and Eternal Life.  [1stJohn 5:18]

We, in our personal life, are able to receive, manifest, and enjoy partial [immature] Salvation only in proportion to our current knowledge of, location on, and commitment to, the road[“the Way” (Jn.14:6)] to total relationship/fellowship with God.  We can also receive partial benefits if we are in spiritual fellowship with another person  who is, in reality, further along the maturity-with-God ‘road’ than we are; and even then, only to the extent of our current unity with that person, and the extent of their current relationship/fellowship [unity] with God.  This reliance on humans [authentic mentorship – authorized by God and commonly necessary – is much preferred over total ignorance] is necessary only to the extent of our lack of spiritual maturity [There is no shame in recognizing this lack, and sharing your recognition with someone you trust.].  Some people have great dependency upon people, some small; but God expects us all too eventually develop complete confidence in the mentoring of the Holy Spirit.  Are we developing that confidence?

Because we are human and possess free will, our connection, and thereby our unity, with the Holy Spirit [and thereby with the wisdom, knowledge, and power of the whole Godhead] depends on our vision, attitude, and focus at all times.  All unity relationships [except for the unity between The Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and their Love and Commitment to us] are infinitely and incrementally, positively and negatively, changeable at all times.  If God’s precepts of relationship and blessing are not applicable toward a negative shift, they cannot be applicable toward a positive shift, and vice versa, because God’s laws of operation are equally applicable to all aspects and arenas of his Creation and our life at all times.

If we do not understand the Love of God, we will misinterpret all his other characteristics and attributes [Acts 10:34-35; Rom.1:27-32, 2:4; 2ndPeter 3:9]

(to be continued) [Thank you for your interest.  I am happy to address any comments or questions, in the comment section here, or by email at ]

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