NOSAS, intro. sections 41-42

(continuing)   #14, sections 41-42

41-  From physical conception to physical death, we all have now been equipped by God with the initial necessities for [the ‘on-board navigation and equipment’ to achieve], and are somewhere [~.001-99.999%] in the process of, being fully saved [everyone is included, and Jesus is the only one who will have ever reached 100%].  ‘Being fully saved’ means, and is the reward for, developing and maintaining [“line upon line,” “precept upon precept (Isa.28:10),” “glory to glory (2ndCor.3:18; Rom.8:18; 1stPeter 5:1),” “grace for grace” (Jn.1:16; 2ndPeter 3:18)] authentic Holy spiritual maturity [Character] [Eph.4:13; 2ndTim.2:19; 1stPeter 3:8-15], which is our only access to genuine and complete Salvation.

In this journey of Earthly life, the only reliable standard for measuring actual spiritual maturity is the authentic [not humanly designed or defined] Christian Biblical standard [1stThess.2:12-13].  If we do not truly understand that standard, how are we going to honestly gauge our progress toward actual maturity, or recognize when we are entering into complacency and stagnation in our quest for that maturity and Salvation and resolve the necessary issues?

Through the qualification provided for us through Jesus’ sacrifice for our Salvation, every member of Humanity now possesses the initial ‘measure’ [everyone begins life with the same amount] of the Holy Spirit.  Even those who do not believe in Christ Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit are now already internally equipped with this initial measure.  [Joel 2:28; Acts 2:17; Rom.12:3; Eph.4:13]

The differences between ourselves and other individuals [the real differences, not necessarily our public persona] is evidence of the different aspects and levels to which we each utilize and build [or not] upon this initial measure [to the advantage, or disadvantage, of ourselves and others – which, in varying degrees, influences all human cultures].  [[This comparison between others and ourselves is only for recognition and decision-making purposes; we are not to compare ourselves among ourselves for the purpose of justifying ourselves or denouncing others (Mk.9:34; 2ndCor.10:12).  In all aspects of life, we must, and do, continually judge people, things, and situations, but we must learn to judge appropriately according to God’s word: the standard demonstrated and taught by Christ Jesus.]]

42-  We cannot do any works to ‘earn’ our Salvation; but because of our Salvation, God has assigned us each spiritual, mental, and physical work to do.  Through his life and death sacrifice [Eph.5:2; Phil. 2:8; 1stPet.2:21], his resurrection from the dead [Jn.20:12-17, 21:14], and his sending his Holy Spirit to live in us [Jn.14:26, 15:26, 16:13; Acts 1:8, 2:1-4], Jesus redeemed all Humanity’s free access to full, complete, and eternal Salvation.  That access begins at our conception into physical form.  Our redemption manifests in our life through our access and utilization of the tremendous attributes available to us through the ever-present Holy Spirit.  That Holy Spirit empowers our God-given ability to mature unto full and complete Salvation through character transformation unto Holiness, which authorizes and empowers our everlasting Life [Rom.6:16, 19, 22].

We begin our walk with Christ by giving our mental understanding access to God’s authentic written Word, or initially to someone who actually knows that Word.  We gradually accomplish spiritual maturity unto Holiness by encouraging, enabling, and migrating the transformation of our mental understanding of God’s principles and powers of Life and living [Rom.12:2].  Every human is now continually spiritually [Joel 2:28; Acts 2:17; Rom.12:3] connected to [is being given input from] the Holy Spirit,but it is necessary for our mental abilities and emotions [at whatever level and strength we live] to give our spirit permission to actually believe and receive more and more influence from the Holy Spirit and pass it along to our mind [an ever-increasing, mutually (spiritual and mental) enhancing process].  We must do this with the intent of actually believing and receiving that influence and power, and learning how to allow it to control our thinking and emotions, and rule our life.

Our mental understanding and acceptance of God’s spiritual operations gradually and more greatly opens [gives permission and confidence to] our human spirit to receive the influence and power of the Holy Spirit, thus enhancing our spiritual understanding and maturity.  When we do this in true submission to God’s Word [“True submission” to God is a spiritual quality that is empowered by the human spirit through our receiving power from the Holy Spirit.  That submission is then reflected in our mind and body (James 4:6-8, 1stCor.16:15-16, Heb.13:16-17, 1stPeter 5:1-10).], our interaction with the Holy Spirit gradually empowers [and is sometimes able (depending on our cooperation) to very quickly empower] the sanctification, consecration, and unification of the content, influences, interactions, and empowerments within and among our four-fold self.  The Holy Spirit is now [since the first Pentecost after the resurrection of Jesus] a permanent part of every human being; therefore, our four-fold self consists of the Holy Spirit [operating at three different sliding-scale levels, due to our different levels of awareness and utilization of the attributes of the Holy Spirit] in conjunction with our personal spirit, mind, and body [1stThess.5:19-24].  This sanctification, consecration, unification, and empowerment from God enable our transformation unto Holiness.  Our unto-Holiness character transformation [which manifests in and transforms our whole being through our knowledgeable and dedicated following of the Holy Spirit] is what enables us to receive the ever-increasing manifestations of God’s Grace-empowerment [for both receiving and giving] through Jesus.  Jesus now works through the Holy Spirit [Jn.14:16, 18, 26; 15:26; 16:13] whose assignment and full desire comes to fulfillment in our completed Salvation [eternal Life in the presence and full blessing of God].  The Holy Spirit’s assignment from God the Father and Jesus is to entice, instruct, and empower each individual to become an eagerly humble seeker of true Holiness and achieve eternal Salvation.  [God takes our personal level of actual mental and/or physical ability into account in his judgment process; therefore, everyone is accountable to God’s righteous judgment.]

It is not the Holy Spirit’s assignment, nor His desire or intent, to drag the undecided, rebellious, self-centered, intentionally ignorant, simply curious, or reluctant person into Salvation [Jn.6:66-70].  The Holy Spirit entices, educates, directs, and empowers, but he does not drag.  We must exercise and stretch within ourselves [spiritually and mentally], to the utmost of our actual ability, to connect with and utilize the wisdom, knowledge, and power of the Holy Spirit.  This is the ‘work’ we have been assigned, and through which we “earn” [enter into, utilize, and learn to appreciate] our Salvation.

(to be continued)  [I invite your questions and comments.]

6 thoughts on “NOSAS, intro. sections 41-42

  1. Hi Woody what you said is very much the truth, “We cannot do any works to ‘earn’ our Salvation.” Nevertheless we still have a responsibility that comes with salvation, to share this gospel of truth with the world. Yes, this assignment is given to each of us who have been changed by the power of God. Thanks for sharing your view point.

    • Thanks Liz for stopping by. I don’t understand your use of the word “nevertheless”. I believe I have made this point throughout all my work. Have I not made it clear?

      • Hi Woody,
        I think your point was made clear. Maybe “nevertheless” was the wrong choice…we are in agreement on this. I see where you’re coming from. Thanks again.

  2. Woody, I like this statement: “If we do not truly understand that standard, how are we going to honestly gauge our progress toward actual maturity, or recognize when we are entering into complacency and stagnation in our quest for that maturity and Salvation and resolve the necessary issues?” Good word.

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