NOSAS Scriptures, #6 (A9)

(continuing)  #6(A9)

A9-  Gal.1:6-12[EV]©, “6I am astonished that you have so soon alienated yourselves from the purity, excellence, and power of your once fervent relationship/fellowship with the Holy Spirit1 who reveals and empowers the gospel2 of Christ JesusChrist the Holy Spirit called you unto, enables your entry into, and empowers your successful utilization of, the munificent benevolence, insurmountable wisdom, and carnally unfathomable3 human empowerment supplied to us through Christ.  You are being made spiritually and mentally impotent by intermingling Christ’s pure gospel2 with other gospels1: 7which are not really other God-created gospels[1:6(2)], but are life philosophies and cultural systems created by humans.  Those who design and propagate such errant philosophies and systems are those who do, and will, cause corruption and destruction among you through 1perverting the authentic gospel[1:6(2)] of Christ28But even if we; an angel who is, or seems to be, from heaven; or anyone1 else, proclaims any other gospel[1:6(2)] unto you than that Christ-centered philosophy[1:6(2)] of God’s Love, Life principles, and powers which we have demonstrated and proclaimed unto you; let them2 be accursed39I say again in different words, If anyone1 proclaims any other gospel[1:6(2)] unto you than the Christ’s-gospel[1:6(2)] you have received from me in its purity and forthrightness, let them be exposed as being earth-bound and separated2 from God and you, and ultimately destroyed in and through their own delusions3.S

10Do I now do homage to1 people, or God?  Do I seek to ingratiate myself with Humanity?  If I were to be a people pleaser, or otherwise acquiesce to the desires, designs, or pressures of people2, I would then not be the servant of Christ.  11But I certify to you, brethren1, that the gospel[1:6(2)] demonstrated and proclaimed through me is not a product of the desire or dictate of anyone except Christ.  12I neither assimilated nor deduced my gospel through observing Humanity, nor was I taught it by any Earthly being; but I received it through spiritual/mental revelation-understanding from God the Father, empowered to me through the Holy Spirit1 of Christ Jesus.”

Galatians, 1:6(1) God’s ‘grace’ toward Humanity; 1:6(2) The philosophical guidelines for our life that teach us what to accept and reject, and the attitude we should maintain; and explains the authorities and powers that exist in this life and the spiritual realm, and how to interact with them.; 1:6(3) It is not possible to fathom these things through the use of the carnal mental and physical senses alone.  It is only through our spiritual bonding process with Christ the Holy Spirit that we can begin to truly understand.; 1:7(1) unintentionally or willingly; 1:7(2) piggybacking off and corrupting some of the precepts in Christ’s gospel, because of its popularity and authority among you, in order to justify and support their own purpose, vision, traditions, and carnal lust; 1:8(1) or anything [Rev.13:15]; 1:8(2) and their philosophy that leads to Earthly bondage and spiritual death; 1:8(3) ‘anathema’ – excommunicated from the Church and Heaven; 1:9(1) or anything [Rev.13:15]; 1:9(2) accursed – ‘anathema’; 1:9(3) false beliefs, distortions, deceptions, and destructions of the difference between righteous and evil doctrine.  False and self-serving interpretations of any one part of Christ’s gospel, always leads to misinterpretations and delusions about other aspects of that Gospel.; 1:9(S) Prov.6:16-19; Isa.28:9-13; Jer.6:16, 13:9-14; Zech.7:9-13; Rom.1:21-22; 2ndCor.10:2-5; Phil.1:16; Rev.6:12-17

1:10(1) assent to and rely on; 1:10(2) the carnal proclivities of Humanity; 1:11(1) fellow spiritual-womb occupants; 1:12(1) through the Love, Wisdom, Knowledge, Grace, and Power

(to be continued)  [Your questions and comments are welcome.]

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