NOSAS (#29) Scriptures, #9 (B3-B5)

(Continuing) #9(B3-B5) ©

B3-  Col.2:6-7[EV], 6Therefore, since you have received1 Christ Jesus the Lord, live your life in him: 7rooted and built up in him, and established in the Faith, as you have been taught, excelling therein and filled with thanksgiving.”

 Colossians, 2:6(1) truly opened your spirit and mind to

 B4-  Col.4:5-6[EV], 5Walk in wisdom, especially toward them outside the body of Christ: redeeming the time16Purpose that your outward Earthly expressions are always guided and empowered by the Holy Spirit (seasoned with ‘salt’1), so you are able2 to perceive3 how you ought to interact with everyone.”

Colossians, 4:5(1) rescuing, ransoming, putting your [and their] time to good use: offering your behavior and speech to the best redemptive advantage of everyone; 4:6(1) Life giving and preservation: nourished, flavored, inspired, enriched, and empowered by the Holy Spirit.  Speech is generated through applying the content and ability of our spirit and mind; therefore, this passage is talking about preparing and training our spirit to receive wisdom and direction from the Holy Spirit, and preparing and training our mind and body to express that wisdom as directed by the Holy Spirit through our spirit.; 4:6(2) because you are seeking the advice and power of the Holy Spirit; 4:6(3) spiritually/mentally understand

 B5- 1stThess.3:12-4:8[EV], 12And I pray you will cooperate with the Lord in helping you to increase and abound in Love1 one toward another and toward all people, even as we do toward you.  13The Lord does so in order to permanently establishing your hearts1 in unblemished holiness before God our Father at the coming2 of our Lord Christ Jesus with all his saints34:1Because of his foretold coming, we further plead with you, brethren1, and exhort you by2 the Lord Jesus, that as you have received instruction from us3 on how you ought to live and to please God, we pray that in these same life-applications you would abound4 more and more.  2You know what commandments we gave you from the Lord Jesus.  3For this is the will of God, even your sanctification, that you must abstain from harlotry1: 4that every one of you1 should know how to possess2 their humanness3 in sanctification and honor4; 5not in lustful/sinful desires1, even as do the heathen who know not God.  6That none of you go outside God’s standard and defraud1 your fellow human beings in any matter: because the Lord is the avenger of2 all those who are abused in any way, as we have forewarned and informed you of your responsibilities and accountability in these matters.  7God has not called us1 unto uncleanness2, but unto Holiness8Therefore, they who violate1 God’s standard of behavior toward a fellow human being, does not only despise2 that person, but also despises God: who has, along with all his other blessings, committed unto us his Holy Spirit to guide and empower us toward Holiness, which leads us away from unHoly attitudes and behaviors.”S

1stThessalonians, 3:12(1) ‘agape’: God’s kind [quality] of munificent benevolence; 3:13(1) the spirit of each individual who reads these words; 3:13(2) prepared upon sudden arrival – because the Lord is surely coming to judge Humanity, and we need to be prepared for that event, whenever it takes place, and subsequent judgment; 3:13(3) the ‘Holy Ones’: those who have died before us, who were earnestly on their way to overcoming every personal attribute that worked contrary to them achieving Character maturity in Christ [believers on a determinately fixed course to a truly righteous future]; 4:1(1) fellow spiritual womb occupants; 4:1(2) through the authority of; 4:1(3) through demonstration and knowledge; 4:1(4) excel; 4:3(1) adultery, incest, sodomy, idolatry – all sinful carnal imaginations, longings, and actions; 4:4(1) fellow Christians; 4:4(2) gain and maintain control over; 4:4(3) spirit, mind, and body; 4:4(4) valuing the cost of Salvation; 4:5(1) spiritual and carnal level sinful imaginations, longings, and actions [to set the heart and mind upon things forbidden by God – to be in a condition where a person’s spiritual/mental character is dictated to by their emotions and carnal desires, rather than having emotions and carnal desires controlled by mature Godly spiritual/mental character]; 4:6(1) take deceptive and/or abusive advantage of, tempt, or in any other way lead astray; 4:6(2) eventually and surely carrying out justice for; 4:7(1) Anything God has called us to, he has also given us the ability to prepare for.  The power of our ability lies in our spirit; the righteous fulfillment of our ability and potential lies in our connection with the Holy Spirit sent to Humanity on the first day of Pentecost following Jesus’ resurrection.; 4:7(2) impurity, moral debauchery, animalistic behavior, timidity, unHoliness; 4:8(1) have contempt for, neglect, abuse, undermine; 4:8(2) cast a dark shadow over, dishonor, degrade [especially the despiser’s own value system, and to their own destruction]; 4:8(S) Rom.1:16-25

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