NOSAS, intro., section 43

(continuing)   #15, NOSAS section 43

43-  The gauge of our transformation and development toward Holy character, which facilitates the fulfillment of our Salvation in this life and eternity, is like the rungs on which our feet stand on a very tall ladder.  In relation to standing on that ‘ladder’ [the gospel of Christ Jesus], our ‘feet’ [life] are the gauge of the foundation and stability of our character [spiritual maturity].  The direction of our gaze [up, or down; toward righteousness, or unrighteousness; toward the positive, or negative aspects of life and our opinion about God’s Word] is determined by the combination of our Vision, curiosity, purpose, attitude, wisdom, and knowledge, and is the determining factor in our directional mobility.  Our ‘hands’ are the gauge of our spiritual and mental integrity, determining the stability of our climb – up or down.  Our entire life exists in the midst of all these elements of contact with Earthly life and the Word of God.

Only after someone has introduced us to the Truth of Christ are our hands empowered to engage [grasp for stability] the ‘ladder’ in upward mobility, as we begin to follow Christ’s teachings as our actual guide in life.  We initially accept Christ [through the urging of our spirit (and other people)], to the best of our natural ability through an emotional, or reasoning based on emotion, decision, because we are personally ignorant of the actual spiritual dynamics at work in our life.  We desire to be ‘saved’ and to improve our life, so we propel our life in the direction of Christ.  Our ‘feet’ get on the ‘ladder’ when we actually accept Christ Jesus as being the only one who can save us from eternal destruction and lead us into God’s desire for our eternity.  We begin to progress up the ‘ladder’ as we begin to understand the structure of the ‘ladder’ and have confidence in its stability and access to our goal.  This enables us to begin to understand what full Salvation involves [the identity, stability, and richness of the ‘ladder’ and the ‘structure’ the ‘ladder’ is leaning on: the anointed operating system of God: the gospel of Christ].  Then we begin to understand that full and complete spiritual, mental, and physical Salvation is at the top of the ‘ladder’: over the ‘parapet’.  Each rung of the ‘ladder’ is a particular element of which our Salvation consists.

At any moment in life, after we have accepted Christ [gotten on the ‘ladder’] as our only avenue to Salvation, we are living on a specific step of that ‘ladder’ – which includes all the power and blessings, along with the responsibilities and accountability, associated with that level [rung] of spiritual maturity in Christ.  We have the choice of ascending or descending, slowly or quickly.  Our rate and direction of mobility depends upon our pursuit of fulfilling our God-authentic current assignments in life, and our actual use of the spiritual, mental, and physical gifts and abilities we possess [naturally, and through the Holy Spirit] at that time.

Each step of each individual’s ‘ladder’ represents the fulfillment of a personal assignment from God [gauged by God’s instruction, priority, and timing – NOT our, or Humanity’s, desires or demands].  Achieving our assignments necessitates utilizing all the gifts God has given us personal access to in life and through the Holy Spirit – which includes, at any point in time, everything necessary to achieve our personal, and our personal part of authentic-church-inclusive, assignments, as we mature in those natural and spiritual gifts, and in relationship/fellowship with the Trinity God.  Over the ‘parapet’ is where Eternal Life and Blessing becomes our eternal possession.  Father God lowered the ‘ladder’, and Jesus stabilized and conquered the ‘ladder’.  When The Father retracts the ‘ladder’ [at the time of the end-time judgment – the end of this dispensation of Grace], our position on it determines our position in His eternal Kingdom.

In our quest to reach the top of the ‘ladder’, we are not in any competition with anyone or anything except our own carnal self-centeredness and fear.  We can, at any time, because of our free will, initiative, and decidedly positive or negative fellowship with the Holy Spirit, ascend or descend the ‘ladder’.

