NOSAS Scripture section


NOSAS (continuing) Scripture section

This is my Expanded Version [EV] of these Scriptures.  These Scriptures are the finished product of my Word Study Version [WSV] [my Word-Study expansion of the King James Version] of these particular Scriptures; with comments, footnotes, and Scripture references replaced with subscripted numbers and letters in the main text, with those elements referenced and included at the end of each segment.

 The first nine Scripture selections [A1 – A9] are some of the strongest passages that emphasize the necessity of maintaining a vigorous, ongoing personal relationship/fellowship with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  These Scriptures reveal God’s wisdom.  We must follow His guidance, instead of relying on the popular false ideas or doctrines that promote the concept that a one-time-and-then-neglected emotional, or a single heart-serious, experience with Christ will authorize and empower a fully blessed experience in everlasting Life.  The commonly accepted false doctrine of “Once Saved Always Saved” [OSAS] has, through ignorance, killed more souls and stifled more spiritual growth and potential for fulfillment of God’s plan for Humanity than any other atrocity perpetrated by the so-called ‘Church’ of Christ Jesus: the ‘religious’ [counterfeit] forms of true Christianity.

 Although there are multitudes of examples in the Old Testament, we begin with only four to document that Godly Character development [spiritual maturity] has always been God’s goal for us, and the purpose of our Earthly existence.  The following is my Expanded Version [EV] of these Scriptures.  The King James Version [KJV+] and/or Word Study Version [WSV] of any of these particular verses or passages are available upon email request to or .


 NOSAS Scriptures, post #1, sections A1-A2,  Copyright © A. Woody Stone

A1-  1stChron.28:9[EV], “9And you, my child1, do not settle for mere religion2, but perceive, understand, and cherish my God: the God of our honorable ancestors.  Be a servant unto him: a servant who possesses a mature spirit and a mind desirous to know God and his ways and to obey his instruction, because God searches the depths of all our inner being3, and understands all the knowledge, attitudes, visualizations, and purposes of our spirit and mind4.  God already understands you; but if you diligently seek to understand, and relish living in, his character and ways, you will come to know, understand, and be like him, as he so greatly desires for your good.  However, if you refuse or abandon your search for intimate relationship with God, he will, in the end, discard you as waste5 forever.”S

 1stChronicles, 28:9(1) includes us today; 28:9(2) achieve spiritual maturity, and be righteously and boldly energetic (emphasizing spiritual growth over the accumulation of things) in your relationship/fellowship with God; 28:9(3) God searches all our inner being through his “since before the foundation of the world” permanent connection to our spirit: the part of us that knows absolutely everything about our total life.; 28:9(4) superconscious, conscious, and subconscious operations of our human self; 28:9(5) septic off-scouring: dung, urine, vomit, snot; 28:9(S) Prov.20:27


A2-  Ps.15:1-5[EV], “1LORD, who shall continually live under1 your umbrella2 of guidance and protection in your Earthly Kingdom3; and who shall dwell in your eternal presence42They are they who live uprightly, practice righteousness, and speak the Truth in their heart1; 3they who do not ‘back-bite’ with their tongue, nor do evil1 to their associates, nor perpetrate contemptuous or humiliating treatment against their neighbor24They are they in whose values1 vileness is disdained2, and who honor them that dread3, respect4, reverence5, and obey6 the LORD.  They who covenant7 to their own hurt8, and change not; 5who do not lend their money for the purpose of gaining interest, nor take bribes1 to judge or act against the innocent.  They who do these things shall never fall from dwelling in2 your Kingdom3.45

 Psalms, 15:1(1) not slide out from under; 15:1(2) shadow, shield; 15:1(3) under the guidance and protections of the Old and New Covenants; 15:1(4) in God’s spiritual ‘temple’ (Kingdom: present and eternal) – under the New Covenant; 15:2(1) If we truly ‘speak’ God’s Truth in our heart (spirit), our mouth and behavior will do the same.; 15:3(1) wickedness; 15:3(2) those near in place, kindred, or time (those wanting to spiritually connect with them); 15:4(1) moral and ethical standard by which a person regulates their spiritual, mental, and physical life; 15:4(2) deemed contemptuous; 15:4(3) dread the Judgment of; 15:4(4) respect the decisions of; 15:4(5) reverence the love and majesty of; 15:4(6) obey the instruction of; 15:4(7) make a promise (give their word on a matter – behave like God); 15:4(8) A person whose character is so Godly, and whose verbal agreement is so reliable, that they (as their principle) have sworn a curse upon themselves in the event that they break their word (their covenant) – to behave like God.; 15:5(1) in the form of reward, or to avoid threat, of any kind; 15:5(2) in at least some aspect of; 15:5(3) (O.T.) being sons of Israel (God’s Earthly Kingdom) and living under God’s protection; (N.T.) being sons of God and living in the benefits of Christ’s Kingdom (God’s Earthly and Spiritual Kingdom).; 15:5(4) Those who do not fail to purpose to live this lifestyle (but, in the N.T., not limited to these things alone) will not be displaced from dwelling in at lease some aspect and blessing of God’s all-life-encompassing Kingdom.; 15:5(5) Even though this Psalm was written in a time when they did not know there would be a ‘New Covenant’ with God; all these principles are repeated in the New Covenant.  They are the initial stage (Law) of developing mature Godly character [spiritual maturity (guided by Grace: the Holy Spirit)] – which is necessary to gain permanent entry into, and benefit from, God’s present and eternal Kingdom.

(to be continued)  [If you have questions or comments, please contact me – either here in the comments section, or by email (listed above).]


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