NOSAS Scriptures, #11 (B7), Heb.3:5-19

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B7- Heb.3:5-19[EV], “5And Moses truly was faithful in all his house, as a servant, …; 6but Christ is even more faithful, as a Son in authority over his own house; whose house we are, if we hold fast the bold assurance and rejoicing of confident expectation firm until we achieve the promises1 for which Jesus paid the right-of-way7To enlighten our path to the destination God promised (the Holy Spirit reemphasizes: ‘Today, if you desire to hear God’s counsel, 8you will be able to do so only if you do not harden your hearts, as your ancestors did in the years of God’s exasperation with them, in the period of proving1 the children of Israel in the wilderness.S  9That was when your ancestors, who died in the wilderness, scrutinized and evaluated me, and witnessed my behavior1 for forty years.  10Therefore, because of their hardness of heart in not perceiving my true character, or correctly interpreting my actions, I was angry1 with that generation, and said, ‘They have corrupt hearts2, therefore they have not consciously understood my ways; 11so I swear in my abhorrence of their disbelief and contrary behavior, they shall not enter into my rest)’.S  12Be alert brothers, otherwise there can be formed in any of you an evil heart of unbelief, in departing1 from the Living God.  13Instead, beckon and encourage one another in The Way of Christ every today, otherwise any of you can become spirit-hardened through the deceitfulness of sin114This co-encouragement is to everyone’s advantage, because we become beneficiaries of1 Christ if we cleave to the supremacy of Christ’s gospel in our life steadfast unto the end2.  15That is why the Scripture says to us, ‘Today, if you desire to hear1 God’s counsel, you will be able to do so only if you do not harden your heart, as your ancestors did in the years of God’s exasperation with them in the wilderness’S.  16Because some of them, when they heard God’s instruction, rebelled and disregarded that instruction: however, not all of them that followed Moses out of Egypt did so117With whom was God grieved for forty years?  Was it not with them who did not take1 God’s standard of behavior seriously2, whose carcasses fell in the wilderness18To whom did God swear that they would not enter into his rest1?  Was it not they who did not believe, although they had once believed and began the journey?  19It is clear then, that they could not enter into their Promised Land because of the unfaithfulness1 they developed after they were set free2 from Egypt3.”

 Hebrews, 3:6(1) goals; 3:8(1) smelting – bringing to proof grade; 3:8(S) Ex.15:22; Deut.34:12; 3:9(1) character and actions; 3:10(1) insulted, intensely disappointed; 3:10(2) hardened, ignorant, confused, insensitive, blinded by carnality; 3:11(S) Num.14:22-33; Ps.95:7-11; 3:12(1) severing ties, whether through intent or neglect; 3:13(1) by thought, practice, and/or following the example of those who live contrary to God’s instruction; 3:14(1) be in partnership with, get to be like; 3:14(2) the end of our life, or the end of this dispensation of Grace, whichever comes first; 3:15(1) give audience to; 3:15(S) v.7-8; 3:16(1) Joshua, Caleb, and all those not old enough to be held accountable; 3:17(1) discounted; 3:17(2) those who sinned; 3:18(1) a peaceful Promised Land; 3:19(1) withdrawal, backing away from living by Faith; 3:19(2) Salvation – after they accepted, and entered into, freedom; 3:19(3) the world, bondage to carnal senses – after they had been ‘saved’


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