NOSAS Scriptures, #5 (A8)

(continuing)  NOSAS Scriptures, (A8) #5

A8-   2ndCor.5:19[EV], 19 God1 was2 in Christ Jesus3, reconciling4 Humanity5 unto himself in order to [eventually] bring his Creation back into perfect standing6 with himself:not holding people accountable for the trespasses against God that they committed before truly accepting Christ as their savior7; and has now consigned8 unto us9 the responsibility of, and accountability for, sharing with others, through demonstration and proclamation, the message10 of Truth, which sets at liberty the work and message of that reconciliation11to the Father God12.”S

 2ndCorinthians, 5:19(1) in the form of “the Word [Jn.1:1]; 5:19(2) is even now; 5:19(3) “Christ” [God’s salvation stationed in Humanity] is the redeeming and reconciling aspect of God the Father, projected into the realm of Humanity to fulfill the Father’s goal of Salvation for those in Humanity who would and will, by Faith, accept the redeeming sacrifice of his Son and follow his instruction.  Jesus was the first full manifestation of this “Christ” aspect of God the Father, and the Holy Spirit is the present day manifestation of that same “Christ” projected into the realm of Humanity.; 5:19(4) ‘to change mutually’: altering the conditions [on both sides] of a contract [Covenant] – redeeming, reconfiguring, and balancing accounts with; 5:19(5) Earth’s population of all humans; 5:19(6) alignment; 5:19(7) God, through Christ, and after they accept Christ, does not make anyone accountable for the sin they commit before they truly accept Christ Jesus as their savior.  Christ Jesus is now able, through Christ the Holy Spirit, to keep sin from ruling our life and continuing to be a barrier between ourselves and spiritual maturity in relationship/fellowship with God the Father.  The Father, through Christ Jesus, was setting up an advanced operating system [the New Covenant (Testament)] for his “man” creation, whereby He could erase the past sin debt from His accounting ‘ledger’ of a believer’s life and advance his character-development system of dealing with that individual, and all Humanity.; 5:19(8) yielded, entrusted, assigned; 5:19(9) personally, as truly believing Christians empowered through the Holy Spirit; 5:19(10) ‘logos’; 5:19(11) The gift of reunification with God that empowers righteousness in our character, attitude, words, and behavior.; 5:19(12) The Holy Spirit [‘blood’] of Christ Jesus, united with our authentic repentance and forgiveness of others [‘water’], is the perfect sin-erasing emulsion.  This emulsion, formulated and used through the wisdom, love, and grace of God, eradicates the negative entries in God’s biography of our life.  The extent of this elimination of sin, limited only by our contrariness to His instruction, establishes our level of connectedness with God.  Through this connectedness, we are able to access the wisdom and empowerment [available only through the Holy Spirit] to achieve spiritual maturity, fulfill our personal aspect of God’s assignments, and receive the blessings God promised us in his Word.; 5:19(S) [Mk.11:25-26; 1stJn.5:6] Jn.1:1-4, 14; Rom.3:24-26; Col.2:13; 2ndPeter 1:9

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