NOSAS, #17, intro. section 49

(continuing)  #17, NOSAS intro. section 49

49-   From God’s perspective, we are all children – no matter our physical age.  A child’s growing understanding of, and obedience to, the established precepts of a moral, Christian culture is a confirming factor that a spiritual/mental change for the better is in the process of developing in that child.  Mentally and physically following Christian Scripture is necessary as a personal training exercise for a child, but ‘change for the better’ also confirms to a parent that their child is maturing; and the maturity of its citizens is essential for the establishment and maintenance of a civil society.  However, mental and physical maturity and obedience is not all that is necessary to meet God’s standard for our life.  Under the ‘Old’ Covenant system of Law, God’s standard for the people of Israel was mental and behavioral maturity.  Under the ‘New’ Covenant, maturity is still required, but the standard has been upgraded.  Mental and physical behaviors are still essential and required, but the ultimate goal is now spiritual Maturity: Godly Character development and maturity.  This new standard is now possible to achieve because we are all indwelt by the Holy Spirit.

The ‘Old’ and ‘New’ Covenants [successive phases of the one overall Master Covenant of God] work with each other, like righteous child rearing begins the process of developing righteous character in the adult they will be.  The ‘Old’ is a time when obedience to God’s Law [the Written Word: the Christian Bible] is built into a child’s mind, as the ‘New’, at the same time, works to develop Character in that child’s spirit as their mind continues to be obedient to the influence of their ‘parents’ [the Living Word: the Holy Spirit].

Lack of general cultural emphasis on establishing and improving our Scriptural Christian character development, and overemphasis on satisfying our emotional desires [even in church (prosperity, healing, peace, tolerance, etc. – which are all genuine blessings when achieved through authentic ‘New’ Covenant means)], are the cause of the crisis of deepening corrosion of moral conduct around the world.

Those who understand this principle must set aside their spiritual stagnation and social complacency, and get active in taking back control of our congregational, public, institutional, and political organizations.  If control [which we have squandered in forgetful and emotion-centered living] is not reestablished, there will be no hope of recovering the true peace and freedom we in the U.S. have fought for and enjoyed in the past, and for which others have dreamed and been willing to die to attain for their posterity.

 [Side note: Righteous, instructional spanking is, or should be, one aspect of the discipline we impose upon our children.  That is why it is called “child rearing.”]

[The subject of a child having an unRighteous parent, or parents, is a different dynamic altogether, which requires controlled Righteous rebellion on the part of the child.  I will speak on that subject at another time.]

Trying to gain ‘New’ Covenant type victory in life through ‘Old’ Covenant type behavioral change [obedience], without working to develop Righteous maturity through the ‘New” Covenant, is like trying to cut away a bacterial infection from our foot using a dull, unsterilized pocketknife shared with everyone else; which generally causes more problems than we anticipated or originally had to deal with.  For far too many years the leaders and doctrines of the contemporary ‘religious’ Christian church have promoted spiritual stagnation in people by promoting an ‘Old Covenant style Christianity’.  By not following God’s plan of Covenant progression, we have been supplying our own people, and the world, with growth stunting and health diminishing spiritual ‘food and medicine’.

Authentic ‘New’ Covenant submission to Christ accomplishes the same goal of ‘infection’ removal, but it is accomplished through the personal ‘drinking’ in, by leaders and followers alike, of the instruction and power of God’s Written Word [mentally cutting away the infected ‘tissue’ (old, contaminated thoughts, precepts, standards, and vision of life) with a sharp, sterile ‘knife’ (the authentic gospel of Christ)] in conjunction with ‘drinking’ in the instruction and power of the Living Word (the Holy Spirit) [spiritually understanding and following the Wisdom, Mercy, Grace and Power of God], and allowing that ‘emulsion’ to do its work from the inside out.  This process corrects malfunctions in our personal inward parts [spirit, and superconscious mind], which produces a correcting of malfunctions in our outward condition and behavior [subconscious mind, and body].  This is like taking antibiotics [internal] in conjunction with necessary corrective physical measures [external] in order to cure an infection on the foot [1stJn.2:3-11].  This empowers new healthy ‘tissue’ to throw off the old infected ‘tissue’ [mental/physical behavior] and establish or reestablish healthy function in our life.

[By forsaking the self-implementation and nurturing of true Righteousness in our homes, schools, corporations, scientific institutions, politics, and yes even our churches, we, as an American culture, as well as cultures around the world, have forsaken our own Spiritual and mental health and nurtured the ‘infections’ that are bringing about our own destruction.  The only difference in cultures (personal, family, local, state, national, and around the world) seems to be in the particular types of ‘infections’ we prefer to nurture.  We, as a society, are gradually being persuaded, through the ‘tolerance’ argument (through accepting being shamed into submission), into agreement to accept all ‘infections’, especially those of the heart and mind.]

