NOSAS, #16, intro. sections 44-48

(continuing)   #16, sections 44-48

44-  [The following is pressing toward a positive point, not a negative one: no condemnation intended.  Please read it accordingly.]

Any authentic righteous control over our life is only possible through our level of spiritual maturity in relationship/fellowship with Christ.  Those who’s physical life is stolen [never by God] through circumstances beyond their control in the natural realm while they are on the ‘ladder’ [see post #15], have God’s promise that their position on the ‘ladder’ affords them a corresponding recompense in His spiritual Kingdom.  Suicide is not an advantageous alternative to pressing forward in life.  True Faith in Christ is the all-encompassing identifier of being on the ‘ladder’, and suicide is proof you have lost, or never had, that type Faith.  Faith is on the ‘ladder’, and suicide is off it.  An act of righteous [selfless, and in line with God’s will] bravery, even when one knows it may cost them their life, is not considered by God to be suicidal, it is a valorous act of Faith.  Resisting one’s own suicide is also an act of valor: having more faith in God’s power to manifest his blessings in the future, than in the ability of the past to continue its devastation.

45-   Being “saved” has little to do with avoiding ‘Hell’, but everything to do with entering into Faith and Grace relationship/fellowship with God through Christ, which includes receiving God’s blessings in this life and everlasting Life.  The Faith and Grace lifestyle includes faith toward God, and grace toward people because of God’s grace toward us – “faith to [building on] Faith” and “grace for [because of] Grace” [Rom.1:16-17; Jn.1:16-17]: being a ‘co-conspirator’ with God in beliefs and acts of Faith and Grace.  It is possible to be “Once Saved Always Saved” – but only if, once we enter into relationship/fellowship with Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit, we never abandon our ‘climb’ to spiritual and mental maturity and purity [Lk.9:62].  We have the right, and God’s permission, to leave the ‘ladder’, but that moves us out of the realm of Once Saved Always Saved, because we choose to absence ourselves from our Salvation.  We have the right and permission to engage or re-engage the ‘ladder’, but that does not mean we will have the time to do so if we delay.

As humans, living in this physical habitation, and everyone [since the beginning of the first Adam] being vulnerable to ignorance and physical, emotional, and character failure, there has never been a person who has walked this path [to the top of the ‘ladder’ and over the ‘parapet’] perfectly except Christ Jesus.  Due to this fallibility of human nature, and because of God’s understanding and Grace through Christ, it is the purpose and quality of God to unendingly Love and nourish us and encourage us to repent, stand erect, and continue the quest to fulfill our complete maturity and personal God-declared assignments in life, and to enjoy everlasting Life in His presence.  [‘Repentance’ is recognizing, understanding, and correcting our rebellions and misjudgments, with the help of the Written and Living Word of God (the Christian Bible and the Holy Spirit).]

46-  It is not a matter of God accepting us and allowing us to live in the benefits of his Salvation in this life and throughout eternity: he yielded the Life of his only directly procreated Son [through spiritual-genetic transplant] to prove that he has opened his eternal blessings to us: given us the ‘key’ to reenter the “Garden.”  It is a matter of our willingness to accept the description of, find, recognize, prepare to live, and actually live the path to our full and final Salvation [to use the “key”: The Way, The Truth, and The Life.  (Mt.7:13-27, 16:19; Jn.3:16, 14:6)]

47-  Through the Holy Spirit, true FREEDOM AND POWER to live in accordance with God’s instruction [Christ’s Christianity] are achievable in this life.  Yet, through the everyday decisions they make, most people choose to live in the frailty, vulnerability, ignorance, and bondage produced through the counterfeit and misdirecting ‘truths’ developed through cultural [carnal] ‘Christianity’ [‘Christianism’ – Christian ‘religion’] and/or any of the other religions and guessisms of the world.  These worldly-culture-based alternatives may be emotionally soothing at times, but emotion-led character always leads to destruction.

48-  The ‘fall from Grace’ referred to in Heb.6:4-6 and Jude, which is an irrecoverable fall [thus the warning], is a fall from a greater, but available to all, level of spirituality than any but the most mature Christian achieves [according to God’s standard for maturity (not ours), which also includes understanding and yielding to God’s timing and wise expectations of us].  No others who hesitate, stumble or slip during, or even temporarily abandon, their quest for this level of maturity in Christ [because of mistakes, deception, ignorance, delusion, etc.] need give up hope or confidence in Christ.  But they must truly repent and continue striving [get back, or continue, on the ‘ladder’] to fulfill their personal God-given purpose and assignment in life – which is to achieve full Salvation [which includes eternal Life], while also helping others [through word and deed] to achieve their full Salvation.

God’s Forgiveness is profound, his Love everlasting, and the Presence of his Holy Spirit constant in everyone until the end of this Dispensation of Grace: at which time the Holy Spirit will either be removed from them, or infused for eternity.  Our individual initiative [level of commitment] in relationship/fellowship with the Holy Spirit determines our ability to receive and enjoy these blessings of God.  The life we now live is serious business to God, so it should be serious business to and among us.  Our personally applied spiritual direction, beliefs and behavior have more of an impact on our eternal destiny than our living-in-the-now carnal [physical-realm dominant] mind can understand, readily accept, or nourish; thus, a personal spiritual/mental quest: undertaking: endeavor: struggle.

(to be continued)  [I invite and appreciate your comments and questions.]

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