NOSAS Scriptures, extended list, #7(B1)

(continuing) NOSAS Scriptures, extended list, post #7(B1)

The following posts of fourteen passages of Scripture are more outstanding examples, followed by a list of many more, that pertain to our present and eternal Salvation being tied to our development of Godly character [Holy Spirit empowered spiritual maturity]; and they individually and cumulatively discredit and disqualify the commonly accepted doctrine of “Once Saved Always Saved”, except under a specific condition: remaining IN Christ.

 B1-  Phil.3:1-30 (8-16)[EV], 8Although my heritage and accomplishments1 were much cherished by me in times past, I now judge them all to be detrimental to the purity, maturity, and supremacy of my quest for conscious understanding of Christ Jesus my Lord and of my responsibilities of relationship/fellowship with him.  Christ is the one for whom I have relinquished my spiritual/mental attachment to all earthly things and honors, and consider them to be no better than offscouring2, so I may win3 Christ 9and be found saturated in himIn Christ, I do not have to rely on the fallibility of achieving and maintaining right standing with God through legalistic performance, which is possible only through perfect adherence to all the written laws of God1.  Instead, I rely on the quality of righteousness only achievable through Faithin Christ’s redemption2: the righteousness that is empowered by God through our authentic Faith in Christ3.  10I cast away all hindrances to that quest, so I am prepared to consciously comprehend the true Christ, and experience the power that brought about1 the resurrection of Christ Jesus from the dead.  I strive for like-mindedness with Christ, in order to personally experience his sacrifice of all earthly things and honors, and be completely conformed unto his death to all things that hinder relationship/fellowship with God the Father through Christ.  11This is to enable me, by all means available through the Holy Spirit, to be able to achieve the character qualities1 manifest through true and complete Faith.  Through that Faith, I am empowered to attain unto the resurrection of the dead Covenanted with us by God the Father through Christ.  12I most surely do not assume that I have already attained that most coveted prize of eternal Life; neither do I assume that I am already complete in spiritual and mental maturity.  I continue to follow after, yea chase to fulfill, with every morsel of my being, the life-principles instruction and example of Christ, so I may attain unto, seize, and possess that for which I am empowered and challenged by Christ Jesus to achieve.  13Fellow spiritual-womb occupants [Brethren], I do not assume, or in any way perceive or feign, that I have already achieved the God set assignment and goal to which I have been empowered and challenged to accomplishment in Christ’s Kingdom1.  However, I have adopted Christ’s gospel vision, purpose, and victory that encourage and enhance my advancement toward obedience and achieving that goal.  That principle of advancement is: I abandon2 those things and precepts from my past that would hinder my present and future spiritual/mental progress unto Holiness.  To accomplish this abandonment of hindrances, I focus my vision and purpose on reaching forward unto the victory3 set before us in Christ14I exert and stretch toward the goal of fulfilling the potential for personal quality established by, the assignment of, and achieving the reward promised by, God: as set forth and empowered in us in Christ Jesus15Therefore, let all who are striving for Godly character excellence1 have this same attitude and goal; and if anyone has even the slightest difference in attitude, behavior, and/or goal from that of Christ, in any aspect of life, God shall reveal that difference to them through the Holy Spirit216Nevertheless, even with possible inconsistencies in our walk with Christ, let us now live in Christ’s precepts to the extent that we do understand them.  Let us set our affection, attention, and energy on conforming our life to1 the understanding of Christ that we now have, even as we continue to seek greater purity and strength of understanding and behavior2.”S

 Philippians, 3:8(1) v.5-7; 3:8(2) dung, urine, menstruation fluid, vomit, etc.; 3:8(3) to receive as a reward for accomplishment; 3:9(1) Old Testament system of achieving temporary righteousness through unstable mental adherence to God’s regulations; 3:9(2) The New Testament [Covenant] system of achieving stable and eternal righteousness through spiritual maturity: adherence to God’s regulations through spiritual/mental acceptance and utilization of the attributes of Christ the Holy Spirit; 3:9(3) Christ Jesus, and Christ the Holy Spirit; 3:10(1) and is available to us only because of and through; 3:11(1) spiritual maturity; 3:13(1) Christ’s Kingdom is now on Earth and in ‘heaven’ [the spirit realms]; 3:13(2) throw away, cast off, judge worthless to maintain; 3:13(3) potential and goal; 3:15(1) the walkway [pathway, roadway, avenue] to authentic and complete Salvation; 3:15(2) It is their responsibility to prepare and understand those revelations – and our responsibility to help them do so.; 3:16(S) Phil.4:13; 3:16(1) cherishing, nurturing, life constructing around; 3:16(2) behavior of spirit, mind, and body

 (to be continued)  [The Word Study Version (WSV) of these Scriptures is available free upon email request to or]

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