NOSAS, #22, Scripture sections A3-A4

(continuing)  NOSAS Scriptures, #2(A3-A4)

A3-  Ps.103:17-20[EV], “17But the mercy of the Lord1 is from everlasting past to everlasting future upon them that dread2, respect, reverence, and obey Him, and His righteousness3 extends unto4 their children and grandchildren5,S: 18to such as keep His Covenant: to those who remember His commandments to do them.  19God1 established His throne2 in the heavens3, and His Kingdom governs4 all His Creation.  20Bless God1, you His messengers: you who excel in strength doing His commandments, hearkening unto2 the voice3

 Psalms, 103:17(1) Yehovah(the name of God the Father) is translated here “the Lord” in order to communicate a more compassionate (soft emotion) rendering of his name, much like ‘Papa’ instead of ‘Father’; 103:17(2) dread being without His blessings; 103:17(3) righteous judgment and justice (His work to improve the human state); 103:17(4) continues to work in and through; 103:17(5) innumerable generations; 103:17(S) Ex.34:7; Deut.4:24-26, 10:12; Ps.109:1-6; 103:19(1)  17(1); 103:19(2) the seat of power of His Kingdom; 103:19(3) spirit realms [Everything that exists, exists in a spirit realm.  The physical realm and the mental realm are simply different (lower) dimensions of the many spirit realms God created.  God’s ‘throne’ is in the highest dimension, and he rules over everything from that dimension.]; 103:19(4) His Covenant has authority and power over; 103:20(1)  17(1); 103:20(2) ‘rhema-receiving’ (see “Quest Journal,” Journal entry #1); 103:20(3) sound and message; 103:20(4) listening intently, in order to hear correctly and obey exactly

 A4-  Prov.11:17-19[EV], “17They who are merciful to others are a blessing to their own soul, but they who are cruel curse their own life.  18The wicked perpetrate a fraud1 upon their own soul: but to them that sow righteousness there shall be a sure2 reward319As the pursuit of righteousness works to establish Life1: so they who pursue evil pursue it to their own Death1.”

 Proverbs, 11:18(1) con, deceit, scam, sham, swindle; 11:18(2) valuable, stable, and secure; 11:18(3) they discover how to open the ‘sluice gate’ of their life to the refreshing and empowering Life flow of the Holy Spirit; 11:19(1) present and eternal

(to be continued)

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