55+ years as a born-again Christian, and 30+ years as a dedicated seeker of God‘s TRUTH, has led me through several denominations and schools.  The Holy Spirit was finally able to convince me to rely fully upon His love, advice, and guidance.  The task and purpose of my blogs is to communicate the knowledge I have gained.

This particular blog is on the subject of NOSAS (Not Once Saved Always Saved).  The “doctrine” of OSAS (Once Saved Always Saved) has led more people into complacency and stagnation in their spiritual life than any other concept taught in churches, resulting in many people losing out on the Eternal Life and Blessing they desire.  This is my attempt to counter this atrocity and aid people in their search for TRUTH and logical thought in their way of living life.

The other blogs – Quest Journal (book 1) and Quest Journal (book 2), and more to follow, – are posts from a Journal I have kept for many years, chronicling the good insights [there have been a few misfires along the way] and personal revelations I have had in my Quest for Spiritual maturity in Christ.  My life is still not perfect, but I am a very long way up the road of understanding from where I began in a very legalistic denomination years ago.  My prayer is that some of these things are able to help you hear and understand the voice and language of the Holy Spirit, and help you advance up the road from where you are, to the place where God would have you be.  We always do good when we authentically minister Christ to someone, but we never begin to truly minister to people until we find the “field God wants us to farm.”  Other people can help [mentor] us along the way, but the Holy Spirit is the only one who can truly lead us to that ‘field’ and teach us how to ‘farm’ it.

[Just a ‘teaser’.]   [Eventually I will finish a complete and concise work on the subject of Character and how it is developed, but in the mean time I will continue with the things that led me to the Revelation of these elements of Character in Scripture.]  A life is only actually changed for the better through the development of Godly character; and that development is accomplished through understanding the twelve elements of character [not complicated] and applying them toward establishing the principles of God in our life, instead of toward the world’s philosophies .  We all develop a Character of some kind: good or bad, and usually a combination somewhere between of these two extremes.  Communicating these elements and how to apply them to life, is the guiding principle behind everything I write.  Understanding what ‘religion’ and false doctrine are, and what a spiritual stagnation and blockade they can be to developing Godly character, is a first step to loosing ourselves from their malnourishing and deadly grasp on our life.  The purpose and vision for my [at this point three] blogs is to eventually work through communicating these elements and bring you to a point of understanding the subject of Godly Character development.  As you begin reading this material you may become angry at times [as I was in learning these things, sometimes angry at myself, and at other times angry at those who ignorantly, yet wrongly, taught me ‘religion’ instead of Truth], but just stick with it and you will eventually understand what God is attempting to teach us all.  God has blessed you, and is continually working to help you benefit from his Love and Grace.


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