NOSAS intro., #19, sections 52-54

(continuing)   #19, NOSAS intro., sections 52-54

52-   If there is no clearly defined, commonly understood, and steadfast definition of the words we use, how can there possibly be any clear, commonly understood, and steadfast meaning to the concepts we relate to each other through those words, and thereby any stability in our life itself.  Those who are using corrupt philosophy, contorted ‘logic’, junk rhetoric, and hashed definitions to produce and perpetuate confusion in the meaning and usage of words in languages around the world, are causing and aiding in the destruction of countries and Humanity.

53-   In order for us to understand God, and each other, we must be speaking the same ‘language’ [the authentic gospel of Christ], and understanding the concepts portrayed through that ‘language’ in the same way.  What about such words as: acknowledge, ask, attitude, baptism, character, confession, consecration, consolation, fear, hope, integrity, (‘is’), know, knowledge, love, obedience, performance, quality, repentance, righteousness [allowing the Holy Spirit accurate and complete expression in and through our mental and physical properties – mental and behavioral transformation], holiness [allowing the Holy Spirit accurate and complete expression in and through the depth of our spiritual properties – character, as well as mental and behavioral, transformation],  preparation, Salvation, sanctification, saved, sovereignty, Truth, unity, word, etc.?  If we are not accurately hearing, understanding, or asking the appropriate questions, how is it possible to correctly understand and apply the answers God has provided in Scripture?  We must set aside our ‘pet doctrines’, and study these words and concepts in the full context of Scripture to discover their accurate meaning and appropriate usage according to the way God defines their application to our life.

54-   God has adopted us; but to take advantage of that adoption, we must also adopt God.  Being a son of God does not have any significant impact on our life until we accept our sonship and adopt an accurate and stable knowledge base, understanding, relationship, fellowship, family structure, and lifestyle from which to make and implement our decisions in life.

(to be continued)

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