NOSAS, #23,Scriptures, sections A5-A6

NOSAS, #23, Scriptures, sections (A5-A6)

A5-  Mt.7:13-14, 21-23[EV], “13Enter into Life at the narrow1 gate2: for wide3 is the gate and broad4 are the roads5 that lead to destruction, and most everyone chooses those paths in this life6.  14The gate that leads to Life1 is very specific2, and the path3 narrows beyond that gate, and very few find their way4 to truly enter and advance into that Life, and attain the goal God assigned to all5.6S

 “21Not everyone who says1 unto me, ‘Lord, Lord’2, shall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven3, but only they who do the will of my Heavenly Father22Many will say1 unto me in that day2, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in3 your name4, and in your name4 cast out devils5, and in your name4 done many miraculous works6?’  23Then I will proclaim unto them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you who do your own works1 and allege you are operating under my Character, Authority, and Instruction’S.”

 Matthew, 7:13(1) strait, constricting, restricting; 7:13(2) entry way; 7:13(3) seductive and spacious; 7:13(4) emotionally titillating, carnal-culturally acceptable – many and various types of philosophies and ‘religions’; 7:13(5) paths, avenues in the world’s carnal-based philosophies; 7:13(6) to their present and eternal destruction; 7:14(1) ‘zoe’ [‘Christ’ level Life]; 7:14(2) only one way to be born again; 7:14(3) road – the way to live this Earthly life while obtaining and retaining the elements of authentic and full Salvation; 7:14(4) perceive and grasp within the Holy Spirit the wherewithal, and within themselves the gumption,; 7:14(5) eternal Life and Blessing; 7:14(6) Some do enter the restrictive ‘gate’ but, ignoring Christ’s instruction, immediately set up permanent residence along the ‘road’ [“The Way”]; and some who travel further do not see the narrowing ‘road’ and wander into the stagnant ‘ditch’ of ‘religion’ [a ‘religious’ mindset].  Others see the ‘gate’, and choose to ignore it and ‘The Way’ [the pagan/hedonist mindset].  Either way, they all miss the ultimate goal of complete and eternal Salvation.; 7:14(S) Mt.19:23-24; Mk.10:24-25; Lk.18:24-25 [anyone with much Earthly intelligence, talent, and/or property]; Mal.3:6; Mt.16:16-17; Mk.13:5-6; Jn.6:40, 8:12, 23-24, 10:9-10, 12:46-50, 14:6-21, 17:3-26

 7:21(1) alleges, asserts; 7:21(2) that they have accepted my Lordship; 7:21(3) We are not engaged in word games, but rather, in heart (spiritual) issues.; 7:22(1) profusely assert; 7:22(2) the ‘Day’ (time, era, dispensation) of Judgment; 7:22(3) proudly (yet falsely) identified ourselves with; 7:22(4) Character and Authority; 7:22(5) evil spirits; 7:22(6) demonstrations of ‘dunamis’ power; 7:23(1) your own desire, design, and initiative (sin: breaking of the operational laws of the Kingdom); 7:23(S) Rom.1:18

A6-  Acts 20:28-31, 32[EV], 28Therefore take heed unto1 yourselves, and to2 all the congregations of Christ followers3, over whom the Holy Spirit made you4 overseers, to ‘feed5’ the church of God6, which He7 purchased with His own blood829For I discern1 this, that after my departure grievous2 ‘wolves will stealthily enter in among you, not sparing anyone330Also of your own selves1 shall ‘vipers’ arise, speaking seditious and imaginary distortions of Christ’s gospel, in order to draw away disciples after themselves.  31Therefore watch1, and remember, that over the span of three years I did not cease to warn2 everyone about these things night and day with tears3.

32And now, brethren, I leave you in1 God’s care and the care of the Word2 of His Grace3 which4 is able to fortify you and embolden and empower you5 all6 to receive an enhanced inheritance among all them which are sanctified7.”

 Acts, 20:28(1) be cognizant of; 20:28(2) of; 20:28(3) “flocks” – small or large; 20:28(4) ‘shepherds’ – he is teaching and prophesying to Pastors and Church leaders (Elders); 20:28(5) supply authentic spiritual nourishment to; 20:28(6) all those who have accepted the spiritual call to relationship/fellowship with God; 20:28(7) the Father and the Holy Spirit (the “Word”), through Jesus; 20:28(8) the Father God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are “one,” and ‘they’ are our redeemer (Jn.10:30, 17:22-23; Rom.12:5; 1stCor.3:8, 10:17, 12:12; 1stJn.5:7); 20:29(1) spiritually perceive clearly; 20:29(2) ravenous, covetous, and burdensome; 20:29(3) anyone in a group of Christ believers; 20:30(1) of you leaders, and your congregations; 20:31(1) be vigilant; 20:31(2) admonish, explain, and plead with; 20:31(3) knowing what will happen, and lamenting the demeaning and disastrous results of arrogant and self-centered separation from the instruction and power of the Holy Spirit;

20:32(1) turn you totally over to; 20:32(2) (‘logos’) Holy Spirit – the extended outward expression; 20:32(3) Christ the Holy Spirit is God’s Grace extended to Humanity; 20:32(4) who; 20:32(5) The working of the Holy Spirit is not guaranteed to control our life.  It is only through our authentic cooperation that His ability becomes our reality; 20:32(6) not just the Elders; 20:32(7) ‘Holy’ or becoming Holy (Jn.17:17-19; 1stCor.6:11; Eph.5:25-27; 2ndTim.2:21)

(to be continued)

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