NOSAS intro., #20, sections 55-58

(continuing) #20, NOSAS intro., sections 55-58

55-   The following NOSAS and Character Development verses, as well as all ‘Old’ and ‘New’ Testament Scripture, were spoken and written for us from a Loving, informative, instructive, constructive, and encouraging perspective founded in, and aiming toward, our Godlike character-maturity relationship with the one and only Loving, Enabling, and Empowering God.  Truly receiving God as our all wise and powerful Elder, Leader, and Mentor depends on our receiving his Word as being from a truly Loving Father, not from the fractured viewpoint of perceiving him as a harsh, demanding, legalistic, performance demanding, unapproachable God.

 56-   All the sixty-one references to “saints,” in the KJV New Testament [Catholics adopted their title of ‘Saint’ from these references] are referring to “Holy Ones.”  These are all those [not just the specific ones the Catholic church ‘authorize’] who are sacrificing [or ever have or will sacrifice] every personal thing that works contrary to them being earnestly on the road to fulfilling the calling to achieve the spiritual, mental, and physical Character maturity with God and in this life, called for in Scripture [believers on a determinately fixed course (set by God, not Humanity) to a truly righteous and holy future].  All humanity has been called to ‘sainthood’ [fulfilling the death of the carnal-dominant dictatorship of our natural spirit and mind, in order to totally fulfill our obligation of spiritual, mental, and physical obedience to the Holy Spirit], for our benefit and God’s.  Not All people will fulfill that calling – will you?

57-   As you inhale the Life-rich atmosphere of all the following Scriptures [and all Christian Scripture]; I encourage you to see the beauty and power available to be received from God’s instruction, and their usefulness to your spiritual maturity and life enhancement.  Spiritually and mentally, position yourself to receive God’s help.  Resist producing a mental image of something repressive, demanding, and a thief of emotional peace and contentment [which ‘religion’ and carnality promotes].  Only when we are determined to have a God-accurate and solidified vision, direction, and purpose in life are we willing and able to actually receive Instruction, truly possess God’s Peace, and experience authentic and complete CONTENTMENT AND FREEDOM.  Developing and maintaining a Holy God-pleasing ‘in-life’, will insure a Holy God-pleasing ‘out-life’.

58-   The following Scripture passages [beginning with the next post in this place] emphasize our responsibility to God and ourselves to identify, develop, and utilize the great personal and church-corporate gifts Christ Jesus has given us through his Holy Spirit, and to use those gifts to develop the Holy Character God has made us accountable to develop.  These verses also point out the necessity of our realizing the influence our personal spiritual maturity has as it reaches the eyes, ears, and heart of the world, and the church; and our necessary fervent attitude toward regaining, establishing, and maintaining the purity and simplicity of the authentic Word of God.

(to be continued)  [End of introduction.  NOSAS Scriptures begin with next post.]

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