(to be continued)  [God bless you and your church organization.  I pray you both will follow the Holy Spirit into all Righteousness.]

5 thoughts on “NOSAS, #17, intro. section 49

  1. child REARing???? you’re funny!!! i like that!!! wow,…i will read this quite a few more times, today, and other times,…as i save all the “good” stuff that i find here in blogland!!! i’m going to do something now that i don’t usually do,….i’m going to introduce myself,….my name is??? john e doe. this may, or may not be, my “real” name. even then,…it doesn’t really matter. here in blogland, we almost seem to not truly exist in the first place…we are all almost “fictional” due to our lack of fleshly bodies. the best way to explain this is, if we truly relate to one another, and what each other is sharing,…we are, perhaps solely due to our cyber restrictions, can only be,…members of a “spiritual body???” the separated, yet collective “body of christ”, so to speak.

    as i write to you now,…i can see that there a many things that i have to say,…and or, to share about your inspiring words, your words of encouragement. without going into too much detail on this now, i feel that the old, “there comes a time” saying fits me to a “T”, as to where i myself am in life right now. and i don’t think or feel that this will ever change. what i mean is this.

    in truly and consciously (sincerely) desiring to “grow in my faith” (for lack of a more complicated and in depth term) when i wake, upon and with saying my simplest of prayers,…when i read words such as these here,…in seeking my daily bread, there is no “no way” that I CAN “NOT” FIND INSPIRATION…….i hope you understand what i mean by that??? if not, just yet, i think and hope that you will as i go……..

    i’m going to take a small break at this moment,….but before i do, i would like to share this with you.

    i see many hungering people here in blogland. many of these people, based upon what they have shared, seem to be, quite possibly, “homebound.” (for many and varied reasons, which do not matter, as the fact remains) thus,…they are isolated from contact, in the “real world” with other humans. i myself, am one of those people. i have no problem interacting with others,…but my financial and situational restrictions don’t allow me to freely. i live far from town, in the arizona desert. i said that, to say this…..

    during my writing last week, i stumbled upon a thought. which is this…i began to write a piece called, “THE VIRTUAL CHURCH”

    jesus speaks of “visiting those in prison.” through and due to, the existence of the internet, especially in this case, blogland,…we can go out to the highways and biways and “speak” to all who care to listen,…and perhaps just as importantly, we can also LISTEN TO THOSE WHO CARE TO (be brave enough to, and feel welcome and comfortable enough) TO SPEAK. loneliness is having no one to talk to. no one to relate to. so,…in “seeing this need”,…i have decided to pursue the “filling of this need.” thus, THE VIRTUAL CHURCH.

    my email is “johnnydoe” please, if you would care to, send me an email and i will respond, as i believe, think, feel, that there are certain things which should be said between two, just to avoid the possibility of misunderstanding from confusing others openly. simply, from what i have read here…….you, and your attitude, and shared words, would seem to make you a perfect “teammate” to travel into those highways and biways,…and in doing so,…unlock some of those prison doors,…and also, without ever leaving where we are “physically.”

    ok,….breaking now,…..but i’ll continue later, as my inspiration is increasing,……thanks

  2. woody, again i wanted to thank you for your email response!!! in my earlier comment “a man of many words answers with only two!!!! perfect!!!! that is exactly what i meant about killing as many birds with one stone as possible…………time management is an art form unto itself. but, first and foremost,…where i am right now in my journey, is concentrating and focusing on the importance of prayer,…and, “continuous” prayer,…as this is the “life line” and “life source” of all that i do,…

    if i neglect,…or,…forget????? to take this precious time to “stay charged”,…or,…”re-charge”…then all that i do, or that i am doing,…can change at it’s core,…in other words,….”the cart”,…can end up being,…”before the horse.” does that make sense???

    without prayer,…my day can almost be as the journey of the prodigal son. yet the story plays out in the course of a day. i start my day with good intent,…but i become aware that i,…through lack of prayer,…and closeness with God,…my day then has wearied me. without the closeness which prayer provides,…i have, in essence,…walked in my “own” power………..apart from jesus,…we,..of our “self”,…do nothing.

    thus,…wasted days. wasted days are a tragedy,…as our lives are but a vapor.

    more to write,….but i’ll do so later,…..thank you again. i hope all is going very well for you and yours……

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