NOSAS Scriptures, A7 (#4)

(continuing)  NOSAS Scriptures, (A7) #4

A7-  1stCor.9:23-27[EV], “… 23I do these cultural, yet Christ’s gospel guided, compatibilitiesS for the benefit and promotion of the Gospel in others, as well as myself, so I will be able to be a partaker of the responsibilities and blessings of that Gospel with you, and you with me.  24Do you not comprehend that everyone who actually runs in a race runs all-out, but they who receive the prize are they who reach the winners goal1 Therefore, run, so you may take honorable and rightful possession of your Christ provided and empowered victory225Everyone who fervently labors for true mastery in any aspect of life eventually comes to understand that it is essential to be temperate1 in all aspects of their life.  Even those who rule their life according to the input they receive from the carnal realm understand that they must be self-controlled2 in order, and to the extent necessary, to obtain a corruptible3 ‘crown4.  Likewise, we who strive to obtain the incorruptible ‘crown’5 God has promised, must also sacrifice all things that hinder that quest6.S  26Therefore we must run with intensity, purpose, and purity of Character; not with timidity or uncertainty, but with confidence in God’s Love, ability, and willingness to work in and through us to fulfill the Grace he provided for, and extended toward, us1Because of this necessity, I do not fight like a shadow boxer beating the air2.  27For this cause, I restrain1 my mind to be in submission to my spirit [which I keep in submission to the Holy Spirit], and my body in subjection to my mind; therefore, my whole being is under the control of God through the wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit.  I do this because otherwise,by many possible means2, after I have demonstrated and proclaimed the gospel of Christ to others, I myself could be a castaway from God’s promised Salvation in this life and eternity3.”4

1stCorinthians, 9:23(S) v.9-22; 9:24(1) the finish line – All who reach the finish line receive eternal Life; but some receive great extra rewards in this life and eternity, some receive few, depending on their adherence to the gospel of Christ.; 9:24(2) in this life and the next; 9:25(1) God-controlled; 9:25(2) temperate; 9:25(3) disintegrable; :25(4) an earthly achievement or honor they desire; 9:25(5) eternal position of Life, honor, and authority; 9:25(6) There are no free rides past the open door (Jesus paid the ‘race entry fee’) God so freely provided for us through Christ.; 9:25(S) Rom.5:21, 6:22; 2ndTim.2:5; 9:26(1) With the help of the Holy Spirit, we must remove all the ankle, waist, wrist, neck, and head weights that slow us down and hinder the completion of our race.; 9:26(2) not with ‘religiously’ contrived opponents or goals; but in the God ordained, directed, and empowered fight for my life, and yours: following the Truth principles of the gospel of Christ through the Holy Spirit; 9:27(1) subdue; 9:27(2) to defend against all possible means by which; 9:27(3) corrupted and unfulfilled potential: unable to receive the Earthly and eternal blessings of God [It takes spiritual acuity and ability (maturity and character), to live in and appreciate the blessings of the Spirit realm.]; 9:27(4) If Paul [as great an Apostle as he was] could lose out on Earthly and eternal rewards by being a ‘cast away’ [disqualifying himself] from God’s blessings, how much more should we [being more carnal than him] endeavor to get our life into line with God’s will [God’s system of operating his Creation]?

(to be continued)

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