Regrettably, and to their detriment, some people will decide to get off the ‘ladder’, and others to get off and back on.  We all have the freedom to do so, in spite of the constant Loving influences of the Holy Spirit encouraging our upward quest.  This ability and right of passage to choose our personal destiny continues until the instant this Dispensation of Grace ends, which will come suddenly upon Humanity. [1stCor.15:51-58]

[Dispensation = time-span or circumstance, determined by God’s calendar, clock, or view of conditions, in which a particular event, or series of events, in God’s plan, begins, and is fulfilled – at which time or circumstance the next dispensation begins.]  This is when the ‘ladder’ is retracted, and all those on it are received into eternal habitation with God, stand at the judgment seat of Christ, and receive our eternal ‘rank’ and reward [the place and time dedicated to finalizing our eternal position in God’s Kingdom].

{At this point, because our carnal mind constantly attempts to pull our thoughts back to the concept of performing “works” to earn Salvation [Even if you are against the concept of earning Salvation through ‘works’, you begin to think that is what I am talking about.], I want to make this very clear.  Climbing the ‘ladder’ is not about performing works to earn our Salvation, although “works” are a result, it is about developing Godly Character [spiritual maturity].  Progress up the ‘ladder’ is not about pushing and pulling with our legs and arms, it is about making and maintaining spiritual communion [unity] with God.  Progress is the result.  The opposite is true when we break, or get slothful and forgetful in, that communion.  It is easier to go down, and more ‘work intensive’ to go up, but what is our goal, what is our vision?  How much effort are we willing to put into attaining our lifetime and eternal Salvation?}

Many will not be able to get on, or back on, the ‘ladder’ while they still have time, in spite of their craving for freedom from the spiritual darkness and mental and physical bondages that caused them to stay off, or prolonged their exit from, the ‘ladder’.  Their absence, or exit, was empowered by the worldly deceptions they chose to accept, which insidiously influenced each step of their descent into darkness, and blinded their sense of priority and direction to the extent that they exited the ‘ladder’ or stayed off it.  It is still possible for them to get on Christ’s ‘ladder’, but it takes more willingness and gumption to do so than what most people in that state of deception and bondage possess.  At any time, the decision to actually grasp and engage the ‘ladder’ necessitates resolve and initiative to repent of [1800 thrust against] their wayward ways [which can manifest suddenly, or over time], and a determined entry into maturing and stable relationship with God – which the Holy Spirit is constantly present and eager to facilitate and empower.  Will we allow, and enable through our cooperation, the Holy Spirit to help us help them?

The degree of actual Salvation we are able to experience, and our access to other authentic but as yet unexplored and unimagined aspects of God’s provided Salvation, is directly proportional to our actual position [gauged by God’s standard,   NOT ours, or Humanity’s] on God’s ‘ladder’; which we can change up or down: instantly and profoundly, or slowly over time – our choice and initiative, not God’s.  We often have a carnal vision of being where we wish we were on the ‘ladder’, but it is our actual position [defined by God’s standards] that is the determining factor in our life, and in eternal Life.  We may receive the riches and accolades of the world system, but that is no indicator of our position in God’s system of operation or his Kingdom.

Because of the spiritual blindness and deafness to God that encompasses and dominates the ‘ladder’ descenders, those who depart, and those who have not yet engaged the ‘ladder’, they need Earthly examples of God’s Loving Righteousness to observe and follow to, and up, the ‘ladder’.  God commanded us and made us accountable, and the populations of the world call upon us [even if they do not understand or acknowledge their heart’s cry], to be that example of the extended beckoning Love of God – to the world, and to those on the ‘ladder’ with us.  All the people we associate with, or have knowledge of, us have a perception of our position on the ‘ladder’; and can spiritually sense whether the extended hand of God is free to express itself through us.  Are we an example of Christ’s gospel that people are encouraged by and are willing and able to follow in order to make their own genuine connection with the Holy Spirit, and understand how to operate their life at that level of spirituality?

(to be continued)  [What do ya think?]

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