NOSAS Scriptures, #8(B2)

(continuing)  #8(B2)

B2-  Col.1:9-10, 12, 18, 21-23, 27-28[EV], 9For this cause1 we also, since the day we heard it2, do not cease to pray for you, and to desire that you might be filled3 with sincere spiritual/mental understanding4 of God’s will for your life in all wisdom and understanding in Godly spiritual matters.  10This is so you will have the courage to live worthy of the Lord unto all submission to him, being fruitful in every good work, and increasing in spiritual/mental understanding1 of God;”

 “12Giving thanks unto the Father, who has equipped1 us to be co-beneficiaries in the inheritance of the saints2: those who live in Christ’s Light3:”

 “18And Jesus is the head of the body of Christ1 [the Church2], and is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; so that over all things3 he may become preeminent4.”

 “21And you1 also, who were alienated from God2 in times past and hostile toward Him through your exercise of wicked3 beliefs, thoughts, and behavior.  Nevertheless, He has also now reconciled4 you to himself through Christ5, 22through his human experience1 and body unto death2, in order to empower you3 to be presented4 holy, unblemished, and unreproveable in God’s sight5.  23You will enter into and maintain this status, and live in the benefits of this reconciliation, if you continue in the Faith1 grounded and settled, and be not moved away from life-ruling2 confidence in the true gospel of Christ Jesus – which the Father expects of you.  You have already heard this, which is now in the process of being3 demonstrated and proclaimed to every human being4, the fulfillment of which I Paul have been equipped and sent by Christ to help complete.”

 “27to whom1 God purposes to make known the mystery of the riches of the glory he has extended toward all Gentiles2; which message is: Christ within you generates confident expectation of the eternal3 blessing, honor, and position he presents for your acceptance.  28This is the message we demonstrate and proclaim, warning every person, and teaching every person in and through all Christ’s wisdom; so we may be able to present1 every person to God in full array of spiritual maturity2 in Christ Jesus:”

 Colossians, 1:9(1) Paul was instructing the Colossians [members of the body of Christ – which we are today] to continue demonstrating the Love of God and promoting the gospel of Christ.; 1:9(2) heard of their demonstration of God’s kind [quality] of Love [selfless benevolence] and their promotion of the gospel [life philosophy] of Christ; 1:9(3) crammed full, accomplished, complete; 1:9(4) ‘epignosis’ – spiritual understanding that is not possible without the encouragement and cooperation of the mind or the empowerment of the Holy Spirit; 1:10(1) ‘epignosis’

1:12(1) qualified: outfitted: retrofitted: made sufficient [full of power and potential] through the Holy Spirit; 1:12(2) the ‘Holy Ones’: those who lived before us, those now living, and those to come who were/are/will be earnestly on their way to overcoming every personal attribute that worked/works contrary to them achieving Character maturity in Christ [believers on a determinately fixed course to a truly righteous future]; 1:12(3) true enlightenment and behavior in Christ

1:18(1) thus deserving our respect and obedience; 1:18(2) the world-wide group of people who have authentically accepted Christ Jesus as the Lord of their life; 1:18(3) including, and mainly, us personally; 1:18(4) may be allowed to be preeminent in the life of every human being, thus becoming the supreme authority in all matters [he already rules over everything else] concerning The Father’s Creation [his preeminence over all things will come about through the authentic Church – and then turn it over to The Father: v.16-20; Rom.15:507; 1stCor.15:22-29]

1:21(1) Gentiles; 1:21(2) having no Covenant with God; 1:21(3) sinful: conducting your life according to precepts and ways contrary to God’s desire and ordinances; 1:21(4) has granted us all right-standing with Himself through Christ, so we can start our new Life in Christ with a zero account balance instead of a negative balance [the negative account begun by Adam, and continued and added to by each individual: the cause of Humanity becoming more and more alienated from God] – has balanced the sin-account for Humanity through Christ Jesus, and granted us all the right to receive and be in-dwelt by the Holy Spirit, thus opening the way for us all to have personal relationship/fellowship with God; 1:21(5) through an advanced [New] phase of God’s Master Covenant; 1:22(1) the experience of subduing the mental/physical carnality of his fleshly being; 1:22(2) Jesus was actually the body The Father created for himself to inhabit, so he could reconcile Humanity back to himself.; 1:22(3) through Christ the Holy Spirit; 1:22(4) proffered; 1:22(5) in God’s presence now and at our time of final judgment; 1:23(1) actual spirit/mind level belief in the Covenant the Father made with us through Christ Jesus [The Father’s Covenant is with Jesus, but we can enter into that same Covenant through authentic unity with (Faith in) Christ Jesus]; 1:23(2) ‘elpis’: mental Faith: the mental level ruling of our own life through taking spiritual advantage of the attributes of the Holy Spirit; 1:23(3) which is to be; 1:23(4) every person living their human life in these lesser dimensions [5th, 4th, and 3rd] than the Holy Spirit [6th]

1:27(1) [God’s present “saints”]: the ‘Holy Ones’: those who are earnestly on their way to overcoming every personal attribute that works contrary to them achieving Character maturity in Christ [believers on a determinately fixed course to a truly Righteous future]; 1:27(2) everyone who is not a Jew – The Apostle Paul was sent by Christ to minister to Gentiles, therefore, he states “Gentiles”, but the message of Christ is for everyone, including the Jewish people.; 1:27(3) ‘eternal’ includes our present, and extends to the infinite future; 1:28(1) stand beside, recommend, substantiate; 1:28(2) Godly Character

(to be continued) [The Word Study Version (WSV) of these Scriptures is available free upon email request to or]

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