#30, NOSAS Scriptures, 2nd Thess.2:7-17 (#10, B-6)

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B6-  2ndThess.2:7-17[EV], “7Because the mystery of iniquity1 is already at work: only he who now hinders2 the work of the Holy Spirit will hinder, until he3 is taken out of the way.  8And then1 shall that infamous Wicked One2 be unmasked, whom the Lord shall engulf3 with the Spirit of his mouth4 and shall destroy5 with the brightness of his coming6.7  9That Wicked One is he whose coming replicates1 the works2 of Satan3 with all kinds of power4 and signs5 and lying6 wonders7, 10and with all manner of deception and self-delusion in them that perish, that convinces the ignorant and unaware that unrighteousness is righteous, because they did not receive Love of the Truth1 by which they could have been saved11In order to loose these things at the appropriate time, God shall instantly solidify1 their already present sinful delusions2 so they will unalterably continue to certify and act in accordance with3 the lies they have accepted4: 12so they will all willingly1 walk through the open door to their self-determined condemnation and destruction2: those who did not believe the Truth, but rather were well pleased in, and with3, unrighteousness.”4

  “13But1 we are indebted, dedicated and heart-captured to always2 give thanks to God for you, brethren3 beLoved of the Lord4; because God, from before the creation of the first minuscule essence of all Creation, chose those who would truly believe and accept Christ Jesus to be their Truth, Lord, and life-example5, to be the ones who will reap the harvest of Salvation.  The standard for receiving God’s Salvation6 is: (1) you must sanctify/consecrate your whole spirit to His use7,and (2) you must truly believe and Love8 God’s Truth.9  14The Lord invited, encouraged, and empowered you to fulfill this standard, for the purpose of you accepting your assigned position of responsibility, accountability, and blessing, in exemplifying Christ’s gospel.  We have demonstrated and proclaimed Christ’s gospel to you for the purpose of enabling you, through your deliberate intent and effort of Faith, to be the personal recipients, possessors,and deliverers of the same glory1 our Lord Christ Jesus possesses, and to which you have been invited and directed15Therefore, brethren, seize upon, stand fast in, and preserve the Truth precepts of Christ’s gospel, which you have been taught whether by our spoken words or written letters.  16I pray you will allow our Lord Christ Jesus himself, and God our Father who Loves us and has given1 us everlasting confident expectation of blessed and empowered outcomes through His Holy Spirit, 17to exhort and draw your hearts to the assurance and stability of His Truth, and help you to be concretely established in every Christ-intrinsic word1 and work2.”

 2ndThessalonians, 2:7(1) the son of perdition [destruction]: the carnal-driven human spirit; 2:7(2) holds the lease on – restrains, prevents, obstructs: has custody of unbelievers and the unbelieving world system, and hinders believers and God’s operating system in the world: as with ‘property’ on lease [through the first Adam] to a cantankerous [evil, domineering] landlord; 2:7(3) that spiritual power that works within us [carnality] generally identified by the name “Satan”; 2:8(1) at that time; 2:8(2) lawlessness, wickedness: the power of carnality in our life, and the unrealized ease of its defeat; 2:8(3) dominate – totally appropriate for his own use; 2:8(4) by freely and deliberately projecting the attributes of the Holy Spirit; 2:8(5) overwhelm, in order to make darkness totally of none effect in those who receive the Light – as a strong light overwhelms darkness; 2:8(6) clear revelation to the human spirit and mind; 2:8(7) There is a double implication here.  First, there will be a person who, at that time, possesses the personal power and world influence to do the things referred to in these verses [this power is already at work and on the rise].  Second, there is a power within each of us [our carnal human spirit] that has these powers in our personal life [this power is already at work and on the rise].  Both of these aspects will be fully manifest in the last days.  The world leader will be free to work his wickedness to influence the whole world; but we determine if the personal aspect of this wicked power will be unleashed or brought under the direct control of the Holy Spirit, in our personal life.  The direction our life takes at that time is dependent upon the choices of leadership we make in our life today [2ndCor.6:2].  Today, we choose to follow either ‘carnality’ or the Holy Spirit: destruction or Salvation.  There will not be time to decide after the instant God determines to set the “end times” in motion.; 2:9(1) follows, copies, emulates; 2:9(2) methods, operations, energy; 2:9(3) accuser of the Brethren – the archetype [undiluted prototype] of evil: the carnal-bound spirit and mind of unregenerate Humanity; 2:9(4) personal ‘dunamis’; 2:9(5) evidences; 2:9(6) false, not obviously human-based; 2:9(7) operations, and puzzling happenings [release of the as-yet untapped powers of the human spirit]; 2:10(1) the ability for which is empowered by the Holy Spirit; 2:11(1) thrust in – make resolute, solid, and permanent; 2:11(2) self-set determinations; 2:11(3) be locked into; 2:11(4) believed and cemented into their delusional mindset; 2:12(1) blindly; 2:12(2) the condemnation and destruction previously determined and explained by God – establish their own downfall by the lifestyle [doctrine] they accepted for themselves – receive the recompense of their own determinations [as Pharaoh and his followers did in the time of Moses]; 2:12(3) participation in, and/or sanction of unrighteousness – got their sense of fulfillment through unrighteousness; 2:12(4) There are many who believe they can live in earth-focused purpose, mentality, and sensual pleasures now, and still have the good sense to make a last-minute decision for Christ and make it to Heaven [since they have some ‘knowledge’ of Scripture, and because of the misconceptions perpetrated through ‘religion’, expect to have a quick and easy, last-minute, escape from Hell] if the obvious end-times come upon them while they are still living.  God simply finalizes [v-11 – solidifies, cements] the beliefs we [all] have when the ‘final stage’ of the end-times suddenly begins.  Unbelievers, and the unfaithful, should be very glad that these events are now being described to them, in that, a sign of this instantaneous beginning of the end-time will be their inability to recognize and detach themselves from their unrighteous beliefs, desires, and behaviors.  Now is the day and time to secure Salvation [2ndCor.6:2].

2:13(1) regardless of the corruption and damnation of those who do not believe in God’s Truth and Righteousness, and therefore live life contrary to the gospel of Christ; 2:13(2) always, and in all ways; 2:13(3) fellow spiritual-womb occupants; 2:13(4) and direct benefactors of God: the deliberate benevolence of the supreme architect and developer of all Creation; 2:13(5) to be the standard-bearers for identifying and establishing Truth and true Faith for those who would [will] believe His Son Jesus to be their Life preserver and reconciliation to the Father.; 2:13(6) in this life and/or eternal Life; 2:13(7) place highest priority on the purification and righteous use of your whole spirit: the whole foundation of who you are: the core of your beliefs and belief system – which is evidenced by carry-through [purposefully and steadily] into the behavior of your whole mind and body; 2:13(8) your own mental sanctification and consecration; 2:13(9) This total sanctification and consecration [when applied in its fullness] will empower you to fulfill the requirement of accomplishing God’s purpose and assignment for your life.  This twofold standard of life-application of Christ’s gospel is only achievable through incorporating the appropriate-to-the-situation wisdom, knowledge, and power of the Holy Spirit, and applying them to current life situations.; 2:14(1) character, power, splendor; 2:16(1) gifted, made available, to; 2:17(1) Earthly conversation, and spiritually received and delivered proclamation; 2:17(2) behavior [Earthly and spiritual]

(to be continued) [The Word Study Version (WSV) of these Scriptures is available free upon email request to awoodystone@hotmail.com or awoodystone@gmail.com .  Questions and comments may also be presented at these addresses.  I’m also on FaceBook at www.facebook.com/awoodystone ]


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